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Rinsing Rads & Blocks?

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Howdy there,


So preparing for my build log, I was curious as to whether it's worthwhile to try and rinse/shake water in your blocks & rads prior to installation? Could it help get some leftover crap, or are rads & blocks mostly clean when out of the factory?


I'm assuming emptying crap from the rad/block into the sink s easier, then fishing it out of the reservoir/loop.


I was thinking of just using distilled water, but is there something you can add to help clean it? I'm guessing any type of soap is a horrible Idea? lol


Or is this just a waste of time? Thanks!

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With new water hardware, set up a water filter and a fee 12 volt connector, (I use my battery charger) and run the pump for maybe overnight, through the new gear.

I did that with my new stuff.

And I think distilled water and a silver coil is best for long term. (Good idea to change the water from time to time.)

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anytime I redo my loop sense I have used automotive coolant I have not needed to clean any of my components. They stay cleaned out. 


Now when I was using dye bombs or colors I had to use a tablespoon of bleach to clean the loop before I disassembled the loop. after that I would Need to run hot water through the metal components and run warm water through anything plexi or acrylic. Just to try and make sure there was nothing hanging around. 


In either situation the tubing would need to be replaced.

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