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    Obviously PCs-when I build new ones, I've built 4 for my kids plus a few more. Other PCs: AMDx4-940 w/4890, AMDx2-260 w/9800GT, AMDx2-7750 w/4830, AMDx2-6000 w/9800GT


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    PC#1: AMD Phenom II 970 @3.6 on MSI 890FXA-GD65, Zalman CNPS-9500 cooler, HIS Radeon 6870 1GB, 8GB of G-Skill RipJaws DDR3-1600 RAM, Antec Quattro 850 PSU, OCZ Agility 3 SSD, WD Caviar Black 750GB, etc.
  1. CoachAub

    i7 3770K vs i7 3820

    Good points TJJ226.
  2. CoachAub

    Phenom2_X4_965 2cores only?

    I second Spike's suggestions above. Clearing CMOS may work. Have you updated drivers and such lately? I would also try a restore point before reinstalling windows. I recently had a bunch of software (not hardware) issues after upgrading my AMD/ATI gpu drivers and CCC software. I had to find everything labelled AMD or ATI and delete them. Amazing how many folders and files are created and that an uninstall leaves such a trail of crumbs.
  3. Probably a driver issue with the headphones.. Anyway, I have a MSI 890fx gd-65 and it does have the dual bios feature. Only flash thru BIOS, not any software, but I'm guessing you know that. I had no issues upgrading my bios. I now have AM3+ capability, same as 990fx.
  4. CoachAub

    2Gb card or 1gb?

    I know the topic strayed, but on the original question, I wanted to mention that the 2GB is better if you plan to run multiple monitors (Eyefinity). So if you may upgrade in that direction, there is another vote for 2gig.
  5. CoachAub

    Furmark Gpu Benchmark Scores [NEW]

    My latest Furmark (1.9.2) score: 2779pts, 46 fps. http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/furmark_192_score.php?id=41492
  6. CoachAub

    Fluidmark Benchmarks

    Since this is a Physix based bench, my AMD gpu probably doesn't fare so well against Nvidia gpus. Here is my score: 1572 pts, 26 fps. My gpu hit 55 C. Score Link: http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fluidmark_140_score.php?id=1740
  7. CoachAub

    PCMARK 7 Scores

    With my new SSD, my scores are much better. Here is my latest: http://3dmark.com/pcm7/284116 which was 4231.
  8. CoachAub

    Benchmarking with my SSD

    I bought a new SSD last week (yeah the OCZ Agility 3 on shellshocker sale). I couldn't pass the deal up. Anyway, I installed my Windows 7 and system drivers, anitivirus software, and steam and my 2 favorite games. All of my other files and lesser programs are on my sturdy WD Caviar black. The manufacturer as well as other sources suggest that I do not benchmark with my SSD. I understand cutting back on the number of writes and re-writes but I have some questions. 1. Does it matter which drive I install the benchmark software on? For example I installed PCMark 07 on the WD hard drive and ran it. My scores basically doubled with the SSD installed running the OS. I'm not going to do this, but would it improve results to put the bench on the SSD? 2. Some sites say just don't overdo it. What would that be? How often could you benchmark your pc without fear of corrupting your data, clogging up the SSD so that TRIM can't keep up? 3. Are there any other issues I should be concerned about using my SSD drive regarding overclocking and benchmarking?
  9. CoachAub

    What WEB Browser do you use and why?

    I really liked Opera for a while, but my anti-virus/spyware software didn't work in conjunction with it. So I switched back to IE and Chrome. IE9 is decent compared to previous versions. Chrome is nice and trim, I use it sometimes, more and more. Firefox has too much ad-on crap. They lost me a long time ago when Netscape became burdened. We use Firefox on our work PCs sometimes--I don't like it.
  10. CoachAub

    Wireless N speeds a myth?

    How does your PC fair with a wired connection? Does it run at full 100 or 1000mbps? If it can process that fast wired, I would think it should wirelessly. Then you'd know it was your wireless card/antenna/or part of that setup.
  11. CoachAub

    Forum Wars 2012 Announced

    I will join. Hopefully I will have some new upgrades by then as well. Right now I'm in the 5 pt. range I guess. Sounds fun.
  12. CoachAub

    Installing on multiple machines

    Can you buy another activation key? But use the same install disc? Will it give you the option from within your 30 day trial to buy it?
  13. I would have been in line for that too Angel.
  14. CoachAub

    NEW 8 Core PHENOMS!?!?

    You're right, but they are supposed to incorporate some fixes (stepping, et.al.) even on the FX chips. The article reveals they are aware of their shortcomings with BD, so a name change doesn't cut it. I do hope it is more than "terd polishing" as mentioned above (LOL). I found the models, such as the x8 3020 which would be the high end model....only operating at 3.0ghz. Very disappointing. I agree with the replies above that state 4 cores are enough and AMD needs to push those cores to a higher productivity level. BD tried to make them more productive. If you think about it, more cores is not all that bad an idea, especially when Intel has 4 cores with 8 threads and up. They are competing with 8 Threads and if they have to develop their own technology, then 8 cores does make sense. However, they really aren't 8 true cores the way Phenoms were true 4 cores. Sharing the integer processors didn't seem to work. AMD never had a problem with Floating Pt. registers, it was integer throughput. They need to reduce the cache latencies on the chips! The Phenom IIs had less memory latency. This is overcome with turbocore to a certain extent, but the turbocore should not be a fix, it should be a boost.
  15. CoachAub


    Is it possible to use an AMD video card and then add an Nvidia card for Physix only? The 990fx mobos allow for either brand cards.