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  1. No.I like my monitor to be close to my face, since I don't like the Chicklet style keyboards on a laptop, using a full size keyboard would only push the screen ever farther away, by the end, you could be sitting upwards of 3 feet away from a 15.4" screen.
  2. I am just going to put in my two cents, even though it's going to ruffle some feathers. Just today I refit my old Phenom 955 setup into a new case and upgraded it to a 7790. I figured the 7790 would be a good match with the 955, and it seems so. I loaded up BF4 on medium graphics (on Paracel 64 man CQ) and I was getting 60-75 FPS steadily and was extremely playable. Just a note, my 955 is running at 3960MHz 1.5v, but with my Corsair H50 I was only reaching temps of 45C, according to coretemp. As for your other parts, RAM would be a good thing to have and wouldn't cost that much $60-$65 will get you a good 8GB stick, I know my 890 board only supports up to 1600mhz. HDD is bleh, in gaming it would only help lower your load times, which is nice but doesn't effect the gameplay much.
  3. Come play Age of Wushu, it is very complex, but it's a lot of fun, and very skill based. I'm on the Blue Dragon server if you decide to join.
  4. Yes, but look at what GPU-Z says and what Speedfan says.
  5. This is actually really funny, 3 different temp readers, and 3 different temp results. Not even Speedfan and GPU-Z can agree on a GPU temp.
  6. Since I bought my Phenom 955 when it came out years ago, I bought a Asrock 890FX Deluxe3, it was worked reliably and not so much as a hiccup.
  7. How are you getting those temps? I am running on my Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer and this was the best I could do.
  8. Today, my new RAM came, I upgraded slightly to the http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231623 Better timings, and removable heatsink. I still have to enter the speed and timings manually, because my board does NOT have a option to enable XMP profiles, but it's 75% through memtest86 without any errors. Seems that I dodged a bullet with the BIOS, and I was able to reflash without any problems.
  9. I have some OCZ Reaper DDR3 I can use from my old rig, but all I need to do is reflash the bios?
  10. that isn't nearly as much fun is it? Using things for purposes it wasn't designed for is always more fun. Like using peanut butter as thermal paste, not only does it keep your CPU frosty cool, but it also spreads that roasted peanut goodness smell all through the house.
  11. Shit, what should I do? I didn't know they were bad at the time.
  12. The 80mm Tornados move 80CFM, however the 92mm Tornados move 120 CFM, and I happen to have one I am not using, and I would be willing to donate it for this endeavour. The Tornados weigh in at 55 decibels, I can't imagine having more than one in a case, even one is deafening.
  13. Yes, they are updated, the first things I did after booting the new rig was update the BIOS and the Firmware on my ADATA SSD.
  14. I will try, but I paid for RAM that will run at 1866, not 1600. Can you tell me where the settings are to change to XMP profiles, I can't find it anywhere, and that screenshot is simply information, I cannot change any of the settings on that page.
  15. Still getting over 7000 errors during memtest86, I am going to return the defective memory and I am going to get http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231623 It has better timings anyway, is Mushkin a good brand? I have never used them before.
  16. Thanks for the information, but I must be completely retarded, because I can't find where to load the XMP profile. Apart from manually entering the timings I can't find the settings you are talking about.
  17. At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, I am having trouble finding an option you described. The Advanced Tab: I found these setting under the "Memory Insight" tab And then I attempted to enter in the timings manually. I will see if I can boot with these settings, but I am not entirely sure that the errors will stop.
  18. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820226382
  19. I feel your pain bro, I'd like to stream live on Twitch, but I don't have the upload to do so. Also, what do you use to record/edit?
  20. I have never used a UEFI BIOS before and it kinda scared me, because I have no idea what 60% of the settings do. The only way I could find to change the RAM speed was to use the overclocking settings, I set it to the rated 1866Mhz, with 200 FSB, and it would not boot, and I had to clear the CMOS. EDIT: I will take some pictures of the BIOS settings once memtest is finished.
  21. It is watchable, it sometimes gets a little pixelated, but it's as good as anything I've been able to upload due to compression.
  22. I am not sure, I did not mess with any of the settings, I just use the Autoinstaller for USB, and booted memtest from the Flash Drive. Just for reference, I am using a Biostar TA990FXE mobo and a FX-8350 cpu.
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