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  1. i shorted the green and black wires on the main atx connector and checked the voltages of all the connectors and everything looks fine. i get 17V from the yellow wires and 7V from the red wires. i still dont know if its the psu because the issues could be from putting the psu under load. i've also reset the bios and that did nothing what else could cause a sudden shut down? can a mobo just suddenly die and if so how can i make sure its the mobo? Thanks
  2. i do not believe there was a surge and i didnt smell any smoke when the psu is plugged in and the main atx connector is plugged into the mobo, should there be 12v between the yellow and black wire on the molex connector going to the hard drive?
  3. my desktop suddenly shuts down today and now it wont turn back on. i push the power button and nothing happens, psu fan doesnt spin, hard drive doesnt spin i tested the psu by shorting the green and black wires on the main atx connector and only the psu fan spins what should be the next step in diagnosing this problem? Thanks
  4. thanks guys im using the tv as an extension now and it works exactly like i want it
  5. i might have misunderstood the problem i originally thought the aspect ratio was 16:9 when i was seeing it on the tv but it is in fact 4:3, okay so thats good but the entire screen cant be displayed on the tv and i dont know why i have to move to mouse to pan to the other side to get the rest of the picture this doesnt work well for movies or videos because i can only see 80% of the picture
  6. the tv is currently setup as a secondary monitor with a resolution of 800x600 but i still get the same problem if i set my monitor to a 4:3 resolution it works but it looks like . on the monitor
  7. its a sony CRT but i dont think there's a option for this on the tv im looking for a software solution from the pc side
  8. i have a widescreen monitor and my video card is set up at 1680x1050. i have my 4:3 tv hooked up with a s-cable to my video card this is where the issue begins. as expected the widescreen cant be fully displayed on the 4:3 tv. only a portion is displayed on the tv and i can move the center of the screen around with the mouse. is there a way i can display bars on the top and bottom of the tv so i get the whole screen displayed on the tv? Thanks
  9. im still looking for something for XP at moment and most likely free and found GameEx its mainly a frontend for MAME but it has lots more support than any other free frontends ive found im gonna give it a try and if anyone else has any experience with this comment would be great Thanks
  10. i did not know MCE came with Vista, im still running XP and havent really looked into Vista at all does MCE come with all the different types of Vista or only certain versions? also is MCE on Vista the same as the one that came packaged with the newer XP?
  11. im kinda interested in the concept of HTPC but dont know if i really want a dedicated computer for home theatre ive been looking at a few frontends and like the styles but most of them have way too many features that i dont really need im looking for a frontend with a good video playing interface, maybe something like MCE Thanks
  12. these white rabbit candies are very popular in china i remember eating quite a few of these when i was a kid anyone know if these candies were just recently infested or has it always been infested and was just never known?
  13. thanks guys!!!! im glad the senior and older members here like it (im not saying u guys are old, just that you've been here a long time) and yes its almost christmas!!! Merry Christmas Everyone
  14. lol u guys take this stuff too seriously its a joke i saw it on another forum and thought u guys would enjoy it EDIT: whats up with these boards recently? i've been gone for awhile and now its like all serious and uptight funny?...........not funny?........ just dont get it? comments are welcome
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