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  1. ...you had me at the Twin Peaks economic metaphor #newsnight

  2. about to shoot/edit my first same-day broadcast package... and it's puppies for german tv

  3. somebody needs to tell the bbc you don't mess with the beach boys

  4. 10 hour drive to Scotland. Rain. Three hours sleep. Urgh.

  5. Three for three on a University Challenge round - so I made a swift exit.

  6. ...mixed feelings about seeing the ARRI Amiras at the Dolphins/Raiders game

  7. ... a bit of a reckless decision #sorry #politicalbants

  8. Can I have the Planck constant as a warning number? If not never mind...
  9. Not bad There's a bit of a Pi vibe, which is a great film if you've not seen it.
  10. A small step toward constitutional reform for all of us; a good day for democracy and a bad day for ugly nationalism, let's hope the effect energises all of British politics.

  11. Seven hour drive tonight hooray - but on the upside it is to collect my very own Ronford-Baker fluid head :)

  12. Man, I don't know what's going on anymore. I've tried to make it happen (opening loads of tabs in Chrome, running Resolve, Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, MediaCoder, Avid all at once then quitting) again, but it's not playing ball. I guess that's good? All I've done is go back to 32bit Chrome, and uninstall a few redundant drivers (which was more general housekeeping than trying to fix this) - but surely if it was chrome then it'd show in Resource monitor as one of or the sum of the Chrome processes? I'll post again when it happens.
  13. Ran Malwarebytes and nothing of note to report. Chrome is back to non-beta This is how Resource monitor looked after restarting and ending stuff like Spotify, Google Drive, etc... (now I've opened MSpaint and Chrome, the 'In Use' bar has actually gone down and the 'Standby' bar is only a little bigger (~3226) :/ ) Interestingly Windows Defender is still doing stuff despite being 'disabled'
  14. I don't have 8.1, so not sure how its calculations work. If you open up Resource Monitor, it should break it down a bit further into what's reserved, in use, on standby, and free. I'm trying to replicate it, when it happens I'll post a screenshot from Resource Monitor...
  15. I'll get a 'Memory Low' notification when running just Premiere (which is set to leave at least 4gb of free memory) and the usual background services - so something's afoot. Edit: So under my user in the user tab it says I'm using 3.2gb
  16. Initially I thought it was something to do with my network adapter (It still might be) as it started sometime after I installed it (TP Link TL-WN722N) I tried a couple of things and no dice. Any ideas? My google-fu seems to be lacking. Any ideas on possible causes or ways to start diagnosing the problem? I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro Thanks
  17. Pressing 'deliver' in Resolve may just be the most satisfying thing ever (...oh and it's de-bayering and rendering out 4K with filmconvert OFX at 13fps ;) )

  18. new iphone and watch looks like an illustration from the 90s of what tech will look like in the future :/

  19. Tried to get Foo Fighters tickets for tomorrow... sold out in the time it took the page to load :(

  20. "The Hateful Eight" confirmed for 65mm - awesome :)

  21. I realise they have a load of issues, but when I weigh the risks up with the cost/specification as compared to buying a contract-free comparable Android phone or iPhone they still come out on top. But as it is September, I wasn't going to rush out and order one, but wait a little bit to see what happens - then if I still wanted to get a oneplus I'd have a code for one.
  22. ...and this is why using unencrypted cloud services isn't a good idea

  23. Does anyone here have one and would be willing to give me a code? I'm not entirely sure how it all works, but in return I'd send you back an invite code when I got one.
  24. Info on the pipeline would be useful. How are the videos recorded, into what format, and why 60fps?
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