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  1. i got a corsair H115i system for sale in the classifides section. Youre looking for budget I think, but I'm gonna try to swing you the other way! You need lights! I am running a dark rock 4 on a 3700x and it is as the name says. quiet.
  2. Yeah the fans look really good. Even color spread too like all the colors are melting together when running rainbow.
  3. I'm off the sauce. No more water. For sale is an H115i rgb platinum kit. comes with manual. This is an AiO 280 (2x140 fans) with RGB waterblock. Also, I have a ML140 fan kit comes with 2-fans and the light node PRO for everything to hook up nicely and even has room to plug in more fans. It all works. All lights work. The iCue software to download now works well after you set your fan curves for the radiator. Comes with both Intel and AMD socket hardware (currently installed AMD am4 on the water-block) and all cable connections, as well as all of the screws and washers I could find. There is enough to mount this in any case without missing a hole. I will package it with cardboard and air-packs and other foam bits I can find. The water-block is wiped off and currently wrapped in blue shop towel. taped. Asking $180 shipped. for the whole deal. That is 4x140 fans. The difference between them is the radiator fans go up to 2400 rpm, the ml 140 stand alones only do about 1200. You can't get a better deal for all this RGB goodness. It makes a warm light inside the case. This is someone else's build but Its the case I had and I didn't have the bottom fans...or rgb ram..Let me know!
  4. A FIX! I believe I fixed the problem.Replaced the 11 year old HX850w Corsair with a new EVGA 850gq (Last one in a 25 mile radius of Best Buys) It is no longer crashing during the games. I will monitor behavior over the next 2 days and that gives me time in the GPU return window to evaluate. It's a MSI 2070 super ventus oc JohnnyGURU reviewed this psu and was all kinds of glowing about it. I doubt I will ever use more than half the rated power, but then, that would put me square in the most efficient range, as well as silent fan mode. I have some replacement botom intake fans coming, and I found a way to mod the 280x case for two 80mm exhaust fans....where it doesnt have the option at all. I will then have abotu the best possible configuration for flow and we will see what temps I maintain while folding. (I'll even regrease the gpu if it remains as solid as things appear. Thanks for the guidance, suggestions, etc. I'm offering the former GPU over to Gamers Nexus for a possible old GPU test, to see what degrades and to show that not even the best PSU is immune to age. It was free to me courtesy of OCC and Corsair, so I figure I shoudl pass it along to do some good.
  5. I'm on a 1440p 21:9 at 120hz. I ran my 2070super on it, and I liked it. The interpolated charts put the newest shadow of toomb raider squarely at 60-70 fps on my monitor on ultra settings, dx12, ray-tracing on and g-sync as well. The question is, how long do you keep your cards, and what performance will games be asking for in the future? And what were you not seeing on the 2070 super? Aparently the present RTX isn't a perfected system, although it works. It could be much better, however, and that's the refinement they bring in 3000 cards. They will have a large addition of cores the RTX system uses (Tensor cores? right?) and a newer better processor, so we will see that. The 2080ti would be beyond your capable use on a 1440p 140hz. It is to drive 144hz 4k blazing fast. So the best card in your scenario, may be that 2080ti and it may last you much longer. as the new cards come out. But, if you wait till they do, you can pick up 2080ti gear for way less as early adopters dump their stuff, also, the neweggs out there will have to clear the stock so, wait, and pick up on cheap, or get a 3070 then which will be equal to a 2080 most likely. Its tough to wait when money burns a hole in the pocket. I might suggest buying into an index fund at this point, since the market has been thrashed. The recovery will be really nice.
  6. same as it ever was. ordered new PSU just to keep things under warranty and current and safe. I just folded all night on both cpu and gpu. CPu was running right close to 80. card was 76. This issue only happens in a game, black screen reboot. My mosfets and chipset temps are 55-65 through all of this, and I just got a reboot. When I got the reboot, I had removed the case panels after folding on teh cpu was done, and continued folding on the card. This was for max cooling to see a difference. The card sat at 75c and folding 100%, I was playing a youtube video, and hunting for a possible replacement 2070s on newegg with quiet-ish fans. CPU unloaded. BOOT. no bsod or memory or graphical artifacts. Its the card or the psu, nothing else as the only thning different is the card and its power draw (+70w over what I was pulling befor with my 1070sc). I'm not clocking anything up, running stock. I would find it hard to believe the 850 PSU was just fine at 380 watts but has degraded so much it cant handle 450, if that. I think the plan will be to return the card, and when the new psu comes in, get the replacement so i'm not battling return windows vs. delivery of parts.
