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  1. my brother has a gtx 980 I think i might try to work out a trade for my r9
  2. 30k a day i think the 7990s will keep collecting dust, might be worth pulling the 1050 for the r9
  3. heat and power aren't much of a concern, more so is it worth the time to try it? with the inconsistencies im seeing in work units it take probably a week to get a good feel for ppd. if I didn't know that folding was nicer on nvidia (historically) I would assume the r9 would smoke the 1050
  4. gotten back into the folding, Right now ive got a gtx 690, gtx 1050, and rtx 2060 all running 24/7, but ive got a pair of 7990's and an r9 390 collecting dust, is it worth pulling one or more of the nvidia cards to run one of these amd cards????
  5. I myself just got back from a lengthy hiatus, glad to see a bunch of familiar names!!!
  6. sorry i usually read up weather i post or not but ive been stuck in Boston ever since Bethesda released that one game
  7. I have seemed to have misplaced the extra caddys for my 932, i am 3 short, if anyone has any extras they dont need let me know, ive got three drives just hanging around just the plastic sled things i dunno what they are called
  8. maybe the rad storm will bring in waves of feral ghouls or mutants rather than clearing an area out
  9. This game looks great, i missed the pre-order for the special edition and way overpaid for one on ebay
  10. that is strange, the gpu is where its at, i had a 965 going before my 8320, right now the 8320 is getting only 5kppd and i dont remember what the 965 did but i do remember it not doing as well as the 8320
  11. i bought a smith and wesson 916a 12 ga pump, i have never heard of such a thing until i bought it, they werent real popular, its a cheap standard pump, and from a distance i think most people would swear its a mossberg, they came from the 60's and 70's smith tried to get a piece of the market for standard law enforcement shotguns, i got it for a steal, and S&W is my brand so i couldnt say no sorry for the terrible quality this is the best nokia could do this picture shows two firearms the smith mentioned above and another firearm, pat on the back for anyone who can identify this firearm on the bottom and another pat on the back for anyone who noticed the body armor hiding in the picture
  12. i have a 55 inch television that i use as my main monitor, i have laying around a number of 19 inch cheapo monitors, vga only, i bought a non active converter and its working fine for one monitor, but i heard somewhere if i want to use two adapters one or both have to be active, i like the idea of adding a third monitor mounted to another arm on the other side of the tv. i dont want to waste money on another cheap adapter if it wont work. graphics card is a 7990, the 7970 is no longer in the machine to save on the power bill
  13. hey thats just like mine, remington 700, in 300 win mag, oh i love it, i was shooting hedge apples at 300 yrds a couple weeks ago, there is nothing quite like it. a lot of people dont realize how much more ass a 300 mag has over 30-06 or 308, i wouldnt have it any other way
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