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leavving dfi street


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some might think this is a stupid post. but whatevs.


i'm leaving pc's for a while. i loved tinkering around, getting new toys, but i think i need to concentrate on other things now. i've been on dfi street for a few years. i probably haven't been that memorable (except maybe that one post i made about running an amd without a heatsink and it working after). i tried to help out, but i'm sure i've been a nuisance sometimes. i just wanted to say that i love this forum and i enjoyed being a part of this little community. i'll pop in once in a while to see what's new with dfi. right now it's just me and my thinkpad. when i'm ready for a desktop again i'll be sure to come here and badger everyone about the latest and greatest of dfi. for now, i retire my dfi badge.


can i donate a couple bucks to this forum? someone send me a PM about this.

how much will it cost to remove the 800x600 image rule? just kidding.



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