  7. Swapped cables. Swapped sockets, same. Psu ordered. May go return the card and swap it for a replacement. Will advise.
  8. Thanks for the reply Mr. Cow, The key is that everything was just fine before the new GPU. CPU was fine and run stock. Memory fine and run stock. Temps fine. Adding this card brings a higher draw on the PSU, now using two cables. I'm replacing them with the unused spares and well see if anything happens there. That would only clear up a shorting of a cable or psu individual socket instability but how that is only in games is not likely. I will start there. My PSU rails seem normal, voltage isnt dropping on load. Ill change out gpu cables, and then probably order up a new psu today (rm650x) as mine is out of its 7 year warranty (+4) so that end would be protection for the future of any build for another decade. And If it's not fixing anything, im returning the card.
  9. 2070 super. weirdness. I can fold it 100% no hiccups. I can run the pc folding 100% gpu and occt stress test on the cpu, no hiccups, psu strong as ever in this regard. However it is 10+ years old now, It was the 2009 xmas prize here. a Corsair CMPSU-850HX.... I can only assume it's a bit tired, it's been more on than off 24/7 running idle or gaming or whatever, but its rerely been off. I know things degrade inside over time, and it was FREE so I might just pony up for a good solid 650w unit. Anyway, In playing games, light games, nothing even demanding, I'm getting system reboots. no bsod's or artifacts, just a blank screen and reset of the box. I hate to think it's the new card. MY cpu idle states are 10% and 100% max in the windows profile. Seeing how this never happened with my old 1070 I have to assume its the new card....but the new card consumes up to 230+ watts. Through two cables.....perhaps a cable is bad or the socket i plugged the new one into is bad....But...its happening during light games too.... I will try swapping out gpu power cables and try different sockets in the psu, just to make sure i'm not seeing any weird bits geting old, or inability of some outputs inable to handle power load spikes? I don't know, I'm just theorizing now. However I'm not immune to things failing at the same time as other things getting replaced. Happens in cars to me... Anyone with thoughts that have been through similar symptoms? That's what I'm looking for more now is other similar symptoms.
  10. ok. got a 1070 and 1050 in same box. I would like to adjust folding power to different levels for each card. is that possible? how? I'm searching but coming up with nothing as of yet. The 1050 seems to have enough trouble to force a reboot at inconvenient times for the kids doing school work. so, I would like to set it up to fold at 50% power while the 1070 does 75%. Any way to do it? ...added 2070s to main rig...
  11. Just got a covid project!! 1604 - This project is simulating the Nucleoprotein RNA-binding domain of SARS-CoV-2. More details incoming!
  12. Question: I have an older motherboard and I'm trying to learn if pcie 2.0 or 3.0 makes a folding difference. I wouldn't think so, but my old board has 2.0. Debating running a pair of 2060's or 1660's in that board, but only if it isnt weirdly limiting. It would be a dedicated fold box plus kids home school stuff which isnt demanding at all for grade school things. So I have a place for them if the place isnt slow. its a 790 chipset, and will run pcie 2.0 x8 with both slots used.
  13. ive not yet seen an 11,*** work unit of the covid arena. 13k 14k stuff unrelated instead. Looking hard at the 2060 as its the most ppd/$ card. Currently with 11070 on my 3700x, and a 1050ti on a x4-965. Wondering what gpu layouts i should do...perhaps moving my 1070 to hte kids 965 and recarding dual 2060's or one with a 2070s. thats $600-800 and the airline world looks weird now. good with pay till end of may at least, but who knows. Smart money is waiting.
  14. is there a OCC dedicated passkey? I'm running it blank so far and people trying to get one in general are having trouble getting one through the email system they say to use. Other news from their forums, says they are getting more servers set up with making more projects so we might see some relief in waiting for work units. its been a day now. waiting for a new one.
  15. What equiv cpu would equal the 2080? Always found it odd gpus can crunch better than most cpus I only have a 1070, which isn't very choice for this.
