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I realy need some help here!!!

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please help i just bought a new computer.....a strong one(except the processor)and i need some help with the latency of my memory and i wanna get the best of my computer......

here is the configuration:D


Procesor : amd athlon 64 3200+ core venice

Cooler : Asetek vapochill micro for 939

Motherboard : Dfi LP UT SLI-DR Expert

Memory : 2x512 corsair platinum edition xlpt

Hdd : wd sata 2 200 gb

Video : Gainward bliss 7900 gt (450/ 1420)

Power suply : chieftec 400w


i realy need some help in making this toy a real powerfull computer.....please help

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Start by getting a new Power Supply, the Sli-DR Expert motherboard requires a PSU of atleast 480W...


Then again if you have no issues with it and it works I guess it works but thats the first thing I would look into...


Also Welcome to the forums...your corsair should be listed in the Overclocking Databases do a search and see what you can find...


Read this...


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To DFI-Street


Did you try a CMOS clear like this; Proper way to clear the CMOS from a "No Boot" condition?


Then load Optimized Defaults and if need your RAM timings.


Check these links for your memory timings; Stock Speed Database(SSDB) and Overclocking Database (OCDB).



Your PSU is going to if not now give you the most problems. Watsonte post a link get one from there for your Expert motherboard.


The Expert motherboard is very picky about power and the types of PSU’s it uses. Power requirement for DFI motherboards are very high and a good quality PSU with make the world of difference in stability and overclocking.


PSU can disrupt so many things in ones rig. The stability can go at 1st, which then gets worse and worse as time goes on. Then major power issues with the motherboard and it will seem stability related. Components can also fail or seem to cause stability issues. Basically the PSU is slowly dying and may take your motherboard and or components

with it.


Make sure all of the the power connectors plugged into the motherboard.

24-pin main power connector

8-pin 12v secondary connector or EPS

4-pin 5v/12v floppy connection or FDD-type


Most important you should read this prior to OC’ing; The Definitive DFI AMD Overclocking Guide. Then re-read it, and you will be surprised how much more info you’ll pick up.



Take your time, be patient and asking questions. Keep reading the posts and have fun. Keep posting back we will help you get through this.




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Welcome To The Forums :)


Great advise given above, thats for sure.


Another thing that would help people help you, would be to create a signature (you already agreed to do it by accepting the forum rules) listing your current hardware, just like you did in your 1st post. Just copy/paste that into the spot in the UserCP and your good to go. It really helps people get an understanding so they dont have to ask you about a specific piece of hardware you have.


All the general bases have been covered. All i can stress is read, read, and read again.

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sadelly in romania that kind of power suply r to expensive for me about 400 euro

my psu is chieftec 400 w real sly ready and other things.....10x for the help today i will start to read......and i hope u can help me:D 10x again

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Only thing i can add to this is the 20 to 24 pin connector your using ant GO GOOD ether .so make sure if you do get a new PSU that it has the right 24 pin connector on it

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