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    Recharging an r134a refrigerator?

    I used to rescue old refrigerators and ice makers - but no more. Too much work. But, if you are doing it yourself, here is some info. During manufacturing, the unit is vacuumed down to remove air and moisture. Then a charge - usually about 4 oz of a propane/iso-butane mix is forced into the system and the line crimped. No charge valve normally. You would have to cut the low side line and braze a charging port to it. You will need a vacuum pump and gauges. Plus propane and iso-butane adapters for the gauges. All can be found on Amazon. Cheap gauges and vacuum pump - maybe on Craigslist. Souinds like an interesting project. Keep in mind that if you invest in the tools, you can always use them later on your autos.
  2. AkakmanH

    [WTB] DDR3 32GB Memory (4x8GB or 2x16GB)

    Be sure to remember that when using 2 different sets of memory that you need to use the correct slots In general, on most motherboards the arrangement is 2-1-2-1 meaning set 1 and 2
  3. Thanks for the heads up - appreciated. You should know that WD is no longer making the Gold HD and when supplies run out, it is gone. The Gold is being replaced by the HD HGST which is, in effect, the same HD. The HGST is available in Helium high performance configuration at a slightly higher cost. A 14TB drive is about $550-$650. Wonder how many NAS can handle the size?
  4. Holy Moly, Batman. Now, if only we could get CPS's with base clock at 10GHz
  5. AkakmanH

    Star Control: Origins Returns to Steam Store

    Just went to Steam - not yet available. Will check later
  6. I am using the Razer Black Widow Ultimate 2014 - Green Switches and love the tactile feel. Cost a lot but is worth it. Plus I really like the 5 programmable function keys
  7. AkakmanH

    Official OCC 2018 Christmas Contest

    That is so cool - glad I entered. Everyone have a great new year..............
  8. AkakmanH

    Dumb question

  9. AkakmanH

    OCC's 2018 Christmas Contest is Live!

    Whether you win or I win or somebody else wins, a Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year. On a similar note, I want to extend my appreciation to all of the OCC posts and comments. Day after day this past year I have learned something new about what is going on in the OCC community. It keeps this old retired tech guy's mind active. Thanks to all of the contributors.
  10. AkakmanH

    Relegated: the 2009 xmas grand prize system.

    Wow!! That was a great read - thanks. I am willing to believe that many PC users have gone thru similar upgrades. It is just the way of our world.
  11. AkakmanH

    is 2070 RTX worth it?

    Both JayzTwoCents and Gamers Nexus say the 2070 is at a better price point than the 2080. Does it have the 2080 power? No, Can it SLI? No But for those on a budget is a very well priced card and works very well.
  12. Wow!!!!!!!! Nice move MS - appreciate the action - if true.............
  13. Yes, this phenon has been widely reported. In past Win 10 updates I have had my Win 7 games , MS Office and Documents trashed. Part of the problem is also that Defender is always installed even thought I removed it. Defender is notorious for stopping old programs from loading. I have the app to reload Win 7 games and the MS Office installer + the toolkit to reset the key. I am waiting to see how bad it gets. LOL
  14. Programs can run even if it is not in the Startup folder. Especially when you have the program running but minimized and take down Windows without closing the active program. Win 10 will start that program back up when you boot. In the Registry - regedit - Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run These are the programs that Win 10 will start on boot.
  15. Great review Frank. Appreciate your efforts. I will be interested to see Frank's performance test of the folding. Looking forward to it. I do not think you will see much defference. If you believe JayZTwoCents and Gamers Nexis test results then you are not going to get much improvement considering the cost of the 2080. They were, of course, testing gaming and not other platforms like folding or everyday business use. Their conclusion is that there is not enough bang for the buck so users should wait for the prices to come down.
  16. You might want to reconsider the Polk system. Polk speakers, while sounding good, take more power to operate. Just means that in order to get the same sound as, say, a Klipsch, your volume has to be higher. Do a search on Amazon for "klipsch computer speaker system". You will find a THX system for $154.90. The sound quality will be much higher. Free shipping.
  17. AkakmanH

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Rise of the Tomb Raider. There is now a complete walk thru video on YouTube. 10 hours/8 minutes/1 second long - with no commentary. Maybe one of the OCC crew could do the same for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
  18. AkakmanH

    How can I desolder the PS3 controller joysticks?

