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  1. I remember you and your crazy constant upgrades Nyt! Looks like some things haven't changed...
  2. Most of the time it's if you want to overclock a particular CPU. The more durable the components, the higher quality it is, and you're more likely to overclock your CPU more efficiently, as well as having the motherboard working for years, and maybe even a decade or two. Sometimes you may want a certain amount of PCIE slots, or it having a M.2 slot. Maybe you want better onboard sound, or onboard wi-fi. I typically don't look for these types of "extras", but most people do.
  3. El_Capitan

    Windows 11

    I have a couple of computers, some are updated to the latest version of Windows 10, and others are still on Windows 7. Most of what held me back were the drivers. I had a lot of software and hardware where Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 didn't work (or it worked like crap). I find Windows 10 to be overall better, and since I do development and database stuff, I can't use some of the latest software on Windows 7, anymore, so I find myself using the Windows 7 computers less and less. I'll most likely upgrade one computer to Windows 11 and see how things are. I feel like Windows 11 is going to be pretty bad, but at least Windows 12 will most likely be good!
  4. Lol, well, I was pretty much away from it all for for 4-5 years (once my wife was pregnant with our 2nd kid), and pretty much outright for 3 and a half years. My last graphics card purchase was a GTX 1080Ti. I come back, and my GTX 1080Ti now sells for $750. This world has gone mad! Btw, it's nice to see a lot of familiar faces! The three computer forums I came back to were: Overclockersclub.com, Overclock.net, and Hardforum.com Overclock.net got revamped, but I don't particularly like the new look. There seems to be less people everywhere. I still see and trust the people who buy/sell/trade in Hardforum, but I haven't done anything like that in ages. I'm still sporting my i7-3930K from a long time ago. I built a few cheap servers using the C602 chipset, but that's about it. Prices are just outrageous. People are buying high-end parts for mining, which is funny, because people are building systems in order to not actually use them. The state of the game industry is also a big contributor. Prices for games are still ridiculous when released, and still loaded with bugs. Games that utilize the latest "cool" stuff like ray-tracing are still uncommon, and if they're in a popular game, they're turned off if people are playing them competitively. And if people are playing competitively, they're going against people who spend insane amounts of money monthly just to play the game with hacks, and there's nothing the developers of games can do about it. I can rant on and on, but anyways, how ya'll doin'?
  5. Used is definitely the way to go to keep the budget low. On the AMD side, HD 7970's have been on the $100 or even lower for a good many years, which would mean you could probably find some R9 290's for $100 if you looked hard enough. Just think of R9 390's as rebadged R9 290's. Probably the slightly slower equivalent of a single GTX 970 on NVIDIA's side (which I don't recommend, personally, even though others would), which in turn is a slightly slower equivalent of the RX 480 on the AMD side. In terms of your HD 6870, the R9 290 is at least 150% better overall than what you have now, and would be more than capable of running Diablo3 and Skyrim on Ultra at 1080P with even HD textures.
  6. I can't wait. Hoping to get back into AMD CPU's. I bought a boatload of AMD stock when it hit below $2, now it's hovering around $11.
  7. You won't be able to use ECC memory unless the motherboard and CPU supports it.
  8. Just saw this: http://hexus.net/tech/news/monitors/89429-asus-unveils-worlds-first-usb-type-c-156-inch-portable-monitor/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  9. Ah, there's a name I remember! How have you been Mythos? I made the mistake of calling you Ivi for about a year and a half So had everyone else.
  10. Yeah, it was probably the case. I look periodically for firmware updates, but maybe a month or more is sometimes too late.
  11. Yeah, on three SSD's that all had Indilinx controllers. Pieces of crud, never using those controllers again. How do you know the memory controller failed versus something else? Since the controllers use RAM to track just about everything, if the RAM was unreliable in any way, you'd end up with total drive failure pretty much instantly. There were a bunch of bad firmwares for those drives though - my original 2009 era drives are still going strong with the last *stable* firmware release from Supertalent and I beat the snot out of them in my daily desktop for years before retiring them to Xbox One duties. 3 different SSD's, same controller, different NAND. I have SSD's that have the same NAND, but different controllers, and they're still going good. So... that's just my little conclusion.
  12. What? Have there been any reports of the memory controllers in SSDs going bad? In general, that would cause a total drive failure, not sporadic (and reproducible) read errors. Yeah, on three SSD's I had that all had Indilinx controllers. Pieces of crud, never using those controllers again.
  13. ^ Yay! Yeah, probably just some bad errors due to Windows updates. I had the same issue on Windows 10. At first I thought it was an SSD gone bad, but when I fixed the Windows errors, the issues went away.
  14. Sorry, working at the moment, so can't give too much help right now. Try this for now: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/139810-sfc-scannow-run-command-prompt-boot.html
  15. I would first repair it for Windows errors, then repair the game cache, and see if that works. The memory controller would be the first thing to go before the NAND flash, and the errors you're seeing only reports read errors. If you let the memory controller do its work, it might re-allocate the blocks that have errors.
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