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  1. Oh yeah. The 722 DVR records up to 350 hours and can pause for up to two hours instead of the previous one.
  2. Yep, set-top converters are just the thing the government should be spending taxpayer money on.... instead of universal health care, ensuring people actually get their pensions, or reigning in spiraling property taxes and runaway mortgages. All they're worried about is keeping your beer cheap and 643 channels of crap to distract you from what you should really be concerned about. Requiring everyone to broadcast in only HD signals was just a way to keep the economy going by requiring you to purchase something new. That said, you will be able to keep your regular SD TV if you have Dish Network or DirecTV without making any changes (I install them both), so you need not buy into the fire-sale mentality they are selling with those little stickers and warnings. My wife's dad just went out and spent $4000 on a 52" Sony XBR LCD because he was convinced his current 60" Toshiba projection TV was not going to display a picture. Just my last rant of 2007.... Peace!
  3. I haven't been bumped around here either for about 3 months, so cut me a little slack:eek:
  4. John, Two main choices here. 1. Call DTV and threaten to cancel unless they send you a new HR21 and KAKU Slimline Dish. Usually will run you $99 and two-year contract. If they don't do at least that, cancel. 2. Call Dish Network and tell them you want a 722, 625, and a 1000.2 Dish. The 722 (HDDVR) will be free, the 625 will cost you $99. This will give you 4 tuners to record, and you will still be able to watch 4 recorded things at the same time. Now THAT'S multitasking!! If you don't need tuners for 4 TVs, just get the 722. You'll get 6 months of HD free, 3 months free of Cinemax, Showtime, HBO, and Starz. $49.99 for installation that will be refunded if you sign the 18 month agreement. I currently install both brands, and I have DishNetwork at home if that tells you anything. Just my $.02, since you don't run into HDCP or any other crap like that. And, the DishNetwork bill can probably squeak by under $70/mo even with the HD package. Any questions just PM me.
  5. As listed. I will add the exact model # later tonight along with a pic. I removed this from my laptop because I bought a 2.0GHz 755. This is the good one with 2MB L2 cache, 400MHz bus, is commonly equaled to a 2.8-3.0GHz P4. Obviously being a Centrino this thing has great battery life. Thanks!
  6. I'll check it out next week, right now everything is cool cause I'm on the laptop I got from acphydro!
  7. Will do. I'm in the middle of moving, so my rig is in storage for the moment. It's weird to me that only 1 half of the cable would fail, and that it would turn the entire system off while trying to access the drive. I stocked up on some cool flat, black IDE cables from EndPCNoise a while back, I will toss one of those in and try again. Thx.
  8. Actually, and I am by no means saying with 100% surety my congressman is clean, but Mr. Visclosky (IN-1) actually has done a lot of things around here to keep all the steel mills from closing and sending every decent paying job in the area to China. He actually introduced a bill that in short said that any company that had a negative domestic-to-overseas turnover would not be eligible for a single penny of ANY benefits from the government. Meaning, even if they laid off workers, if they did not lay off at least the same amount overseas, THEY would get bent over, not us. Needless to say it didn't make it very far. To me, it is one of his strengths that he seems not to play politics like the "big guns". However, I will say I looked at a list of his campaign contributors, and I have no clue why some jerkoff from Golden, CO has any business donating $5000 to my congressman. Hmm.
  9. 80 wire. No other cable yet. Both WD drives, previously worked with no problems whatsoever when hooked to my Expert board. Yes, master on end, slave in middle. No IDE SW, I read it causes problems. PC is memtest stable, haven't bothered with Prime because I haven't felt like it. Now the drive will kick the computer off any time I try to transfer info from the drive- I tried to copy some files to c: because when I try to burn info from D: onto a DVD, it kicks it off also. I'm stumped.
