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Socket 939 Discussion Thread

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Ok, as you can see, I have the first 939 database entry.


All entries to the database for our 939 NF4 motherboards should be as complete as mine.


If you have an entry, just post it in the Database thread.


If you want to discuss any Database entries, use this thread to discuss, ask, link to the Database, etc.



try using the Search function at the top of the forum (search this section or the entire forum, either is good, though you do better to just search this forum section for entry specifics) to search for anything you are interested in seeing results for (once we have more entries anyway lol)

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hey AG.. does your sandie respond well to vcore increase?

not as well as the Newcastle (Clawhammer) 3500+ it seems...but then again I have not really pushed it to the maximum yet either...ive only been running it 24 hours so I can't really answer that question.


when selecting an A64, you really want a cpu that doesn't need voltage...these are the ones that will usually respond the worst to too much voltage (which too much can be quite minute), but will usually overclock the best with the least amount of voltage needed.


The less voltage you put on an A64, the better your chip will respond and the longer it will last ;)

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