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  1. So, you want to try Corsair CM2X1024-8500C5D modules with a replaced Corsair CM2X1024-8500C5D or with existing ASUS M2N32-SLI ??
  2. I showed interest some time back, but I didn't apply cause of totally unpredectible nature of my life
  3. Thanks a lot for the valuable input. Although I have bought it already, your post il help all the future viewers who is searching for same type of speaker like me.
  4. I always use recuva in case of accidental data deletion.
  5. I would consider this, but honestly don't trust the user habits of my gf. I would like for the storage to be isolated away from my personally PC. Well, in that case, password protecting the HDDs (or part of HDDs) should work as one of the simpliest solutions.
  6. Trying to learn Spanish :P

  7. On the brighter side, that tells the power of that little cooler. The golden touch from coolermaster.
  8. Well, my last PC build (or whatever is left of it) Thanks to my current mobile lifestyle
  9. Fixed. Not sure how that happened, but corrected now. Thanks
  10. Well, Now its November. And I'm coming back to life once again (or at least trying to)
  11. ClayMeow 's email ID or contact link is broken. Please fix it and after that I will apply for review editor (Pr at least can ask him the requirements)
  12. Bought my 3rd Porta Pro as the last one dies few weeks ago. And JBL charge 2 as portable speaker for mobile as well as laptop.
  13. Yes, there will be christmas selling spree. By te way, I was in hurry thus ended up getting JBL Charge 2, from amazon at a descent price.
  14. A 4/8GB USB drive is pretty cheap now-a-days. Get one for Win 7 installation purpose and it will help you in every sort of work interms of file transfer etc.
  15. uh, access error? :/ Access denied or that kind of error generally pops up only cause of OS.By the way, in this screenshot, isn't that C drive happens to be inside your SSD?
  16. Update: I got demo of some good speakers during this weekend and among those were blaupunkt. They seemsed good but I didn't really like them in terms of the 'sound'. Maybe I should wait for christmas discounts before buying the speaker. As during that period I may even get a
  17. get a better CPU cooler. Apart from that, it does look good!
  18. Did some more research today and as it seems reviews of Cambridge Soundworks Ooze XL are simply great. Availibility might be an issue in EU but can not find more suitable (i.e. ultra portable) good speakers.
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