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  1. hi gengstapo check for some BE-5 results here http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=67762 might give u a better indication of what u'll be expecting
  2. what's the steppings of the 150s?
  3. cheers for that what volts did u pump through it to get 2800? might be interested
  4. nice clocker.. steppings of the CPU?
  5. hey ricky there is no best bios.. try a few or use a search function and see who else uses similar hardware and give those a try.. it might work well for us but it might not for you..
  6. TCCD don't come in a high enough density to be made into 1GB modules they only come in 512mb flavours if you want 2GB Crucial Ballistix PC4000, OCZ PC4000 EB, Mushkin new XP4000 3-3-2-8 will be a good choice
  7. PC&C 510 does not come with it.. you can send it back for a mod tho 850W comes with it not all enermax 535 and 600 comes with them.. only newer models have them and they will include a note that says it comes with EPS12V because they didn't want to reprint the manual. i thought u say they aren't EPS12V on the motherboard??
  8. lol can't remember the last time using those.. but it should be nice to have
  9. 3.5 is only for 3200VX and 4000VX series of memory your pc4800 is only up to 3v +-5%
  10. should be EPS12V 8pin connectors.. luckily both my PSU have them lol :nod:
  11. the higher binned ones e.g. PC4000 Gold from OCZ does up to 280+ 3-4-4-8 the corsair value ram UCCC on brain power pcb does about 250-260 3-4-4-8 do they have BP PCB on the KVR? Corsair uses D68001H BP PCB while the higher binned ones uses B6U808 BP PCB here's a link to the corsairs http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=73530 and what week is your UCCC?
  12. sometimes you will face some stability issue if you run 3.2v off 3.3v rail if your 3.3v is not strong enough.. and one thing to consider is that running on the 5v rail will create a greater amount of heat @ the mosfets area and near the jp17 jumper.. when running on the 5v rail - running 3.3v will result in a higher heat generation than running 3.5v because the board will have to ground more V.. 5v - 3.3v = 1.7v compared to 5v - 3.5v = 1.5v but that in turns puts more heat on the memory.. it's just your choice.. i've been running my board with the 4v jumper on since day one. Just don't run 4v jumper with 2.8v or so or your fets are going to get hot
  13. DFI Bios List DFI DFI NF4 Bios List DFI DFI NF4 Bios List with descriptions Bootable CDROM (ISO) Dos Image with All Bios revisions up to 704 by Pershoot Download Bootable CDROM by Tmod Download Bios revision for Different Memory Before flashing run memtest and check for errors. Run test 5 or test 8. You don't want your system to crash in the middle of the flash DFI Flashing Guide - For Floppy Make a Bootable Floppy Disk in windows (Right click A: and format and tick MS Boot Disk) Download Bios from link above and copy AWDFLASH and BIOS.BIN into floppy. 1. Reboot 2. Enter Bios 3. Load Optimised Bios 4. Boot via floppy 5. Type A:/ awdflash bios.bin /py /sn /cd /cp /cc /LD /R /f (it will automatically reboot) 6. Enter Bios 7. Load optimised defaults 8. Power down (including PSU) *important* 9. Clear CMOS for 15-30min 10. Boot up 11. Enter Bios 12. Load optimised defaults 13. Reboot 14. Enter bios and start tweaking DFI Flashing Guide - For CDROM Follow the instructions on the screen.
  14. i'm wondering the same but i'll wait for them to do the testing.. i'm sure AG will cover them what i think is they will at least need a better memory controller from venice/sandiego cores..
  15. i think wizzard's done something already .. i'll try to search for the thread i read here ya go http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=76796 core voltage adjustments for the new ati cards too still in beta stage.. but shouldn't be long for him
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