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  1. Wait... are you saying that you EQed the headphones flat, or that you left your EQ flat. If you need an extension that is about 3ish feet long, then almost anything from mono price would work so long as you do not get their bottom of the barrel cables.
  2. I heard them. I will make a fairly large disclaimer and say that I heard them in a big crowded room and there was an unknown amp and dac that were powering them, so your mileage may very. I found them to be fairly decent for the money (100-130 bucks). I thought they were a bit bright and you are probably going to want to play around with an EQ, but I think you will like them. They were a lot more comfortable than the CALs, that's for sure.
  3. I am gonna try my hands at building a custom rig centered around the intel 2011-V3 socket. As such, I am parting out my rig and old gear I have lying around the house. Everything below includes shipping to the US48. If someone wants me to ship something to canada, we will discuss shipping terms. If someone REALLY needs me to ship something to the UK, I MIGHT be willing, but it totally depends on what you want. For instance, I am much more inclined to ship a tiny CPU to the UK than I am to ship a mobo. 1: i7 4820K. It is very reliable, and it is fairly new. I got it only a few months ago (I wanna say june). I can easily overclock it to 4.5Ghz stable. I feel fairly confident that I can push it farther, but I never had the need to. I am looking for 275 for it, or a trade for a 5930K plus cash. ------------------------------ 2: An asus P9X79-WS (not the E edition) motherboard. Same deal, I bought it very recently. This is the part of this part out that will kill me. I absolutely love this board. It is a true champ. But the blue asus colors are just plain awful. Normallly I would not mind, but if I want a good looking custom build, then I need some other motherboard. The only down side about this board is that I am unsure if I can hunt down too many of the included accesorries. Obviously I will include the IO shield and what not, but just do expect the driver disk or the hundreds of stata cables it came with. If you are interested in the bord, you can tell me what you need and I will hunt down some of the acessories, but no garuntees. I am looking for 275, or trade plus cash for a asus X99 deluxe or X99 WS mobo. -------------------------------- 3: Samsung miracle ram. I have two kits of 2x4GB of DDR3 samsung memory. My particular ram kit is a fairly good overclocking set. I would hesitate to say it is golden, but it is probably on the border line of beeing golden. I can easily overclock this ram to 2400mhz and I can even bench it at 2666mhz. If you are interested in this ram, please check out my samsung ram club here http://www.overclock.net/t/1335977/samsung-miracle-memory-club I am looking at get 100 bucks per kit or 165 for both kits. I am also willing to trade for a 16GB quad channel DDR4 kit. I know I am asking for quite a bit of money, but these ram kits are fairly rare and mine in particular overclock very well. ----------------------------------- 4: Gigabyte X79 UP4 I bought this board originally for my chip. A friend of mine almost bought it off of me which is why I upgraded to the asus board. It is a used board, but I only used it for a month before this guy tried to buy it off of me. To make a long story short, he got a DUI and went to jail. I have since has this board in it's box collecting dust. I am not looking to get much for this board at all. It is rather a poor overclocking board, and there are not a heck of a lot of features. To be completely honest, I really do not like this board what so ever. It does work, and it should come with a fair amount of warranty, but please be aware that I would only recommend this motherboard to someone who just wants to run a X79 chip at stock. I am only looking for 125, or 100 if you want to use the mobo for folding. ---------------------------------------- I also have and assortment of hifi audio gear. I seriously doubt anyone on this forum with the exception of stonerboy would even be interested, but if someone wants some hi grade tube audio amplifiers, I have a few lying around.
  4. If I were to back up his data to a online/offsite place, who would you guys recommend? It is about 50GB of pictures. I know linux drop box and google drives are both some decent options, but that is about where my familiarity with online backups.
  5. I agree 100% You try convincing a 70+ year old man that he should either spend the money and buy a new mac or to find a new OS.
  6. There is a good chance we might be doing that too. Unfortunately the 1100 price tag, is really stretching it according to him.
