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  1. I was wondering if someone had a good way to keep an updated version (a mirror) of a file on my computer on my usb drive. Hopefully updating whenever I plug in the drive. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I vote Wednesday - HUMP DAY! Also, its my Friday, cause my days off are Thurs/Fri.
  3. Hmm, not too sure what happened there. I'd check it myself but unfortunately I had to return the item quite some time ago. Looking at the website, it looks like most of the information about MagicTune had been taken off the 192MP site, however the second piece of software called MagicColour is very similar. This may have been due to the fact that the 192MP is now considered a discontinued model, so as MagicTune got updated, the 192MP got ousted. MagicColour was the original implementation, basically performing the same tasks (which is why I originally found it to be so redundant). I know its not exactly the news you wanted to hear, but I hope that helps!
  4. I'm all over the map, but for the most part it averages out to 6 hours a night
  5. Ha! Excellently written retort. You're very right, the media in the US (and worldwide for that matter) does control the way that people see events, and it is very difficult to seperate fact from fiction, especially for an event so long past. But, with that being said, you've labelled the problems with Vietnam as extremely rare, which...not so much the case. Though it is true, per capita, that the amount of atrocities commited are statistically speaking, small, it doesn't change the fact that there were indeed a large number of them committed. Napalming an entire farming village to make sure the half dozen insurgents are gone is a bit of overkill. And as far as killing women and children goes, sometimes yes, it was warranted, as they were standing up for their country, deciding to fight the invading hordes (and admit it, the US invaded them, protecting my country from invaders would be something I'd do) but other times, not so much. When you're living on edge and you can't trust anyone, sometimes atrocities happen, but its a matter of control when it comes to soldiers who'd pick them off for sport (and again, though it did happen it was rare). I've got a fairly reliable source for Vietnam information...one of my coworkers (a kind old 62 year old man who cooks breakfasts for us) was a photojournalist for 3 years during the war, and he's seen the remains of what some troops left behind...not pretty to say the least. And yes, Michael Moore is a very, very biased person. I hesistate to even call him a journalist, as the sneaky ways he incorporates guilt and bias into his reports is just ridiculous. I like to watch his films because they're informative, but like any other good Communications student, I don't take it to heart, because there is, of course, another side(s) to the story.
  6. Take a look at the Razor Mice line as well...I know I still occasionally use their 'sensitivity-on-the-fly' when I'm gaming. Its nothing automatic, but its pretty simple to use.
  7. It'll be a pretty tight fit, but your power supply should handle it...Antec I've always found to be reliable. Don't be too surprised if your computer starts deciding to power itself off if you're doing intensive graphic work or playing a graphics/processor intensive game though...
  8. There's always that crazy possibility that the war on Vietnam and the war on Iraq were inspired by many other things and initiated by the rulers of a warmongering nation and she decided it was important enough to speak up on it. I don't like the fact that she insulted people who believed in what they were doing, but the fact remains that there were some incredible atrocities committed in Vietnam, and those soldiers were a public face for the army at that time to speak up against. Just my $0.02
  9. Yeah, except you probably paid about 3 times more for the Lian Li case, for minimal feature upgrades. I like Lian Li, don't get me wrong, but man are they overpriced.
  10. See, I love the way that case looks. Absolutely love it. Now, the only question is...is there something similar for less money? (you know I had to ask) But, this is exactly what I'm looking for. We're definitely walking down the right road. Little bit more research and the first step of Project Silence begins!
  11. Definitely on the right track here. I like the overall design, but after reading some reviews, other then the CPU tunnel there's virtually no case circulation, and vertical-mounted HDDs aren't exactly my cup of tea. Something tells me mounting my HDD on its side would invariably end in disaster. But, nice suggestion, that's definitely a sweet case. Come on people, I know you have your favourites for something like this, lets hear it!
  12. Hey guys, Quick question; I've been hunting around the net now, and cases seem to be my catching point. Right now I've got a generic grey box, and its noisy as hell. What I'm looking for is a mid- to full-tower case that's stylish, has 120mm in/out fans, and preferably as many sound-dampening features as possible. Basically I'm going to try for the silent computer, should the cash flow be able to support it. Also, if anyone knows when the Antec P180 is scheduled to come out, I'd love to know. Thanks, M
  13. With the Retail version, the TS-H552's spin-up and down time actually seemed pretty quick to me, although I haven't booted from the CD yet, so I'll have to get back to you under that specific circumstance. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  14. Like everyone else said, use the PM. Topic has been closed.
  15. Testing was more then thorough enough to determine the drive's accuracy and speed. No media manufacturer's were mentioned because its largely irrelevant. Chipset pictures were not taken because the information would have been completely useless for virtually all of our readers. On a motherboard it would matter. On an ODD, not really. Tests weren't run on DVD-R and DVD+/-R largely because the drive didn't include them, and I live about 200kms from anywhere, which doesn't necessarily facilitate going to the corner computer store and picking some up. Reviews are written for the general consumer, with a focus on Overclocking, as we are OverClockersClub. Seeing as the general consumer would get about 2 paragraphs into a review written in the style you'd prefer and become completely obfuscated, its not really very useful to them, us or the companies that provide us with products. Generally speaking, I take and explain more then enough information to bring to light the positive and negative features of a specific review product, without hiding all that useful information in a bevy of tests that the general public would ignore. Having more data doesn't necessarily mean you have more useful data. Hope that helps.
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