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Hey guys, what's up?


I've got a question about PhysX, more specifically, the function and performance of having a card dedicated to PhysX.


I'm not really sure how the system works, so if someone could explain it to me, I'd be grateful.


I have a GTX 260 on one rig, and a GTX275 on another rig. I have been entertaining the idea of purchasing a 400 series card. And moving the GTX260 as a dedicated PhysX card for my GTX 275 rig. My question is, would there be any noticeable difference in performance for an obsolete card.


Currently playing:



Battlefield 3

Dead Island




Thanks guys!

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You can use a hack to enable PhysX with AMD cards, it just means you'll need to install an executable and select the SLI hack or the normal Windows boot before loading Windows.






This little registry 'mod' works just fine and has since I started using it last year.

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