    Did you use a de-solder suction tool? Like this one - https://www.amazon.com/GBSTORE-Sucking-Vacuum-Desoldering-Remover/dp/B01K72SBWY/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1535291372&sr=8-6&keywords=solder+suction+tool Even a small amount of solder will keep the part in place.
  19. AkakmanH

    Dumb question

    Use Bing and search "mm vs inch" Will give you the ability to key in mm or inch and see the conversion
  20. Going back about 20 years or so, MSI had a long run of bad motherboards.The area I live in has several large electronics, etc, warehouses in which you could buy many brands of computer components. I was building a lots of computers at the time so became friends with many of the staff and techs. My understanding was that about half of all the MSI MBs sold were returned within 90 days as they stopped working. Bad quality control? Inferior components? Who knows.... The thing is that once a brand gets a bad rep, it carries forward a generation until the newbies, who never heard of the brand, take their turn in the fishbowl. Has MSI improved? If you listen to the reviewers, yes. All desktop people have their favorite brand that they stick by whether it is MSI, Asus, Gigabyte (my favorite), Asrock or some other manufacturer. The competition in today's market is so heavy that a MB manufacturer can not afford to put out a truly bad product or they will not last. MSI is less expensive because they do not always have the same features as the "big boys". So, go with your gut. Go with what you can afford and trust the luck of the MB lottery because no matter which brand you choose, there might be a bad apple.
  21. My question is - allowing for water cooling (good setup), what is the life of a stock 8700K vs an overclocked 8700K. I would think the voltage boost would eventually push the VRMs to extinction let alone the CPU.
  22. AkakmanH

    New Update from Bosco

    I just sent $20US. Would like to send more but I am on fixed income. I pray that Bosco and family recover from this soon. Has to be hard. I once had an apartment flood out but not like what I am seeing. Does Bosco have any recourse from the city for pumping waste his way?
  23. I've had a few issues. Could no longer run Front Page. I maintain an old WEB page for a friend so I have to boot with Win7 to use it Win10 destroyed all of the original MS Games. Fortunately I found a program to restore them. Now, occasionally, an update destroys them again which causes me to do a rebuild. A recent Win10 upgrade wiped out all of my Office 2013 Pro software. Had to upgrade to Office 2016 Pro. Win10 also forced me to use the Documents folder to avoid read only problem. Excel spread sheets could not be updated otherwise. Had to install Spybot Anti-Beacon to stop Win10 upgrades from changing my security settings. After every update I recheck all of my system settings to make sure that MS has not changed them I do not trust MS not to turn on "sharing". They are sneaky that way One last comment - do not believe that Win 10 32bit and 64bit are the same They are not. Win10 64bit has a more robust OS and works faster.
  24. AkakmanH

    Intel optane memory

    I read a review on Tom's Hardware about the new, soon to be released) Samsung Pro 970 (M.2). If the article is to be believed, it will be faster than Optane but will be pricey.
  25. I am retired now. But, back in the day, I programmed every Intel processor from the 8086 on (assembler). Seems that every new processor had instructions added. Always a challenge to learn the new features and how using them could save time and increase performance. Of course, I did the same for almost every IBM computer starting with the 360. I like to tell the story of one of my UK trips where a guy I worked with constantly went on about how PC's would replace the mainframe computer. Finally, I took him to a mainframe systems console and showed him the map of 256 threads running simultaneously. Blew his mind. Still for some applications, a PC will work just fine but not as fast. Maybe next year.......