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  1. Not that it makes or breaks a game, but is it just me or do the graphics seem severely out of date?
  2. Funny you should mention it, but we had the same issue recently with our daughter and Roblox. They now allow you to turn off the chat.
  3. Or they could, you know, allow you to turn off all collection.
  4. I thought cycling was good for your knees; it exercises them. I figured it was better than running because it doesn't have the shock of each step. Interesting.
  5. Start of the year, actually. Things change in two weeks, I guess. Also, there is this bit of fine print... They don't get it that they are promoting piracy with this non-sense. I won't be buying it until that crap is removed. Not that I'm saying that I'm pirating it, but I'm just not supporting... that.
  6. Pong. Err, actually, Battle City for the NES.
  7. So... Diet, low fat, and grandma. Does that mean you eat your grandma?
  8. He sold it to me. And... Yeah, I sold it for the same reason. Wish I had one now.
  9. Thanks for testing and posting your results, I was curious when I heard the announcement. My only hope is that other games will get a noticeable FPS increase.
  10. The argument against running Linux is usually the opposite; using Windows soley because of gaming. In fact, gaming is what has held me back from switching to Linux entirely. There is nothing I need from Windows except the 100% PC game-title compatibility.
  11. Does this mean the kickstarters are going to be paid back? I would be extremely mad if I was a kickstarter for this project.
  12. I can visit www.overclockersclub.com without getting the warning, but if I try to open http://forums.overclockersclub.com/ the warning comes up. Also, if I open any thread (including this one), the warning pops up. The error isn't actually a pop-up, rather it loads the message instead of the actual webpage, like in Andrew's post. The ads that I'm seeing when I get the page to actually load are the Nvidia "Scary Good" and Dell "12 Days of Deals"
  13. Not every man expertly slices intricate statues. Stalemate
  14. Well, drivers are almost there, but still my laptop gets less battery life than with Windows. How are gaming devices now? I remember my racing wheel wouldn't work with Linux as well as the display on my G..something-or-other keyboard's display wouldn't work. There were hacks, if I remember right, but it still wasn't good. The most recent thing would be my monitor. I had to fight to get it out of 1024x768 for a solid day. It's the only monitor I had the issue with. With an Nvidia video card, even. I could see it with ATI but not with Nvidia. Ended up with a long xorg.conf file that was a pain to build. Ubuntu 13.04, IIRC.
  15. +1 There are definitely issues with Linux but they are solvable. Windows; not so much.
  16. I see no reason to buy games on another distribution server. I like everything to be neatly in one place. Not to mention, the last time I reinstalled Windows, Origin wouldn't pick up and run with me copying my Origin games back into the Origin folders, it wanted to download and reinstall them. Steam doesn't have this problem. There were more issues with Origin that I can't recall now. Steam just seems to "just work" for me.
  17. I believe this was already used (according to earlier posts in this thread), my apologies for the confusion Oh well, thanks anyways
  18. Is the darksiders pack still available? I tried number 2 recently and found it awesome.
  19. Hopefully this doesn't break anything... but try dpkg --add-architecture i386 apt-get update then try your apt-get install ia32-libs again
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