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    Intel Core2Quad Q6600- OC'd to 3.0GHZ
    8GB DDR2
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    2x 9600GT in SLI
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  1. Fixedgeariain

    (FS) 2x Asus 460GTX TOP 1GB

    Dang, didn't know. Like I said, I've been out of touch and I was just going by what I knew they sold for originally. Changing accordingly.
  2. Fixedgeariain

    Galaxy S3 Blue + extras for iPhone 5 (AT&T)

    $200 takes the unlocked 16gb iPhone 4 shipped!
  3. Fixedgeariain

    Galaxy S3 Blue + extras for iPhone 5 (AT&T)

    Just found a buyer for the GS3. All I have left is the unlocked iPhone 4 for $250.
  4. Fixedgeariain

    Galaxy S3 Blue + extras for iPhone 5 (AT&T)

    A Galaxy S2 or a Traktor S2?
  5. Fixedgeariain

    Galaxy S3 Blue + extras for iPhone 5 (AT&T)

    I really am just trying to get an iPhone 5. What's your budget like? I guess just make me an offer. *shrug*
  6. Fixedgeariain

    Galaxy S3 Blue + extras for iPhone 5 (AT&T)

    What sort of offer are we talking?
  7. Fixedgeariain

    Wanting to do 3 monitor gaming.

    I got the 3rd monitor and I can run BFBC2 amazingly well, other games I run on just the middle monitor with information on the right monitor and my chat programs (Mumbler/vent/Teamspeak) on the far left. I love this setup and am currently looking for monitor mounts. I'd like to have all three mounted but can't seem to find any good reviews/prices/whatnot. So far games with no graphical lag, no settings changes needed: Team Fortress 2 Counter-Strike Source Portal 1 & 2 BFBC2 Guild Wars Games that I need to adjust settings down. (I run this in single monitor with other things going on my flanking screens) Aion A certain game's beta. BF3 Batman Arkham Asylum Getting 65FPS in BFBC2 at default settings at 5760 X 1080.
  8. Fixedgeariain

    Wanting to do 3 monitor gaming.

    Well, I already run BF3 at amazing (to my eyes) settings on a single screen so I don't forsee games like that being an issue. The new monitor will be obtained Thursday after work (On sale at local Compusa). I'm mainly going to be doing A LOT of multi-tasking (Ableton Live/FL Studio/Acid Pro/Serato SL) However, games like Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Guild Wars 2 are my top priority in gaming. Guild Wars 2 runs amazingly well (Full detail/settings) on a single 9600GT, Core2Quad, 4GB DDR2 without issue so I am guessing I should be able to do 3 screen span on my dualies. Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Fixedgeariain

    WTS: Pair of Unlocked 2GB Sapphire 6950s

    If I could get someone to buy my dual 460's for a decent price I'd jump on this deal in a heartbeat. Ugh, hate being broke.
  10. Okay, so....I want to finally branch into Surround/Eyefinity style gaming across 3 24 inch screens. total resolution will be 5760 x 1080. I am currently running two 460GTX 1GB's in SLI and am wondering if this will be enough for let's say TF2, Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, Aion, and BFBC2? I know that unless I upgrade I wont get stellar performance in newer games that have amazing graphics. If I had a budget of about $350 give or take...what should I upgrade to? Kind of lost trying to be frugal and run this sort of display setup...
  11. Fixedgeariain

    [SOLD] Sapphire HD 6970 2GB FleX Edition

    This would easily replace my two 460's...argh, so pricey!
  12. Fixedgeariain

    460GTX SLI Surround.

    When I plug the 3rd monitor in, it will not recognize or span properly. It usually sets the other two monitors at a crazy res. Adjusting that causes Nvidia control panel to crash. If I could just fit my 9600GT into my system.. (My 2 460's overhang the other pci-e slots too much..
  13. Fixedgeariain

    460GTX SLI Surround.

    If I take my 460's out of SLI, I can easily get 3 monitors (2 of same size/res, 1 of smaller size/res) working. With SLI enabled, I can see the third monitor, yet cannot enable it. My question is this, if I have 3x of the same exact monitor, can I use surround on dual 460GTX's? My gpus are too big currently (topCU's) to add a 3rd "monitor 3" card to my rig. Thanks!