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cheap decent case for folding pc

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i want a cheap case to build a folding pc in, i am building this pc for cheap! im going doing a big upgrade soon, and newegg is tossing a pair of ddr3 sticks in with the purchase of the asus crosshair v, im also planning on a fx 8350, so i relized i have a 5770, ocz 650w (i think its 650), a random hardrive from the junk in the basement, a coolermaster v6 ram sticks from newegg for free, my 965 be will be freed up, i need a mobo and a case and im in!


i want to dump less than 150 dollars in this project, i have this mobo in mind i want a super cheap case, that flows good enough for folding, room for 2 gtx 275's (im thinking about buying reaper 88's 580) and room for the cooler master v6, although im not against buying a smaller cooler if it means a cheaper case, 


also if someone can manage to find a mobo/case/cooler combination for cheaper keep in mind 2 pcie slots, ddr3.

a matx mobo with 2 pcie slots would be awesome


not looking for an overclocker here just cheap and stable for 24/7 folding

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You could consider a HAF 922 at $114. It'll house a d14 and has plenty of cooling stock with option to use more. 


Cheaper cases are possible, but they will be less rich in features, quality and cooling.


This Raidmax Orian case is super dirt cheap while supposedly decent quality and with the features you need. That leaves extra cash for fans and a good mobo

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