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  1. some might think this is a stupid post. but whatevs. i'm leaving pc's for a while. i loved tinkering around, getting new toys, but i think i need to concentrate on other things now. i've been on dfi street for a few years. i probably haven't been that memorable (except maybe that one post i made about running an amd without a heatsink and it working after). i tried to help out, but i'm sure i've been a nuisance sometimes. i just wanted to say that i love this forum and i enjoyed being a part of this little community. i'll pop in once in a while to see what's new with dfi. right now it's just me and my thinkpad. when i'm ready for a desktop again i'll be sure to come here and badger everyone about the latest and greatest of dfi. for now, i retire my dfi badge. can i donate a couple bucks to this forum? someone send me a PM about this. how much will it cost to remove the 800x600 image rule? just kidding. bye
  2. anyone have one of these. a cheap one will do.
  3. i have the awesome account where it charges you $0.20 + 2.9% on every deposit. once you transfer more than $1000 or so you have to get the premium account or something like that.
  4. yeah so i think i'm going to sell these.....it's a sad day. i've decided to get a guitar. ebay: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...ame=STRK:ME:UFS i would really prefer money orders instead of paypal to avoid a fee. i'll take discounts for multiple items. PM me with responses. prices include shipping dfi ut nf4 sli-dr mobo - $97 amd x2 4600+ - $235 xp-90 with panaflo fan - $33 74gb raptor - SOLD two video cards: evga 7900gt co with box - SOLD evga gt co card only - SOLD antex p180 silver - $120 g.skill hz 2gb (2x1gb) pc4000 - SOLD enermax noisetaker 600w - SOLD
  5. you know that is against the rules here...
  6. you can't go wrong with a classic. lian li pc65.
  7. i think i've decided to keep it. yay. if i sell it i'd probably just buy another one. i have a laptop already. thinkpad x40, the best laptop i've ever had. i've owned 4 or so of these.
  8. on my walk home i was thinking about why i spend so much money on a computer. i rarely play games. so why do i need all this? i'm seriously thinking about selling it all.
  9. what? since when was middle master and the last one master? i thought it was the other way around.
  10. uh, what's going on here? latest drivers, latest patch.
  11. they both work by themselves. what's weird is that when i put one in master and one in slave my computer won't start up.
  12. i felt this required a new post. so i have a dvi cable connected to the bottom left port because when i turn on SLI it's the only output that displays anything. during startup i don't see anything until the login screen. i'm using a dell 2005fpw. is this normal?
  13. it's not detected in bios or in windows. can someone tell me what's up?
  14. ok so i got it to work in SLI. is it normal to not be able to see the post, boot, etc? i'm using the bottom left dvi port. this is the only port that gives me video in windows.
  15. i'm using the 7/6/05 bios. g.skill hz pc4000. one dimm in the orange slot works. both in the orange doesn't work. anyone have a clue?
  16. i have the manual. all it says is to move the jumpers and add the bridge.
  17. enermax noisetaker 600W. what about stuff in the bios. what do i do there? i see something like "sli broadcast" and also the options in the overclock bios page, 16x, 8x, stuff like that?
  18. i took everything apart and put it back together and it works now...........how lame how do i enable sli. do i have to install the driver first?
  19. my computer doesn't start up. i just get a black screen.
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