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Hey guys, I've started a Retro PC build series  on my YT, here's ep 1


I'm planning 2 -3 more videos and asking for photos of your Gaming PC builds from 1995 - 2005. (for photo montage at end of video)  


I will include at least one of your photos posted here and credit your screen name in the video. 


Photos can be taken today, but All hardware must be from 1995 - 2005 era, including the case.

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I JUST combined all my old files into one drive and went through pictures. Umm, I might have erased quite a few images including some build photos. I'll see what I might be able to find, there's a lot. But what I did have was from probably 2005 when I went water cooled in a Cooler Master CM5 case using a pvc pipe resivoir on an AMD XPm thunderbird chip. got 2.6ghz on that. Had red LED fans as well. I then rebuilt it with the 939 opteron chip.


I'll look for it and post something.


Bought a 90 deg. 24pin adapter a while back. Workin great. Ill try to post a pic of that in play too. REALLY keeps things slim inside.

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KcVRYuc.jpgThere we go.

The 655 pump was in the front under the drive cages. pulled from the res, pumped up to the waterblock which emptied into the radiator windowside and then put the other side back to the res. It all dodged the X1900xt card nicely, which was loud as hell....the only thing that made noise here. I had the 2 disk raid in heat pipe drive coolers (cause really there was nowhere else to put them with the pump taking their space) up in the 5.25 drive bays with a fan flowing on them from the front. I cut the bottom out of the case for the radiator to sit in with a draw through red led fan system. 


I realize this is on the back of your time frame window, but period correct. I did post a pic of it on and running, reg glow everywhere when all other builds were blue leds, in this forum back in the day but it looks like that thread has been purged. My notes of the time showed something about my socket 939 opteron [email protected] daily. I think the temps maxed at 56?

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I found really old photos. Around 2002-2004 is the date. The small one is a Athlon XP 2000+ and the tall one was a AMD64 3000+. The computers are long gone.

















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Yeah man, there is some other setups in there too, like a Thermaltake Tsunami with window mod. I can't get into the photobucket account that those pics are hosted on, bet there is a lot more on there. 

Here is a few more of a couple of cases that I found in my case gallery here, but they are too small to include in the video. I guess I was kind of a Thermaltake fanboy in the mid 2000's LOL.




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