  7. Not to worry, I already have that setup. I put all of his pictures on DVDs and then I made a clone of his hard drive to a external drive. Right now we have 3 bit for bit clones of his pictures. So his pictures are WELL archived. But since he still uses his pictures on a day to day basis, I still need to be worried about his physical data on his internal hard drive. Let me make this a bit more clear. This is an elderly gentleman who is retired and does not want to have to worry about anything. In his words.... "I do not want to have another computer problem ever again". You and I both know that is pretty much impossible to make a computer bullet proof. I feel kind of bad saying this, but I do not need to build a computer that is bullet proof. I just need to build a computer that can outlive him. This is a person who is quite frankly smart enough to build this computer himself, but he has some issues with his hands and he physically can not screw around with his computer if it were to have some sort of catastrophic failure. Here is what I should be asking you guys. What can I / should I build that would read word documents, email, view pictures, and play youtube videos for the next 5 years without fail.
  8. IDK how the mods would feel about breaking apple's EULA, but yes. And yes I know. I am looking at the intel xeon 1240 v3 which is supported. An asus H97I mobo. Crucial ram. Samsung evo hard drive and a nvidia graphics card. All of which are supported by tony mac X86. What I can not find any information about is how OSX works in conjunction with raid, and with home server software.
  9. I am helping a friend of my moms with his iMac. To make a very long a frustrating story short, he needs a new computer. Normally I would not bother the community over such a PC build, but I am not sure if what I want to do with this computer is even possible. 1st thing we need this computer to do is dual boot linux mint and NOT windows. (See how I avoided EULA laws right there?). OSSuck is the main reason I am insecure about this build. 2nd: Maximum data security and reliability. This guy has well over 30,000 pictures, and keeping them safe is the main objective of the build. Here is where I start to get a bit iffy on certain things. I would like to have a raid 1 array in the build. The idea would be to have a SSD that is formatted in Mac extended journal for the OS and then a raid 1 array that is formatted in FAT32 for the data. I do not know if such an idea would work on OSSuck. I have no VERY little experience with OSSuck when it comes to partitioning and very drive formats. 3: This person has also just purchased an ipod touch. I would like it if the raid 1 array can be accessed over the wifi network so that he could view his pictures and listen to music directly from the PC's storage. I know how to make that work on windows and linux, but not OSSuck. ------------------------------------ As for the actual hardware of the build, I will be using a lot of parts that I have lying around my house. The things that will be purchased are a motherboard, CPU, GPU, and case. Everything else I already have. For the CPU, I would like to use a Xeon 1240 v3. The reason being is that microcenter has this cpu for a great deal, and the CPU will last forever, so why not. I am really struggling with the motherboard. If at all possible, I would like to use a mini itx motherboard, but it is not crucial. We just need a super reliable motherboard and I would like to keep it around 150 bucks or less. As for the case, again, I would like it to be mini itx, but it is not crucial. What I really need it to have is at least 2 3.5 inch bays and for it to look professional. I think the power supply I will use is the corsair 430 watt PSU. We barely need any power at all, and quite frankly it is just a nice and simple PSU that will last for several years. Of course I am always open to suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.
  10. If you want new speakers, get cambridge audio S30s. Polk is fine, but I prefer dynaco A35s or dynaco A25s. They are vintage speakers, so you have to buy them used, but they kick out a lot of bass without a subwoofer.
  11. Well I finally got it to work. The raid drivers were already installed and all of the software SHOULD have been taken care of. It turns out that the latest gigabyte bios for my motherboard is bugy (had to pour over several other forums to find this out). So I had to use a older version that never came with the board to get things to work. @ waco: sent you a PM.
  12. It does not make it that far. I simply change the mobo to raid and it just keeps restarting itself
  13. So here is the story. I have a gigabyte UP4 x79 motherboard and a what ever the 4 core ivybridge-e chip is (I can not remember what it is). When ever I set my sata to raid configuration, the pc will get past the bios screen and then restart. When the mobo is in IDE or ACHI, everything works just fine. But raid just does not wanna work for some reason. I have tried updating the BIOS and other various methods, but nothing works. I am probably missing something REALLY simple here, and I would live it if you guys could tell me what could possibly be going wrong. I am not doing anything different than my past 3 raid 0 arrays. Thanks in advance.
  14. Share your secret I ended up misreading a thing on tweak town. I tried to edit my post, but I get an error that says I am not an admin.
