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  1. imm0rt41

    [WTS] Onion's car fund!

    I race FWD cars, and all that understeer meas is your chassis is not set up for what you are doing or you're on the wrong line lol. My Honda is almost neutral no matter what corner or what speed I throw at it. It's also an $18k Honda lol gl with the racing though, best hobby there is
  2. I second the case airflow issue there. My 1055T was at 3.8 for a while and it never broke 50C loaded for hours. At stock 2.8 it idles at 19C lol
  3. imm0rt41

    An SSD worth it?

    I got my 120GB SSD for 100 used, and it has made games load in seconds. I love making fun of my friends on vent that they are still loading lol
  4. imm0rt41

    Another "which 24" monitor" thread...

    I use two of the UltraSharp U2410s at work and they are great. I even game on them occasionally and I don't notice any difference.
  5. Man, if shipping from FL wouldn't break me I would love that 932 when my tax return gets in lol. glws!
  6. imm0rt41


    Still looking for this? I have an off-brand one in the box. I have used the same controller to play a few games with no noticeable issues. Let me know if you still need it
  7. imm0rt41

    The ultimate free for all about cars

    What's done to both cars and what kind of race is it? Most people don't specify this, but it really does matter in this case lol
  8. imm0rt41

    Anyone need a C2D E6550?

    Thanks for the heads up, price changed accordingly. Sometimes google prices are high lol
  9. imm0rt41

    Anyone need a C2D E6550?

    Have a Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz lying around. Came out of an OEM Gateway (has never been OCed) I got as payment for some freelance work, but I'm just looking to make some cash off it. Searched on Google and it sells for around $80, so I could do $40 shipped. Item is located in AZ and will be shipped via UPS. I have only bought a handful of items off here, but have been on here since what, like 2004? I'm not out to screw anyone over, so if you really want some vouches I can dig up about 500 from the Honda/Acura world lol Best way to reach me is via PM on OCC. Markings on the chip: Intel '05 E6550 Intel Core 2 Duo SLA9X Costa Rica 2.33GHz/4M/1333/06 3808A082 Pic is attached
  10. imm0rt41

    What did Santa leave you?

    coach wallet, blu ray player, star wars blu rays, bunch of DVDs, modern warfare 3 for 360, some clothes, a george foreman grill and some other small stuff and gift cards. My family was kind to me this year
  11. imm0rt41

    P10000 3D MARK11, OCed Budget X-79 $1500 build

    That rig is seriously overkill for BF3. I play it on ultra settings AA/AF maxed at 1680x1050 and I don't have any FPS issues lol
  12. imm0rt41

    Able to play BF3 with ultra settings?

    I play it with no lag on the rig in my sig on Ultra. I don't have AA/AF maxed out because I can't see the difference on my older monitor so I would rather keep the FPS. I have a bit more CPU than you do, but your RAM is faster...interesting.
  13. imm0rt41

    OC advice for Phenom II

    Yeah, I bet the value ram is holding you back some. I've never had fun OCing with value ram lol
  14. imm0rt41

    {FS} Samsung Galaxy note

    love my 4S...good luck with the sale dude
  15. imm0rt41

    For all the would be software pirates.

    No need to name call. I own a more than adequate number of games to be choosy in this economy.