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  1. Busy being amazing

  2. I enjoy it. Took me awhile to find a class I like, but once I did - good times ensued.
  3. Here's the deal with FX chips: they have unlocked multi's. Whereas on a regular A64 you can adjust the multi down, on an FX it goes down AND up! Now, at this point in the game, an FX-53 is a pointless expenditure of cash. They are based on 130nm Clawhammer cores and are very poor OCers. A 200mhz OC would be very good for an FX-53(I had one that OC'd by an astounding 130mhz). Performance wise, a 4000+ and n FX-53 should be identical. The FX-55 is also based on the 130nm Clawhammer tech, BUT it is also made from strained silicon. THEY OC pretty well(400-600mhz). The newer chips based on 90nm venice/San Diego cores are the best OCers yet. Many peoeple are getting 2.8-2.9ghz out of them on air/water setups.
  4. I run it at 1600x1200, 4xAA/16xAF, max everything at 40ish FPS. This game will easily be better than HL2.
  5. Yeah, there is. The GT has only 20 pipelines and 7 vertex shaders, plus 2ns(?) mem clocked at 1ghz, and a 400mhz core. Blech.
  6. GregP24

    Sw: Galaxies

    Ok, so I just picked this up the other day to try out the JTL expansion. I know Galaxies as a whole isn't very good, but I love space combat, especially Star Wars space combat. Anyway, here's my problem: I CAN'T BUY A Y-WING! I've advanced to the point where I can buy one, I've got the cash, but I can't find one ANYWHERE. I checked the bazaar.......there's hardly any starfighter chassis for sale and absouletly no Y-wings. Am I right in thinking that I am the mercy of (player) shipwrights to build and sell the plans? There are no NPC's that sell starship plans? But there's the NPC chassis dealer who builds it for you.........So, what can I do? This is annoying me, I see why no one plays this game. NVM.........I figured it out. Man, the learning curve on this game is STEEP! WoW it's not. But blowing up TIE's is fun nonetheles
  7. TREF has something to do with the divider. 3120 is the 200mhz setting, 1168 is the 166mhz setting. On UTT/BH, 1168 usually allows stability over 260mhz. My VX will do [email protected] with 3.6v on an 1168 TREF. TCCD obvisouly likes 3072.
  8. You can set A64 tweaker to apply the settings on startup. It's an awesome program for mobo's like the Neo2. Only 2.7v, Nrg. This mem doesn't like volts. I backed it down to 295x9.5 so I can get my 2.8ghz. I can't get it stable 310mhz.
  9. That is correct, TCCD will often become unstable with more than YOur best results will be at around 2.7v. Use A64 tweaker to set a TREF of 3072 when you boot into windows. That should get you nice and stable.
  10. What are your timings? Try setting [email protected] You won't need much voltage to get your TCCD running fast. Only UTT/BH needs lots of volts.
  11. To get a max OC out of your mem, you will need to get A64 tweaker. The Neo2 is a great board, but lacks alot of important mem settings in the BIOS. Since your on a vencie, 300x9 shouldn't be hard to do at all.
  12. I've been having some serious cold boot issues with my VX RAM. So, I've been swapping it out with my Plat Rev2. I could never get this stuff to OC beyond 220mhz. Well, last night I was browsing the xtremeforums and came across a thread where it was mentioned that a TREF of 3072 would work best with TCCD/TCC5. I had been using 3120 and 1168. Well, here's what happened with [email protected]: I"m still working on getting to 312mhz so I can get my 2.8ghz back. But I'm impressed, this stuff DOES rock.
  13. Have you tried using another DIMM? Did the shop tell you MSI's RMA service is a pain? Or is that your expierence? I've RMA'd with MSI before and had no troubles.
  14. Considering you can get a 7800GTX for $525-550, I wouldn't pay over $400 for a 6800U.
  15. I had a Connect3d X800XL. I sold it to wayway before I had even opened it. He said it was broken. I gave him his money back. He said the XL was going to be mailed that very day. I never got the card or heard from that thief again. So, Connect3d may not be such a hot brand. I've owned alot of vid cards(check out some of my threads from Jan-April) and have never had one that was DOA. Of course, wayway may have lied to me and just used that excuse to get a perfectly good X800XL for free. I hope Jesus smites him with lightning.
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