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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

    http://www.halflife2.net/forums/showthread.php?t=122187 out of all the endings, i prefer #6. 1~5 are all bad ,unfortunately. played just fine on my rig too. Some parts are a little bit laggy, but its all good i played on high 1024x768-simple shadow ,i guess i disable the rest. you all should get the Faiakes Mod v1.6. http://files.filefront.com/SEARCH/;7352614;/fileinfo.html =============================== - Buy almost EVERYTHING from any trader. - Have rifles fit the handgun slot! - Have non-degrading Armour and Weapons. - Have reliable (non-misfiring) weapons. - Have side-quests without a time limit. - Be able to carry more (300kg instead of 50kg). - More gruesome blood effects. - Add scopes, silencers and grenade launchers to more weapons. - Better English text dialogues and descriptions. - Better looking skins for weapons. - Drive yourself around in vehicles - Have text on the map to know where everything is. - More info and accurate weapon stats.
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    Excessive Temperatures

    even though its just a glitch , save up and get a better cooler !
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    License plate ideas!

  5. calvintang

    Got Wii?

    wii = helloooo ladies!
  6. calvintang

    Best Video Card for 300 Watt Psu

    i dont think it can get anybetter than the x1600, unless he can upgrade that psu.
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    How do you like to see a CPU sold?

    if the price is right! Yes, i would take a chance.. don't have much to lose anyway,right?
  8. calvintang

    David's Summer Project

    reminds me of red alert 2's : Tesla coils...maybe you should make one of that too !
  9. calvintang

    First timer needs help setting up raid-0

    your raiding those 3 drives right?
  10. calvintang

    My new keychains.

    how do you prevent bent pins in the celeron?
  11. Well, you really should read the overclocking stickie, at the top of the overclocking section. recap, if you want to overclock the cpu, loose the timings, lower the multiplier and up the mhz.
  12. lol, i just remember the ice palace from James Bond, Die another day,although i m not a 'cold' person, too bad global warming has increased , NOT!
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    'ello mate

    yes it looks better, but you need to resize it, rules allow 650x200 max,yours is 550x225 5. - Signature Images: Signatures may contain images no larger 50kb in size, and be 650x200 pixels.
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    What are your rainbow six vegas framerates?

    maybe they will come out with a patch?
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    'ello mate

    hi, you can just colour the words on ya sig, it will be fine .