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  1. Compact if still large cube 420*440*400 (w*d*h*)
  2. I did toss that up but as you can see the GPUs take up roughly 190*170*360mm of space each. I might make a quick mock up of them though in a orientation with a horizontal mobo. Make a more cube like case estimate dimensions of 400mm cubed would have 4*180 fans on the front and 2/3 on the rear depending on how GPU and mobo sit.
  3. Were I am at currently, dimensions are ~300*590*580mm (w*d*h) 180mm fans front and rear.
  4. I am looking to go out the bottom or the other thought is go slightly wider so that io slot fits beside the fans. Wider might be the go as it'll give me the extra clearance if I modify the GPU cooling and will give me space on the front of the case too for power/reset and USB ports. Also still deciding if I put DVD/Blu ray drives in this PC because it's been about 5 years since I used one on my main rig. The HTPC and laptop use DVDs still but not this.
  5. Been away from here for a while but am in the mood to change up my PC Case from my old Coolermaster Elite 430 So in the planning stages at the moment for a new case. Looking to see if anyone has any suggestions or experience building with aluminium t bar. Housing my z68 mobo, i5 2500k, 2x GTX 690s and a Silverstone 750watt psu. Current objectives: - lots of airflow, unobstructed - minimal noise - looks good - no lights - built strong Ways I plan to tackle all that. Aluminium t bar is very strong to begin with am looking to use black anodised 20x20mm t bar with 6mm slots. Haven't found any black hardware for joining so I'll need to paint that. This will make up all the frame work outer edges as well as some internal work. Buy/cut a mobo tray out of another case to mount mobo. Use HDD/SSD cages to mount drives. Make the walls out of 6mm marine ply, fits in the t slot and comes up nice when sealed. Mount fans and filters to the frame drawing in the front and out the back. Aiming to go triple 180/200mm fans front and back and mount everything in-between, so lots of crossflow. The PSU will be mounted so it draws and vents its own air separately to the rest of the case. Now 180mm fans can run rather quiet with plenty of airflow but GPU fans cannot. Next bit that I am tossing up still is using CPU air coolers and copper heatsyncs to cool the GTX 690s Now I really need input here from anyone that has tried this. The plan is to strip the stock cooler off stick copper heatsyncs with thermal pads to all the vrm etc and put serious CPU air coolers on the dies. Naturally the GPU width will drastically increase and this will be tackled by vertically mounting the two GPUs and using ribbon cable to connect them to the mobo. If I go this path one of the sidewalls will become Plexi because ain't no way I am making massive aircooled bohemoths and not showing them off. Anyway any input welcome SketchUp plans and other diagrams to come tomorrow
  6. I've had the *new* 3ds xl for a while now and it is so much better than the old 3ds the 3d follows your head so very well it's actually fun to use and not a pain like the old 3ds. Haven't used the c-stick or extra bumper buttons yet.
  7. Only 30k for me and I have been fairly inactive for a year or so.
  8. Pictures and details?Will get some pics up next week but its a '92 J-spec Nissan 300zx 2+0 N/A T-Top Nice! Twin turbo time!!! Sorry man not quite yet only NA time for now maintaining two turbos is too much drain on Apprentice wages.
  9. Pictures and details?Will get some pics up next week but its a '92 J-spec Nissan 300zx 2+0 N/A T-Top
  10. Seems strange with the no grand prize but I guess the scale of last years one tapped him right out haha Hope he's well soon and good luck eveeyone
  11. Nearly gave myself a heart attack.... Had to change the battery in my phone but lets start off with I bought the battery two weeks ago from Singapore for $20 and it arrived two days ago well ahead of when I expected or even they said it would arrive especially with Christmas post. Also it came with more trim removal tools and extras like a capacitive pen, than they said it would. Back on topic and my stress related heart attack, I have a xperia zl and the battery is built in and we'll glued in too. Have to remove two screws from the back then pry the back off destroying a gasket and splash resistance then it's 8 or so ribbon cables 6 screws the camera and speaker module then the motherboard out. Now thw battery can be seen and it requires heating to soften the glue so you can carefully pry it out of the phone. Thankfully 20-30 mins later I had a working phone. For more see this lovely guide I am thankful for https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=eBubVJKgOI3X8gWYlYHgDw&url=https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Sony%2BXperia%2BZL%2BBattery%2BReplacement/28802&ved=0CC0QFjAA&usg=AFQjCNFkBaAz7setIGdGGtDpUXlJPkp53A&sig2=6xYLdDnEozbcnBnKho3zFQ
  12. Well if the op has the card still and isn't going to keep it in his current system there is no reason he can't or shouldn't use it. As Wev pointed out the soundcard brings other things other than purely sound quality and that is often in the form of the software and what becomes available to you to do with your audio.
  13. Would love a chance to win the new borderlands game. The other two were great to play
  14. Noctua and black how is this possible Plus all sped up and aimed at maximum cooling a little more than just super silent.
  15. Would not bother with a soundboard. Onboard sound these days (regardless of the fact your board is top end) is good. With your 5.1 system you would never notice the difference between the board and a soundboard unless one of them particularly coloured the sound. Even with most headphones you wouldn't see a difference. Unless you have a high impedance pair of cans or some really sensitive IEMs you wouldn't need what a soundcard can offer. Which is better amping needed for high impedance headphones not 5.1 systems and a cleaner sound that can really show up with high sensitivity IEMs. I personally cannot plug one of my IEMs (AF120) into my laptop without hearing the ocean but if I plug my Akg Q701s in they're alright noise is there but not that noticeable or irratating. Plus if you do go soundcard my preference is on external so either usb or optical/coax out to the either independent or combined DAC and amp. I use a small usb DAC made by a guy in Malaysia with a company called Stoner Acoustics and it is fantastic. Works on both my laptop and phone and is the size of a small thumbdrive. Also aforementioned IEMs no noise at all through it
  16. And yet another reason why I love the witcher series. I wish EA could learn from this
  17. Turn off pull out toner and then put it back and make sure any bits of plastic the need to be ripped off are ripped off. Just gotta try again either something made it hang up or it just gave up for no reason at all. All you can really do is just keep trying I doubt there is anything wrong if it was fine when you last used it.
  18. When we have the Xmas contest, the grand prize has rules like that, but the one-off prizes do not. You of all people should remember that. So this is not an oversight in our rules for this contest. While the main reason for contests is to reward existing members, it's of course nice to attract new members. Sure, some will never be seen from again, but if even just one sticks around, then it's worth it!That's why we also have donated T5 comps (when Bosco actually does them )
  19. Love the moulded velour pads on my akg q701
  20. Not infinite baffle but open I have heard IB subs before but not OB. If that wall ever comes to fruit it would be a sight to see. There a quite a few on diyaudio and I am keen to give it a listen. And if it doesn't work it's not hard to scrap it and make an IB or folding horn enclosure if you aren't keen to cut holes in floors etc haha Also this would be great to experience http://www.royaldevice.com/useless.htm
  21. +1 on all counts except for open baffle for me personally. I nice punchy 8" sub like my old Klipsh is perfect for me That being said I don't think I have gotten to hear an open baffle sub, I would be concerned about over extending xmax even with a very beefy spider/suspension and bottoming out the sub. It's part of the fun. I really want to try as I have never heard one before and would be very interesting to experience
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