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  1. Cespenar

    Video power question

    I better do another info delivery. Ever since 8800 sli's I have watercooled my vids. At the occasional 40 degree c and 33 in my room, I probably need to. I like the performance of the gaming 2070, but nearly twice the price of a 2060. ( and from your review seems to be an orphan.) Also, what is your take on the newer monitor connectors? Does an adaptor delete some performance?
  2. Hello people, hope you are all keeping well. I have an ASUS Z97-PRO Gamer and an ASUS 980 Strix Vid card Fairly standard. The CPU is i7 4790K @ 4399.47 MHz I play Elite Dangerous Horizons, and recently, I noticed the FPS dropped to a varying rate from 28 to 58 for a while. Happened a few times. I have it set for 60 FPS. I wonder if this is a fluctuation caused by Vid waiting for CPU as mentioned by Braegnerock. (Sorry about the spelling) The original reason I want to pick your brains is the newer cards. I have not looked at your reviews yet (my bad) If the above is because one of them is too weak for this game as they keep adding things, I wonder how far I can go in Australia. Our top card I think is $2000 Australian. If the CPU is too weak, I'm going to need a new board as well as a better cpu. Please rattle the nuts and bolts and let me know your thoughts please. Regards from Mike. I have to add some edit: MSI GAMING GeForce RTX 2060 Seems a reasonable card over the 980 strix. Trouble is, If I use a connector that is NOT dvi the speakers in the 144 monitor wont turn off. So atmo I have a monitor that used DVI as well, and the game does not support SLI properly. Many users report problems. Also, while I think of it, how does the 980 stix stack up against the MSI card? On Amazon shipped to Aus it is slightly over $400 but no DVI connection.
  3. Cespenar

    Why all these similar items?

    Thanks a heap. Glad to know you guys are still up there with the elite.
  4. Cespenar

    Thermal monitoring

    HWinfo for me as well. Typical. Always late to the party!
  5. Cespenar

    Why all these similar items?

    Hello People, Hope you are all keeping well. In Programs and Features there are a number of similar items. (To me, anyway) The first list was Java 8 Update, numbering 121, 131, 151, 201. Do these need to be left as is, or do I delete the older ones? The next head-scratcher is the attached document. Seems to be a lot of similar stuff here also. Should older stuff be removed? Regards from Mike Cannon. AKA cespenar.
  6. Cespenar

    Removing EVGA precisionX

    Hi folks, I want to remove Evga PrecisionX-16 I could not find an uninstall, so I checked Regedit. There are quite a few entries in Regedit. Should I delete the folder and contents manually, then delete the registry entries?
  7. Cespenar

    Clean the water loop

    Thanks. better check my units for plating.
  8. Hey people, Hope you had a good Christmas and have a Happy New Year. Now to the important stuff. I have not changed my water for a while. It has a bit of moving things when I shine a torch through the container. *No it is not fish* Last time I changed the water, I did not use a cleaner. In Australia we have something called CLR. None at mo so can't tell you the ingredients. It is for getting rid of rust, copper stuff, cleaning many different things. Even could be used in the coffee machine. (Don't tell my wife) If you guys have this in USA have you used it to clean a water loop? If not, do you use some sort of cleaner. Actually you might be able to look up CLR on the internet to learn something about it. Appreciate some input. Regards from Mike.
  9. Hi, I had a backup drive that died and Win 10 keeps popping up a window asking to re attach my backup drive. I can't turn it off. Seagate Backup Plus Desk Hub 4TB External Hard Drive Black STEL4000300 $165 Australian. Seems cheap when a 2 TB drive is 99 dollars. ADATA HV620 2TB 2.5in USB 3.0 External HDD Black
  10. Cespenar

    I guess it works.

    Cooler? Yep! Bigger fans! That duct tape, though. I can see one of two things happening down the track. Dry glue on that lovely GPU or some greasy glue on said GPU. I wonder if some spirit cleaner will fix that! Naaah ...... just more duct tape!
  11. Cespenar

    Water pump fast and slow

    No, you were helpful. I checked the plug and it has 2 wires to the board, and 2 spare holes. I obviously can't move the plug like a three pin plug, so PWM must definitely be working. CChalogamer is probably right. I was just in the BIOS but didn't think of that. What I did was put 2x8 gig ram added to my 2x8 gig ram. Didn't work. Different brand. CPU-Z could not see it either. So it went back in my son's replaced tower. Thank you muchly.
  12. Hi folks, How are you all? Still 'puting? I ran Hardware Monitor and played Elite Dangerous Horizons. My water pump is EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM Pump bought recently to replace my old TT500. The speed of the pump is from 1214rpm to 2513rpm. The power is the old 4 pin peripheral plug. The cpu fan header is 4 pin, but the wires to it are only two. So it can't be PWM. I did wonder if the pump has a built in PWM. Got any ideas people? Another thing, FYI, I stopped one fan of my 360 rad and made no difference to the H/W/monitor temps.
  13. Cespenar

    Review Question on heat, or cool?

    I salute you both Oh Wise Ones! Thanks.
  14. Quote[Mind you that all our tests are performed at a room temperature of roughly 21 Degrees C. We decided to go with the Core i7 4790K as it literally is the hottest processor your money can get you. You guys all know that once overclocked with added voltage, the temperatures get out of control big-time. We've been battling the question whether or not to actually use a Core i7 4790K on a Z97 motherboard. The Haswell processors all have poor heat transfer from the silicon die to the IHS. Fact remains that this CPU is what the Guru3D audience buys -- and as such you -- would want to know how these coolers perform]quote After reading Guru 3D review of the H150 Corsair cooler, I need to see what members think of my system temps. I have that CPU in Asus Z97-Pro Gamer. Asus GTX 980 Strix @ 4.4G 360 radiator with 2 X approx 900 rpm and 1 X about 1500 rpm. The CPU has a good water block but can't find the details. The 980 Strix is water cooled with EK full cover VGA water block EK-FC980 GTX Strix Acetal/Nickel. Both waterblocks share the one loop. Using Elite Dangerous with idle on the pad the cores ranged from 34 to 44 degrees centregrade. Whilst flying and fighting, the highest was 64 degrees. In the past, on a hot day, 30 degrees ambient, the temp did reach 78 celcius. The ambient for this temp was about 26 degrees. The ambients mentioned are in my computer room. Are there better CPUs for this board that run cooler? Or should I de-lid and risk destruction?
  15. Cespenar

    Tom's hardware login?

    Thanks, Spike, but no! No spam at all. I checked it last night and this morning.