  15. cheap adata drives it is then. A ram disk helps for picture editing though. For some reason windows does not cache as much data as it should. I never go about 40 percent of ram usage even though I fill up a small 8GB ram disk without any trouble which is 50% right there.
  16. Well I just learned of a small problem. My motherboard only has 2 intel sata 3 ports. Wonderful. Anyways, let me ask you. I have the option between 4 120gb crucial M500s and a raid 0 card for a grand total of 340 bucks. OR I can have 2 256GB adata S900s that I can mod into SX900s for a total of 260 bucks. I am thinking that with the adata drives that I would save enough money to buy 32GB of ram and then maybe use a ram disk for editing. IDK if using a ram disk would be the best way to speed things up or if a faster SSD would help. I used to do a lot of video editing years ago, but this is the first time that I have ever really spent this much time on it, so I am kind of in uncharted territory here and I simply have no idea what is going to make the process go faster.
  17. yeah, I do not have that luxury unfortunately. Or at least not to that extent. My friend is making a movie, and his parents bought him the new mac pro..............that still has not arrive yet : P. On top of that, my friend doesn't even know how to use macs....so that ought to be interested. Anyways. He is desperate to use my PC now. So I need to figure out what I am gonna do asap.
  18. Yeah I am looking at the crucial M500. Tiger direct has a sale on them for 75 bucks for a 120gb. So I am looking at buying 4 of them.
  19. As the title says, I am looking for two new SSDs for raid 0. I do a lot of photo and video editing now and every little bit of speed and performance helps with media editing. When ever I edit, I essentially throw a bunch of media on my drive (probably about 100+ gb a day), edit the content, and then batch process everything to a new folder. Once I am done I take everything off and throw it in a raid 1 nas that has a UPS and everything. So fortunately I don't need to be all that worried about safety with my hard drives. Speed how ever is crucial. Right now I have some corsair force 3 90 GB ssds that I got ages ago that are kind of showing their age and are slowly starting to slow down. I would like some drives that can handle fairly large loads of data that can be written to a read from on a constant basis, and I would like something that has a controller that handles smaller data sets well too. There are some obvious choices like the samsung 840 that would technically suit my needs very well, however the problem is that for the price I can easily get 4 crucial M500s and go for a 4 way raid 0 configuration and get even more speed. So I am trying to figure out what the best possible solution for maximum read and write speeds would be.
  20. I have a couple things up for sale. For starters I have an xfx 7970 reference card that I can easily OC up to 1200mhz. It can potentially clock higher, but with 1200 I get a decent balance between temps and performance. I am looking for 300 shipped. Sold to some guy on OCN Next I have a swiftech extreme 360mm radiator that I am willing to take offers on. The only problem with it is that I am missing most of the mounting screws. I have been using this rad as an external radiator that sits in a bucket of ice water for benching my CPU. Sold to hornybluecow Lastly, I have a Corsair 800D. THIS CASE IS ABUSED!!!!! There are no PCI covers, there is no front bay overs, one of the Sata ports is broken, and I am missing most of the screws. Oh an it also does not have the cover for the sata ports or any of the stock fans either. I built a full rig in it, and used up all the 5.25 inch bays and all the PCI slots, and I have has this thing for so long, that I lost most of the accessories. Everything that is missing can be replaced directly from corsair for ~50 bucks. I am only looking for 100 bucks or best offer for a local pick up. I will also be willing to dive to pretty much anywhere in VA if need be.
  21. So you found a destroyed S2K for under $10k. Congrats? .....................nooo? I found a S2K with destroyed paint. IDC about paint. Just get some plastidip and paint the car for a few hundred bucks and you are good to go. The problem is that your standards are too high
  22. Where on gods green earth are you guys finding this info. I swear there must be a "we hate german cars" forum somewhere that pumps this crap out. S2K for less than 10K hard to find? You might wanna look again. The MR2 sadly did not come with a hard top in north america, but it is still forgivable with it's mid engine design. Plus I get the feeling that this is not gonna be some sort of crazy drifiting track car either. @mythos: The MR-S is a japan only release the MR-2 is the Murican version. Anything subaru can do anyone else can do better.
  23. Oh............................... Miata Audi TT miata honda S2000 miata Toyota MR2 miata Evo miata
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