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  1. I need recommendations for laptop? Primary Use: Work - testing Windows and Linux virtual machines, scripting, etc Occasional gaming Key features: best possible battery life (4 hours or better is good) Weight (around 5.7lbs) Wireless NIC (anything but Broadcom chips --prefer Atheros) Budget: $650 Past Experience: I enjoy using Lenovo laptops; I’ve found them to be robust with great performance. Possible Purchase: Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 (1024AWU) $649 Asus A53SV-NH51 $599 Acer Aspire AS5755G-6823 $549
  2. Firefox ver: 3.6.15 Previous Flash ver: 10.2 Current Flash ver: (beta) I ran into the same problem with Firefox and IE. After some trial and error, I downloaded flash (beta version) via the following URL. Flash video and audio functions properly. Click “Download Latest Version” in upper right-hand corner to download Flash Player ver.10.3 (beta) Flash Player beta ver 10.3 [Correction] After uninstalling previous Flash versions, I installed the latest (official 10.2) version of Flash. Flash videos play.
  3. Version: 0.7.1 Beta b:136 Used with: Portable Putty Any one know of any utilities that provide the same functionality as the Putty Connection Manager. I am using the version listed above, but was curious if something more recent exists. If I am not mistaken, this project is no longer in development. The functionality I am looking for are tabs, session listings, and the ability to show various open sessions in panels (examples are in the link below). Putty Add-On Tools
  4. If you want to install a Linux distribution on a usb flash drive, try "UNetBootin." The GUI is very user friendly. UNetbootin
  5. Anyone know of any vendors that sell s-video IN to vga OUT cables? A few days ago, I purchased an Asus VH236H 23” LCD monitor for gaming. Currently, I have an Xbox 360(vga) and PS3(hdmi) connected to it, but I want to also connect my Dreamcast(svideo), PS2(svideo), and Sega Saturn(svideo) to this display as well. A vga IN/s-video OUT cable does not work in this situation. Before this purchase, I had my Dreamcast, PS2, and Sega Saturn connected via s-video cables into an AV (svideo/composite) switch. Next, the switch s-video output was connected to an RF modulator which was outputting to a “tube” CRT T.V. [This T.V. only has a coaxial port; it was released in 1995] [This was my methodology] Dreamcast, PS2, and Sega Saturn connected via s-video to s-video switch Switch’s s-video output connected to s-video IN/ vga OUT cable (or adapter) to Asus VH236H. If need be, I can solder. I think I have found a solution for my setup. svideo IN vga OUT converter
  6. If you want to manage torrent files via a virtual terminal (command line), I highly recommend "rtorrent." Links are below to the main website and a useful setup article. http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/ (Check the bottom of page for your distribution specific package) http://polishlinux.org/apps/p2p/rtorrent-console-p2p/ I have used "rtorrent" for years with no problems under Debian and Fedora distributions.
  7. Is it just me or do some of the cheerleaders look as if they had plastic surgery? (ie: nose jobs) Some of the noses look abnormally pointy.
  8. Anyone know of any vendors that have laptop batteries, 6 or larger cells,that are compatible with the following laptop? Lenovo G530 (3000 line) Type: 4446-35U Initial battery Specs: MN: L08O6C02 11.1V 53Wh Li-Ion 5300mAh(6c)
  9. Have you checked pricewatch.com for Socket 939 motherboards? Pricewatch.com Socket 939
  10. Debian 5.0 on Lenovo G530 laptop Fedora 11 (yes, I need to update at some point -- I know) on server
  11. Do you receive an error when attempting to print as *.xps ? An alternative is to install "Cutepdf", link is below, and save your receipts as *.pdf files. I have used "Cutepdf" for a long time and have had no issues using it. http://www.cutepdf.com/download/CuteWriter.exe
  12. Inkjet printer: Canon Pixma IP4200 Anyone know what type of paper is being used to print laptop stickers not laptop “skins.” By stickers, I mean small square or rectangular operating system and/or processor stickers on left and right sides of laptops. My reason for asking is that I would like to print out my own custom laptop stickers. Should I use inkjet waterproof vinyl or something else?
  13. After some research, I read that the latest Xbox 360 Arcade models have the latest Jasper based motherboards with 65nm CPU & GPU. Per my research, this new Jasper model runs cooler and in turn is more reliable. If I am not mistaken, those models with manufacturing dates of November 2008 or later & power supplies rated at 12.1A on 12 Volt lines contain Jasper motherboards. Is this correct? I have not seen any Xbox 360 Pro systems with later manufacturing dates. If this is the case, I may purchase a 360 Arcade and hard drive separately. Jasper example: MFR Date 2008-11-07 (Shown in lower left-hand of box) PSU: 150W 12,1A 12V 84505 Lot NO: 0845X TEAM FDOU Falcon example: July 2008 PSU: 175W 14,2A 12V Anyone utilizing a 7200 RPM hard drive with the Xbox 360? If so, is there any performance difference compared to 5400 RPM?
  14. The best way to be successful in regards to certification tests is to get as much hands on experience as possible. For example, install Windows servers in virtual environments and play around with as much as possible (group policies, administration, domains, various profiles, etc)
  15. With my friends' permission, I was able to load “[email protected]” commandline version 6.23 on their machines. So far running as a service is flawless; "FahCore_78.exe" is showing appropriate CPU utilization (98%) under task manager. The logfile “FAHlog” under directory "C:\Program Files\Folding\" shows progress. My question is what options do I have to monitor the progress without going into "C:\Program Files\Folding." Is software available for local and remote monitoring? On my local network, I run command line versions via "Startup" folder shortcuts and view progress via command prompt.
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