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  1. Don't forget Fly a Kite OSX http://osx.portraitofakite.com/ I use it on all my windoze installs. no CPU overhead as it patches the files directly. I love that deviantart site..best desktops ever. JC
  2. I there a specific issue with orthos, It's what I use to test stability...Previously I did use the 2 instances of prime95 but orthos is easier to use and has a better interface. I'd just like to know if there is some disadvantage to using Orthos, or if it's just for an OCDB entry requiring 2 instances of Prime95 Thanks, JC
  3. Solution to the AS5? Ceramique. BTW, I've seen temps drop 0C at idle...but 10C on full load. Definately worth the cost of a razor blade. I did have to use shorter bolts for my waterblock as well. I got it to seat-up "pretty good" then fired up and ran orthos loading both cores to the max. Then at full load slightly tweaked the retaining bolts till both cores ran at the same temp...I'm just waiting for the ceramique to set up. Overall I'm very pleased with the results of the IHS removal. A word of caution concerning the pins may be necessary...my iron grip on the chip caused me to slightly bend 3-4 pins on the underside. Gently straightening them solved the problem...in retrospect I'd have gripped it just a little less "firmly" JC
  4. I use this Video as a guide every single time I format. Very good and the music is enteraining as well. JC
  5. Best tutorial Ever!! Took me about a week to muster the nerve......and less than 2 minutes to lay my opty 170 bare. Good work and thanks again Travis. I do have one question though...why are the IHS even on there? Without it on there my opty looks like two barton core athlon XP's. We didn't need IHS's before why would we need them now? JC
  6. The biggest thing with "Value" ram is to check out what chips are on the pcb. Samsung Value can sometimes overlclock like mad, but it's russian roulette . I would avoid the KVR didn't work for me. But my Crucial value from 2003 does 250fsb pretty easy at 3-3-3-7 2.8vdimm. JC
  7. @ Vector7 Thanks a million dude, I feel completely justified in going PCI-e with the 7800GT. Had the 7800gs series come out with 20 pipes and 7vs I'd be in this thread ranting about the goodness of agp right now . Because of the high demand that's still out there for high end AGP I managed to get 325 bucks for my 6800GT w/NV-5 cooler. Not too bad. Cost me 500 bucks for the Evga combo which includes the mobo and one vanilla 7800GT(which ironically does 500/1350 no problems, right outta the box). So it ended up being $175 to go PCI-e. Oblivion made me do it man, I made it thru FEAR and the 6800GT held up strong but now..............Have you seen Oblivion????? Exactly . I also agree that no game/benchmark or Vidcard uses 16X bandwidth, but soon something may use it. I still miss my NF3 s939 U-D it was the second best board I've ever owned :sad: Know what was the very best.....? NF2 Lanparty Ultra B <----still have this one on "HOT" standby Thanks, JC
  8. 1996 camaro z28 full load w/t-tops 350hp 395ft.lbs torque 0-60 5.0s flat 5.7L V-8 2006 Pontiac G6 GTP full load w/leather and sunroof 240hp, 240ft.lbs torque 3.9L V-6 Both cars are 6-speed Manual. 2003 GMC 2500 Extended cab/long box 2" lift 6.0L V-8 Truck is auto 2003 Honda Shadow Saber 1100, I've had the Camaro for 4 years, it has too many modifications too list, but it goes like snot. I just bought a new g6 to try out, I'm looking for a good used Vette right now preferably Z06.
  9. What clocks is your card running at. I did all those things, and it would only stutter if o/c past 380/1100 My NF2 (Lanparty B) would run the same card at 425/1200
  10. Shoalin, You have a good point, Just like the s939 U-D. How many threads here say that it has too many problems/bugs etc. I have had no problems with mine from day one. The only issue I ever had with that mobo was trying to run KVR @ 1T and with new bioses you probably could especially since the KVR I had was micron -5b d chips just like the crucial I have now and just like the good Ballistix. I know that many people are probably running thier 6800's with nf3's happily, I could have too, with no overclock. Only a small percentage of people overclock at all. I had ZERO issues with my 6800/NF3 untill I tried to overclock. For the first bit, my 2500+ M in my nf2 Lanparty B was pwning my 3700+ SD in the s929 U-D both using the 6800GT. I Agree AGP should be far from dead, the manufacturers disagree with me And the neutered 16-pipe 7800GS for $389 cdn wasn't an option compared to full NF4+7800GT 20-pipe with the option to Sli later for $500 taxes in. Why else would I get an NF4 that wasn't made by Diamond Flower? I've had 5 DFI mobo since 2000 now because of a smoking deal I'm gonna try out this EVGA er' Jetway mobo. If the Expert was $150 cdn instead of $239, I'd probably have gone that route. It's not/ I didn't. Let's see some 7800GS CO benchmarks please I'm very interested. JC
  11. You are one of the lucky people not afflicted by the NF3 Stuttering issue, but all these people have. http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=32759 It was a problem for me, and now it's gone NF4+7800GT=no stuttering. Cost me $500 CDN for mobo and vid card after I sell my nf3 U-D and my 6800GT+NV-5 It'll cost me about 50bucks to have upgraded.
  12. I had this problem with both my nf2 and nf3 mobos but only when I overclocked or tightened the memory settings too much. I would start by adjusting memory timings to see if you can find something that works.
  13. I would agree with Angry except for one thing, the dreaded NF3/6800 series stuttering issue. Of course the solution to this is an ATi card. Unfortunately I purchased my 6800GT before I had an NF3 mobo. Fastwrites/stuttering has forced my upgrade to PCI-e (as well as a smoking deal on the Evga nf41/7800GT). The new 7800GT owns the performance of my 6800GT 25%-30% faster. I have to admit that even playing FEAR at 1440X900 with most settings maxed out (all except AI/softshadows) There was never a point at which my 6800GT did not produce playable framerates and an overall enjoyable experience. I have to admit that ES:3 Oblivion might have forced my hand a bit as well . I feel that a nice pair of 7800GTs in SLi should take care of my gaming needs for the next year or so. If and I say If nVidia had fixed the stuttering issue I would probably be happily gaming along with my 6800 at 425/1200 for the next year or so, basically until the card died or failed to produce playable framerates in newer games. I also find it ironic that when using Morrowind FPS I can increase the view distance enough to bring even my new 7800GT to it's knees, can't do that with FEAR :eek: . Goodluck AGP users, I hope the 7800GS is actually better than a 6800 Ultra, JC
  14. Evga, 7800GS OC superclocked. We do have a solution to the NF3/fastwrites issue.
  15. I've seen better english from people who's first language is afrikaans. I found your post insulting to read as there are members here for who English is a second or third language, and they all manage to create better posts than this. Eubonics is not a language, take it to heart.
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