  16. theres two covid [email protected] threads right next to each other. difference or should they merge?
  17. I'm back in guys. I'm still out there flying the airline routes and it's getting weird, so we need this now more than ever. Bringing a 3700x stuck at 4.2 all core and a gtx10170 to the party. says its working project 14304 ? huh. ill eventually get a covid. I wonder if they have covids going to the next highest power user in line. If they can tell tha tis.
  18. And boy are the temps interesting. I was using an IC carbon thermal pad and was having good results. Under an H115i rgb Corsair system, I could run 75% fans and see 80 deg.c at 100% load....I'm running the same equipment on the 3700x, and I am seeing 4.2 ghz ALL-core at 91c. That's very close to the 96 max but that's also at 100% fan on the rad and pump speed. I think I'm going to have to just give in and order up some thermal paste like I used to run. HW monitor is showing 119 watts as well (Where the 1500x topped 80 watts)....I definitely should look at the block/cpu interface. As the AIO heatsoaks, the temp is trickling up just ever so slowly. 92 now and seems to have settled. The case has good flow. variances: HWmonitor is the monitoring software. OCCT for the stress test is saying the CPUtin is 68.5, but I'm wondering what it's using to measure. HWmonitor is ttops or near top of lists of best monitoring software and seeing what it showed last time with the 1500x, it's probably accurate. Any ideas on ta better way to measure here? Or am I on track. I'm suspicious becuase the AIO system is a 250watt unit......or should be. I updated the BIOS before all of this, and the only thing I did after setting everything to default settings is activate the XMP memory profile for the team dark 3200 cl14 memory. Otherwise I left things alone. However it's not adjusting cpu speed all over the place, but seems rock solid at 4.2. I will look into things to make sure it's not accidentally OC'd. Board: msi b450m mortar titanium (the mosfets and board temps were 65 c or below during this) MEM: samsung b-die pc3200 cl14. Thoughts? (Idle temps have come down to 44 deg since I shut down the test.
  19. Last fall I bought a 1500x a year+ after it's introduction for $135 and only just now is it back to that as a regular price. (It's comfortably running 4ghz all core daily under an H115i pro rgb pulling 81w @ load.) and it's just a place holder until the 7nm process came out. Well it's out now, and I'm curious if all of you market followers think we can expect a slight price drop for the holidays like we saw in the 2k series. I ssaw the 2700x debut at $330 and in the days leading up to black friday saw it drop to $310 and then hit a 1 day black friday/cmonday of $270 and then go back up. Should we expect similar behavior for the 3k series? I'm wanting to finish my plan with the 3900x in my b450 (yes its a good one for that) and sit for the next 10 years like i did with the x4 965. If this follows last years example we may see the 3900x for $450 or 425 briefly, Especially when the 3950 hits shelves. What say you? Am I thinking logically or should I see someone about apparent dementia.
  20. something over 15% I think is what I saw. All my notes kinda got thrown out. Were I to do it again I might have opted for the 2600G and run the 1070 through the APU and out the onboard HDMI to attach freesync to the output. I would have had a decent OC as well on that to not quite what I have now but close enough to accomplish the upgrade goal. I'm curious to see what APU ryzen 3 chips will be like.
  21. Speaking of Lan Parties...Not sure if you've seen one lately, but I used a DFI Lanparty NF-II ultra-b (can they get any more unnecessary in naming things?) board for a couple years. So an event like that was so popular it creeped into advertising. Like "gaming" is today. The box for it even had a hoodie sweater guy. Complete with blurred cans of mountain dew and a can of Bawlz. Because if I wanted any image to promote what I would become if I used a product, that's exactly what I wanted to be! An over caffeinated dude with bad posture and a beige desktop! yessssss. (not my image...)
  22. My first performance build in '03 used the Thermaltake Volcano 12 heatsink. Manual speed control knob. It was the hot item on newegg at the time. When booting up BF1942 on a 45% overclock, it was a howling hairdryer!!
  23. My signature has my new new build in it. The xmas prize lasted 8+ years with only 2 gpu swaps and a memory kit. it was time. But I do need to also second the comment about Gigabyte's VRM. I went with MSI's b450 board cause their VRM's are solid and quite capable, at least on this board.
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