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    Fallout 76

    Solo, but still online. Prepare to get nuked every time you're logged in for more than an hour.
  2. You know a pegasus is easily worth $800 right Every time I see this thread pop back up at the top of recent posts I shake my head, I knew there was no way they'd be selling legit cards for half the cost unless they're VERY stolen. Glad to see you got your money back Dling
  3. Looks way too good to be true.
  4. Yeah, the only games I know of that need SLI 1080 TI's are all early access. And that's when you're looking at 4K, and even then you might have a better investment for FPS by upgrading your CPU instead.
  5. Locutus


    Both cards pending.
  6. You going to put a hood on it? Looks like a whole lot of fun.
  7. Locutus


    Updated, price lowered. Got the game I was going to buy from a giveaway on twitch, just going to let these go to whoever needs a cheap card.
  8. Locutus


    Haha thanks wevs. I'm thinking about putting up my G27 wheel too because nobody seems interested in these yet...
  9. Since when is SLI the most important thing??? Haha of course, the people who need to mount their GPU's in wild places are going to be SLI'ing them right? That way they can get better heat dispersion...
  10. But what about the most important thing, SLI? Would you need some weird custom SLI ribbon or do you think you could mount them in a way that you could use a standard one? I guess you could do one mounted to the top the way you were showing, and then the second mounted to the top next to it but reversed, so the fans are pointing the other direction?
  11. Locutus


    EVGA GeForce GTX 580 3072MB x2 I'm looking for $25 each, you pay shipping. I purchased these both from EVGA B-Stock mid-2015 for use in SLI, they worked flawlessly until I had the opportunity to upgrade to a GTX 780 in December.
  12. The HWBot results, higher is better right? That feels like a typo to me.
  13. According to the first product's specifications it will run for 2.4 minutes at 700W load. Remember, your PSU draws up to 20% more than its rated wattage, so you could be drawing up to 1200W at peak. So in short, yes, but for as short of a period as a minute of backup power. This might be enough to stop what you're doing and shut down but in most cases you'll probably want a beefier UPS.
  14. Yeah, I could be at 4.2 if I didn't bsod every time I streamed lmao. You might be able to push it higher.
  15. Locutus


    I've gone ahead and listed it on ebay since I'd like to get it moving, if anyone's still interested let me know. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Asus-Z87-Pro-Motherboard-with-Intel-4770K-3-9GHz-MOBO-CPU-Bundle/232379024479
  16. Sounds like he's from India to me.
  17. Locutus


    Dang. Yeah I was still finishing up the semester and wasn't in a rush to sell them.
  18. Locutus


    I upgraded to a Ryzen system so I'm no longer using this board/chip combo. I'm going to be using the money to buy a new mic, mixer and mic stand, so I'd like to get $200 + shipping for both parts. Includes a stock cooler, parts haven't been OC'd at all. Also includes the original box with some doo-dads but no IO shield. I think I might still have the wifi antenna but PM me if this is a deal breaker so I can double-check for you.
  19. Doesn't look ANYTHING like the Spec-03, and somehow it's less expensive? Why not place it in a different lineup altogether?
  20. I had my 1700 up to 4 but the darn thing isn't stable enough to run OBS and game at the same time. 3700 is a fair overclock though, through downclocking for stability I've worked my way all the way down to 3750 lol.
  21. I'm running the AM4 compatible 16GB FlareX kit at the advertised settings (14-14-14-34, 1.35v, 3200MHz) I've heard that certain RAM works better than others, which is why GSkill put out the AM4 specific RAM.
  22. Is that what happened with Ryzen? Now how do i delete this thread, i'll just try overclocking it higher and of course keeping these parts longer. Change the title to [Closed] and the admins will clean it up. I don't think your prices are unreasonable though, I caught myself thinking about it.
  23. That is SO COOL. What's the second board for? Gonna be for streaming/encoding maybe? I'm gonna scroll back through so I'll see if you already said...
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