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Hey guys, I am at some ones house right now to help fix his internet. He got a Asus DSL-N10 a few days ago, and we are trying to set it up. I can connect to the inter via the wired connection, but wireless shows up as connected with NO internet access. We already went through the utility disk trying to download everything right.


This is seriously screwy. I would think it was a DOA wireless device, but then why would it say connected and give me a no internet access message?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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What kind of message are you been given? Or is it just allowing connection (no errors) but no internet access?


Pretty much. It just says that the laptop is connected, but at the same time it says no internet access. I already did the whole 9 yards of turning off and on the router, checking the settings to allow all users, setting the router back to default settings and re-ran the setup, and pretty much every normal step you would take to fix a simple problem. I did some searching on the web and have found that other people were having issues with the same router. Could it just be a messed up router that he needs to RMA?

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It really sounds like the Wireless Network Security is enabled and that your laptop key does not match the router key.

Have you logged on to the router and set up the wireless security?

Most routers have an IP base address of or

Once you are into the router bios then you can establish your wireless protocols.

Then set up your laptop to match.

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