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  1. Thought I'd revive the thread with a snowy pic of my beat up 4x4 Anybody else got some winter pics they wanna share?
  2. LMAO Here for my Southern Friends, an American link. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115017
  3. I just ordered myself a Q6600 from NCIX.com for $289. CDN. They ship on Monday! http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...el&promoid=1042
  4. Wow. Turbo Neon ftw! Mod list? You've done some serious work to get those numbers.. I have seen fast neons (2-300whp range) but your numbers are really serious! Nice job!
  5. Thanks for the positive replies everyone! UD218, I'm sure the RX7 project will be just as rewarding as the Nissan one. Did you ever get a Dyno sheet for that little drifter? Wow, I'm looking forward to your thread! Lots of Pics please!! I read a Mk.II resto project this morning on Vortex, you might enjoy it: Second Chance GTI Of course I expect parts will be easier for you than they were for him, as you said you're in the Land of Golfs! I'd love some euro parts, and I know others that would too but international shipping makes it a little difficult (read: painfully expensive), however if I have trouble finding anything here I will keep the offer in mind! A friend of mine got his Mk.II Project car for $100! It's in the early stages right now, so there is little else to report for his though.. I am starting to form quite an addiction to these fun little German cars. I did a good job piecing together my suspension bits, and now I am mating a 2.5" downpipe with a magnaflow exhaust. Expecting mild power gains and a much improved exhaust note. Once I have that taken care of, it's time for some gauges, and a MBC. Here's another pic, you can see Kuma's noseprints on the rear window..
  6. Nice scores UD218. What are you doing with your Nissan now, did you sell it?
  7. Some very sick rides here, nice detailing job Orion! That CX7 is very nice Sorrento, but i think you need a proper manual tranny to use the Turbo accordingly Here is a pic from today of my beater. Got some new rims and rubber! :nod:
  8. Turbo, FMIC, "Chip", improved induction system and exhaust, etc etc etc - the list of additions for a Big turbo project is indeed staggering. I am a patient guy, by doing the body work and suspension first it allows me to consider the entire package before I buy any "bolt ons" or anything that would be considered a tuning upgrade. I don't know if I can resist a 'temporary' ecu remapping before I can afford the whole turbo upgrade though! Today we put some miles on her, warm weather testing so to speak. This car is quick stock, easily hitting 180km/h (110mph) at aboout 5700rpm in (edit: 4th) (on private property!!). Not alot left before the rev limiter at that point but I'll never need more than that on a public road anyways...
  9. I too, have the fever. My suspension needs some attention, and a little body work is in store for me this spring. Once I am content with the rest of the car, engine mod time! I am hoping the budget has room for a big turbo setup in it...
  10. I regularly use old/dead ram sticks for keychains. Most of my friends sport them now! :nod:
  11. The extra money will be be better spent on other components, I own a P5B Deluxe (among other asus conroe boards) and it's not worth the extra over the gigabyte board unless there's a specific feature that you require.
  12. :D:D Thanks for noticing UncleDavid! AFAIK it's all stock right now.. but there will be a new thread when I get to work on it. For now I am just getting used to the tranny - manual ftw! For the first car I buy, I am really happy with it. I can't wait for spring, I can get the tools out and start modding!
  13. Picked up my car lastnight, I think I am in love! This thing is fast Had some fun tooling around today, I can't wait until spring and the roads are clear again!!
  14. I have an old Iiyama vision master 450, these are fantastic Die Hard monitors. Great for testing out higher resolution benchmarks/gaming that LCD's cannot reach. Good deal for someone that needs a screen!
  15. This one would IMO be a better choice: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817256008
  16. tasr, I know you're into SchH, but I really like the avatar you have now. It's much more friendly than the GSD in that one!
  17. Do not get that mushkin PSU. I repeat - DO NOT GET IT. It is insufficient for that rig, might hold up for a while but ultimately will fail. I know this, I made the same mistake - with similar specs. Spend $10 - 20 more on your PSU, look at silverstone Element as an alternative, or the new Antec EarthWatts.
  18. I made a down payment on a new beater today, I'm so stoked! I know it doesn't look like much, but this MKIV Golf 1.8T has potential in my eyes...
  19. Praz: The E6600 Has a 9X Multi, not a 10. The E4300 also has a 9X multiplier. Sneezer: The graphics board you selected originally wouldn't be a great choice, as the stock isn't readily available (ONWH = Ontario Warehouse). However the 8800GTS that has been suggested is a great alternative, depending on the resolution you want to run you might consider the new 320MB version: http://www.directcanada.com/products/?sku=...anufacture=EVGA
  20. My Zippy GSM-6600P 600W came in, as did my Silverstone ST50EF Plus Element. I'll get some DMM readings for you guys soon, both units come highly recommended by Jonny Guru, etc. The Zippy gets extra cool points because the label is in Japanese (I think???)
  21. If you cannot find a Tuniq Tower or CM Gemini, the Noctua NH-U12F or Scythe Infinity are the two next best choices. The Noctua has a solid mount if you're worried about mounting pressure, but the Infinity may require some modding to get it on there tight.
  22. It'll be cool to see how yours turns out UD, check out ediejo's Carbon Li worklog at xs, if you haven't already: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ighlight=carbon
  23. The OCZ you had was fine, but you're like me, selling off perfectly good hardware to abuse new stuff. Before you buy, have a look at the Zippy Gaming power supplies. Expensive, but the 600W is enough for your rig. I am ordering one for one of my rigs.. http://jonnyguru.com/review_details.php?id=14&page_num=1
  24. I am upgrading my HTPC this week Rig 3. P5B Deluxe/E6600 2GB Team XTreem/BFG 7300GT OC(temp.) WD 250GB, WD400GB, WD500GB Silverstone Element 500W All hooked up to a rinky Sony TV and an old sony receiver. Sa-weet!
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