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  1. You speak the wisest words. If only I had listened to them lol
  2. Great to see you back Ed and even better to hear you're getting on top of things. Those FX's better be ready because I get the feeling they're about to get the thrashing of their lives! Looking forward to seeing what you can do with them
  3. It will never die as long as I live! This is my second home after all..
  4. Nice work 3stars, all updated. It's really good to see the clubrooms are still in use I really miss my A64.. REALLY miss it.. and the bh-5.. and the tccd.. and.. *cries*
  5. Some great work guys! Hopefully I've got all the updates right, if I haven't then let me know. Those sigs are really great! I love the work you've put into them!
  6. All my work is command line over ssh, less overhead with init 3 I'm doing a lot of virtualisation currently, my goal is to get virtual Win XP running on SuSE with my main machine. We'll see how this one plays out..
  7. I'm still here mate Work is unbelievable at the moment and I am up until 1am most nights on a test server (SuSE, not Gentoo it's the industry standard unfortunately) Nice update Clay! Less volts and more hertz, that's the way to do it! If I'm ever lacking, just pop me a PM and I'll attend to it.. (eventually :sad:) I haven't even had the luxury of time to overclock since moving into this place, play me a violin, but rest assured, this is still one of my homes But for now.. it is back into Xen and my girl SuSE..
  8. Nice scores there wil! Congrats on the GGG! Hopefully I'll be around more, I've been kinda lax lately. Moved out on my own and have been working towards getting my Novell certification when work isn't constantly hounding me. Aahh.. the life of the eternal "on call". At least they give me servers to play with..
  9. Any ties are resolved by alphabetical order
  10. I always had easy clocks with A64 because I knew my ram so well. If you only have to worry about the cpu, then things are rather simple, just dial up the voltage, set the MAL/RP to cater for the ram divider and off we go. But my ram always did play nice with the Ultra-D.
  11. Finally done some updates! Nice to see a new face in the top ten of the racetrack! Congrats tytlyf! :D I'm still here, just hiding a little.. (work is hectic as buggery since I got my new position, but I'm learning a LOT about servers )
  12. Two entries by a kiwi? I'm not sure I can allow that Then again, I'm always partial to a naked cpu..
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