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Some of you wondered why I haven't done a Natalie Portman OCC wallpaper. Part of the reason is because I have soooooo many pics of her, I wouldn't know where to begin. Well after watching how adorable she was at the Golden Globes (after she won!), I was inspired and came up with this gem:


Picture Specs:

Dimensions: 1600x1200

Created in Photoshop CS.

Created with Love.

Time: Not sure how long cause I was watching TV and doing other things, but I think ~45mins.

Saved as Jpeg - Image Quality = 10 (Max) - ~740kb

Both pics are from the Golden Globes. The left one is after she won.


:wub::wub: pc_case_mod_21.jpg :wub::wub:


Congrats to Natalie! Now on to the Oscar!

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OMG! natalie portman. i have met her a couple of times cuz she was my babysitter. I was at a pool party with her! it is amazing to see so much publicity about somebody who is sort of a family friend of mine. Real name = natalie hershlag

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well i didn't know why you guys are so crazy about her so i googled her name and found some pic

i gotta say i'm changing my mind

those two pics doesn't do her justice

here's  a sexier pic



exactly...she's amazing :P




and in my sig of course ;)


marty, that's cool. I know a few people that went to high school with her. They're supposed to hook me up ;), but they haven't come thru yet.


and yuck, I'll take the purple one.

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