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To those that donated to DIY-Street (DFI-Street)


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First thing I want to do is thank everyone. If you didn't get an email of canned goodness from me thanking you, here it is again:




We'd like to thank you for your generous donation! Every dollar counts ;).


Just thought I'd drop a note to you to let you know what that donation is actually going to be used for heh.


For the moment, it will just sit in the account. For the first month or three, it will probably be used to pay server hosts that the google ad banner doesn't cover, and then it will probably be split between getting the guys the items we need to make the new site run (like review items since we won't be relying on mfg's to supply us with anything as that's usually a conflict of interest if the product is a pile of junk), and honestly, probably to help me live until the site starts to generate a little income (as you can imagine, I'm quite jobless!). '


I imagine that might sound...ugly, but if you know anything about me from DFI-Street, you know I can't just sit around and pray that users will donate and I can live on easy street. As I said, the donation button is only there until ad revenue or some other form of revenue starts to be generated.


I have to be honest though as I don't want people to donate and then be upset that I might have had to use some or all of that money to actually pay my rent while trying to survive (instead of going out and looking for a real job that pays real money lol). Hopefully everyone realizes I'm a hard worker and have done everything in my power to make DFI-Street a success without any help from DFI (other than a salary), and will do the same (hopefully better!) with our new venture.


But again, I wanted to personally thank you for your donation. It means a lot to me, and it also means a lot to all 27,500+ DFI-Street members who are extremely giddy that the forum and all of that information is coming back online with a fresh new face!


Travis H.




Ok, now that this place is up and running, I would like to ask everyone that has donated to do me a favor, and a big favor at that.


Please email me at the email address in my signature, with your forum username and the email address you used to donate via paypal.


ie: you MUST send me an email at my email address, which is in my sig, and you MUST include the correct username that you donated to the site at paypal with, and you MUST include your forum username.



Please follow these directions. I will dismiss any emails received that do not follow these directions..



I am in the process of creating a special section just for users who have donated. It will be a semi-private place (ie only people who have donated can see it). We (DIY-Street) will be doing special things for these donators like giving away certain prizes to only those who donated, giving them access to custom avatars....whatever else we can think of.


I don't know how to thank everyone enough for helping us to keep this place alive (and food in my belly long enough to open it back up and then on top of that hopefully long enough that the place generates some income so I can stop begging for donations!).



The Paypal donation button is still active at the bottom of every page (in the footer). I will be leaving it up for probably another 30-60 days as we are estimating that it will take right around 90 days for this site to be self-sustaining.


Like always, strong communities are born or forged from strong community members who recognize something unique and worthwhile when they come across it. We can only hope to keep giving back to you all so that this community can grow larger and stronger as time goes on.



If you can't donate, don't worry. We still love you. You can still support us in other ways:


  • [*]using the newegg banners everytime you want to order from newegg

[*]use the SVC links in our sigs everytime you want to order from SVC

[*]just showing up at the site and being a good member (traffic helps companies consider advertising with us)



Thanks as always!

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I didn't donate squat. I'm more unemployed than you A_G.

I don't claim to be some nerdy super overclocker, so I don't know where you got that idea. I didn't post the right or wrong address. I just merely pointed your e-mail is in your sig if someone wants to contact you. I didn't know about the posting addresses thing. Probably would have never done so anyway. PM. So now I've learnt something. That's why I came here. To learn. Although it wasn't a very nice lesson. But one that I'll remember. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go cry in the bathroom for 20 and then power drink a 40 of whisky.:sweat: :tooth: :)

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