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[WTS] Speedway's FS Thread


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Speedway's FS Thread

My Heatware 9-0-0


People I have sold to:

Water Hazard - ASUS GTX 580

Fixedgeariain - (2) ASUS GTX 460s

nitem4re - Corsair H50

Psywar - (2) 1TB Seagate HDDs

Bubbaxm2 - 300GB Maxtor HDD + RocketFish 550W PSU


People I have bought from:

Queenz - Antec Kuhler H2O 620

ccokeman - Mountain Mods U2-UF0 + Thermochill PA120.3 and MSI Z68A-GD80

Water Hazard - XSPC RX360 radiator


All reasonable offers will be considered! I am willing to ship outside the US, PM for a shipping quote. As long as you are willing to pay the added cost to ship over seas, I don't mind! If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to ask. I will also consider trades + trades w/ cash on either side :thumbsup:





1 Sold, 1 Left

ASUS HD 6970s w/ Koolance VID-AR697 Rev 1.1 water block, installed with back plate and ready to go! NO NOZZELS. - $275 Shipped

Factory heatsink, ASUS housing, and original boxes can all be included (missing both fans, used them on 2 other 6970s) if you pay the shipping difference. Also, there is a tiny bit of damage to the CF connector (pictured), but this makes no difference on functionality for CF. Attach the CrossFire bridge and it works just fine! I will happily assist anyone who purchases these cards with any help for the RMA process, if ever needed!




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Good prices on the 460's but they ARE used.. :(


Do you not like knowing out of the box that your 460's OC like beasts :evilgrin: With new cards its like a lottery ;)


So you're getting the GTX 580 and then selling it right away? I thought you'd hold on to it a bit longer before snatching the 6990.


Prob only going to play with it over this weekend, then ebay if no1 grabs it here! They are "Out of Stock" at the egg right now, so it may even bring in a premium ;)


he has the dual 6970s though...


:evilgrin: And with the deal I got on them ($280 each) even adding 2 water blocks is cheaper than the 6990 + 1 water block :biggrin:

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Those are some impressive scores, but they're still used. :lol:


I gotta see if the wife will agree to me spending 300 bucks of our hard earned money on used parts. :rolleyes:


I wonder if I can get 100 bucks for my GTS 450. :O

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