  10. I'm not saying if someone's computer is compromised that they should be the ones penalized, just the opposite. I think the spammers who created the bots to send the spam should be sued for the spam AND criminal charges should be pressed for compromising someone else's computer. It should just be like grand theft auto- if malware has taken over your computer, you no longer have complete control over your property, and cannot use it when and how you see fit. Seems pretty simple to me. You can't honestly expect us to believe they can't track everything that rolls through the 'Net, including malware and bots. And since the 'Net is worldwide, there needs to be a global law, like Interpol or something. Because I believe we really don't need more laws and more government and more cronyism, we need to enforce laws currently on the books, and only make new laws when there is an obvious gap or lapse that the old laws miss. I believe spammers and malware/grayware/spyware writers should die from about three thousand inch long cuts made with a scalpel covering their entire body. Nothing too extreme
  11. http://www.tgdaily.com/2007/03/07/spam_fine/ Obviously we here in the land of the "Free" (free what? milk and cookies??) will never see this headline in our daily zombie paper. This is something that should be worldwide, ISPs should take a stand against spammers for eating up all that bandwidth unnecessarily. I think I read somewhere that now 98% or some outrageous number like that of emails are now spam... what will it take? Spam crashing the rich mens' trading markets before something gets done? Spam is a pest- and you don't just let pests fester, you exterminate them. You wouldn't let your 10 year old daughter play Barbie with a lifetime hooker, would you? How the absolute greed of money corrupts... and to think the damn British are more consumer-oriented than we are. How long before the world throws a Boston Tea Party on our asses?
  12. Any updates? I'm back in the market and looking for the best deal. I need 2 domain names, I already own one of them, and probably on the low end of storage and transfer. It seems most hosts offer something like 200GB storage and 2,000GB of transfer, which should handily cover it. Thanks!
  13. As the title states, I've got quite a doozy I doubt few have ever experienced, but I'm hoping some of the brain trust has. I just recently put two drives on the IDE1 cable, and now when I scan for malware/viruses (how I first found the problem), when it gets to the D: drive, it will just spontaneously shut the computer off. It strangely seems akin to the SMBUS scanning problem with the Expert, but it's not that board or those programs. It also happens when I try to run a program that alters files (FixVTS), but yet nothing happens when it is just writing to the disk. I thought it might be pagefile related, since it was on the D: drive, so I removed it but I still have the problem. Please help!! Thanks!
  14. Has to be a 64-bit OS, nothing 32-bit will handle more than 4GB.
  15. Search on it, thespin. I learned this in my computer systems architecture class, which is basically the classroom side of A+ certification. The 4GB limit is an address bus limitation, totally separate from what you are talking about. There is an address bus and a data bus, both of which are connected to every component on the board, including those in slots and sockets. Keeping the kernel in RAM is also something totally different, and I am not 100% sure there, but I think it is 2GB(of the remainder of 4GB) is reserved for the kernel and the rest is left for programs. That part of the class I kinda dozed off, but what I am talking about is there are 4GB of addresses due to the 32-bit address bus. 4,294,967,296 bytes is all the address bus can handle. If it wasn't for the address bus, the CPU would have no way of "knowing" where other devices were, and then using the data bus to transfer bits back and forth. If there was only one system bus, a motherboard would basically operate like a ring topology network- one device would send out a request, wait for the receiving device to reply, then send information and wait for a response. This would be incredibly slow, making even a 4GHz Core2Duo seem like your Atari 2600. With the address bus, each and every device, including every byte of RAM on every device must have an address. If you don't believe me, open up your Hardware Manager and click on Resources- it will display the range of memory addresses in Hexadecimal that that component is assigned. This cannot exceed 4GB of memory addresses, and components/devices are given priority over installed system RAM. Why? Because it would likely cripple the usability of a socketed or slotted component (think Ethernet chip, video card, SATA controller) to not fully address it, whereas the processor should be able to work as long as some memory is installed in the system slots. This shows up when you install more system RAM than available memory addresses, which is so commonly seen resulting in around 3.6GB of available RAM. Another way to verify this is when you have all 4GB of RAM installed and everything is working properly, take out your sound card, any other PCI cards, etc, and use say a 4 or 8MB video card, and "magically" (not really, it's simple math) your available RAM will increase from what it was, but still not be truly 4GB. Hope this explains better/why.
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