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  1. back to the topic at hand...its your gskill...i had the same problem in the past with my set(same)...they are dying:eek2: see if you have a friend you can borrow some ram from before you spend $$ on a psu or mobo cause im 99% sure youll need new ram... btw i was able to get my faulty set to mem test at 300..but windows bsoded and had plenty of data corruption so be warned mem test stable isnt neccessarily windows stable...its just a good starting point thats all..
  2. idle 30c load 43c(dual prime)1.4v on xp-120..ambient 25c-27c
  3. this might be redundant but make sure your sli aperture in bios is disabled...did you reinstall your nvidia drivers?if not uninstall the old ones and reinstall them..
  4. theyre a little warm but nothing to worry about...you can easily drop your temp by 5c-10c using as5..(just be careful) or changing the heat sink(a variety of them out there)personally if you dont feel like ripping your mobo out and taking the fan/heatsink off and changing it or applying some as5 to the heat sync your temps are within tolerance
  5. definately a good choice...one of the best memory chips you can get for this board..:nod: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....SubCategory=147 that one guarantees 250mhz if u wanna do some ocin its 20 bucks more.. easy start at 250...or find the xtc gold 4000 2x1 gig it ocs the best(for ocz)..260+(bout 230bucks)...or try g.skill http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231021good for 260 to 270mhz
  6. your gonna need to increase your cpu voltage if u want more..(proceed at your own risk!!:cool: )my winnie 3200+(retired)got to 2.5gig..
  7. check your voltages with a multimeter(not that expensive and easily found)check them on your molex connectors and make sure your voltages are good under different loads
  8. your cpu is definately running hot if 46c is your idle temp..and your hsf fan should be on..if you plug your hsf fan into the cpu fan header on your mobo you can go into pc health in the bios and set the temp at which you want it to turn on..just to give you an idea my opty is oced to 2.7g with 1.45v and my idle temp is 29c and 42c under full load on both cores(spd 2004)might wanna try reseating your hsf.. good luck
  9. actually i did a little homework before i posted(like a good boy)i knew the sli setup wouldnt work(although the special adapters werent mentioned sounds interesting)i was thinking of using 2 individual blocks(they now are sli compatible)they claim that either pci slot on either side can be used(a pci slot isnt very wide)hence my concern how much more space is available...if u could post some specs for us cpukiller it would greatly help..like the weight of the block,where we can find the special adapters etc...anythin thatll help us poor sli dr users thanks
  10. im waiting for an aswer from them but looking at it closely i would need an elbow smaller than a pci slot in order for it to work...after looking into the whole thing im gonna stick with a maze or swiftech setup..cheaper,lighter and more than likely better..btw sweet rig there watsonte...whats the mesh for in the bottom of your case?
  11. thinkin of buyin the new koosahs(sli compatible.. 2 blocks not the 1)for my 7900 gt's...but im worried about the space between the cards..i will be runnin a parallel system...anybody know if the tubing on the second card gets kinked?or will an elbow fit if necessary?looked everywhere and cant find the barb length or block thickness any where..any help appreciated.. thanks
  12. im not disagreeing with you ex-roadie im disagreeing with a statement made in this post that the reason that there is no difference in single core hd benchmarks using different controllers/channels is due to a single core processor and that dual core allows you to have each core handle a separate irq from a different controller giving better results...thats what im disputing...not the chipset,not the difference between dual core and dual processors ive tried single core all combos and dual core all combos and guess what...same results on all controllers/channels whether its single or dual core...no difference..(within tolerance)so whether the cpu is single or dual core it really has no impact on hd benchmarks because its not really cpu dependent...maybe ill make myself clearer before I post next time
  13. o.k. but the statement was that each core would handle a irq request (in parallel) that was what i was referring to...
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