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  1. I have a video problem I wish to discuss. It is an ASUS 980Strix. I went to the Geforce forums and it seem like half the gaming population is having stuttering problems, and all Vid cards seem to be involved. Wondering if gamers here are having similar problems? My main problem has to be what I found in taskbar. I will try to put details in IMGUR and come back later. Hope the new year treats you better than the last faceplant. So. Not a new thread. These pictures show a very high usage of memory and GPU, as well as very high power usage. The game quite often will not let me exit while this is happening. Hence the use of Taskbar. I worry about this and hope that overheating may occur. I have typed in a couple of questions into the pictures, so could somebody please advise on them.
  2. Interesting to see people wanting to see how the new stuff operates. I was, also, a time or three before. But my Asus 980 Strix and 4790 in Z97 Pro gamer is giving me 144 fps in Elite Dangerous and BL3. Should see me out.
  3. Hi people. Hope you are all well. I have an ASUS Z97 Pro Gamer, Win 10 home (1909) A couple of months back I was getting "Press F1 etc" on bootup. Tested battery. Flat. Changed battery. And still occasionally getting "Press F1" The only thing I notice is XMP is disabled. I enable it and save. No noticable problems. (Except pressing start button sometimes doesn't work. Maybe not pressed long enough. Tower is 14 years old.) Is it possible that the MoBo is feeling sick? Is it possible there is a glitch in the BIOS? Another thing I forgot to mention: The time, date and year revert back to 2009. Which, as far as I know preceded the BIOS I had.
  4. Great. Thank you. I was just talking to my grandson about a caddy.
  5. My son passed a "Crucial CT512mx100SSD1" to me when he went bigger. Can I use this as a backup by attaching, backing up a few things, then removing? My drives are: C 186 free of 237 / D 734 free of 931 / 391 free of 465
  6. I have lodged a ticket with support. That may eventually be fixed. Will check other mention when in game. Thanks.
  7. Thank you. But is the graphics card in danger of Exploooding ........ and taking my home with it? Do I need a new one? Oh. Just checked. If you are familiar with the game, please advise which part of options to place a pause button. I don't know how to make one, and there are a heap of headings in options/controls.
  8. I play Elite Dangerous Horizons. The livery and store are causing a problem and I have to use Task Manager to exit those screens. Today a (maybe) new problem surfaced. The game pic is the place I can't exit. The pic of the Task Manager is what really worries me. I have recently ditched the free Win10 and installed a retail version. 1909. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Going to do that. I think Epson is at fault. Will re-install after windows re-install. Event log gives nothing useful. I got a copy below. There is no Epson as stated by Event Viewer. No Epson in that folder.bmp
  10. My events viewer shows errors caused by a heap of driver update fails. Epson updater is off, yet just this morning, I had 8 update fails all at the same time. Question: Have any of you people seen this problem? I am going to wipe my C drive and re-install windows, so don't advise me on that. I have help in the drive section.
  11. I see Epson tried to install drivers. I found some updater folders, but seems they have no action recently. Epson might be only one of the problems though. Waiting on your feed back.
  12. Thanks dr_bowtie, The common critical event is Event ID 41, Source Kernel-Power, Log System, Task Category 63. This event is widespread since the 1903 version of win10. I updated to 1909 in hope. Didn't help. Many users have done things that fixed it, and I tried them all. Nothing helped me and also hasn't helped many others. Here is a small amount of a huge list. Event copy.txt
  13. Ok my knowledgable friend, it is the C Drive. Kill windows I have a stick with win 10 on it. Should be no trouble, I guess? I did an install over without losing anything. Problem reboot rared it's ugly head again. Can I use the USB stick again? It is USB3 but can I load ASM104xUSB3 onto drive D or drive E ?
  14. Hi, My C drive is a Crucial CT256mx100SSD1 I have had daily reboots on my system. Re-installed win10 off a stick, but the one I chose was to keep everything. Can I format and SSD to wipe it clean? ATMO it is 237.91 with 136.78 free.
  15. Thanks Braegnok. I will go through this and see what I can find. I pressed a bookmark just now and the PC shutdown and restarted, so I'm going to try to hunt it down with that item you gave me. Thanks again. Do you know if a re-install of win10 will fix this?
  16. In the past, my pc would reboot randomly. (error code 41 kernel-Power) This time, I had a black screen. Ctrl/alt/del would not work. Removed cmos battery and now the pc seems fine, although default. Is this error any different from the past? Anything I should do? And DXDIAG said no problems found. This error 41 is common, so has Microsoft done anything about it? Cheers guys.
  17. Bit late, I know, but would this ramp up work with a CPU water cooler pump?
  18. ir_cow, sorry to resurrect this, but maybe relevant. I had a Thermaltake 750 mhz PSU. It would not work with ASUS boards. But something else. Couple years later, son lost his PSU. Put the Thermaltake in and fried his C drive. 2 other drives used to find problem Fried both of them as well. Ditched the PSU and bought 2 drives and a PSU for him. Lesson Learned.
  19. ir_cow Hello there, are all M2 drives have the same plug-ins across all makes?
  20. Hi People, I have 3 Runtime Broker, 3 NVIDIA Share and 5 NVIDIA Container. All under the Start sub-heading. I have Logitech Gaming software. Any chance this is too much? I do games and email and banking. I'm no way a heavy user. Probably a very light user.
  21. Just happened again, watching Disney. Definitely not caused by the game. And after I did the change you suggested. Maybe a hardware problem or a win10 system error.
  22. The three HID keyboards, the top had the option to turn this off. (done) The other two had NO option. Mice (or mouses) The Logitech Optical Gaming mouse had the option so I un-ticked that. Is that what you wanted me to do? And many thanks.
  23. Level Critical / date and time 14 Jan 2;28 / Source Kernel-Power / ID 41 Task Category (63) While playing Elite Dangerous Horizons, I occasionally get this hard freeze. Google doesn't tell much, or I don't understand the lingo. (tech jargon. You know? The words look English) Just wondering if any of you people can shed light on this please. Game or Hardware? Not overheating.
  24. I better do another info delivery. Ever since 8800 sli's I have watercooled my vids. At the occasional 40 degree c and 33 in my room, I probably need to. I like the performance of the gaming 2070, but nearly twice the price of a 2060. ( and from your review seems to be an orphan.) Also, what is your take on the newer monitor connectors? Does an adaptor delete some performance?
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