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  1. If you are into benching then you don't need to ask :angel: It's not about the fact that they work just fine. It's all about the numbers I've slipped into the dark side of benching and it's all that matters these days. I won't post unless I'm a happy camper with the results. Once you get a taste of some serious numbers anything less just isn't good enough. The old "E-Penis" thing but I gotta tell ya...when you aren't gaming and actually using your PC the benching aspect is really quite fun...regardless of what people may say. E-Penis away I say and damn the torpedos :beer
  2. Bumpage.............................
  3. Come on guys This abit mobo goes for 330 on the egg and I'm only asking 220.00 for a slightly used board...PW, PDL, PS, Power everything. tilt, cruise, tinted windows, custom wheels, stereo, soft top, hard top, 600 HP, 50mpg :shake: Bumpity bump bump bump
  4. Bumpage for new items...will post pics this evening.
  5. I'd just like to see them release the damned thing so there will be some competition to the 88's and some price drops
  6. I'm diggin it perty good...tinkering with 4ghz...tinkering with 1200+ on the memory...none of it orthos stable but having a blast none the less Seeing if I can't get a 3.8 with the memory around 1200 right now for the DB. She's puttin up a little bit of a fight but I'm learnin' (or at least think I am) what makes her tick...
  7. Just lookin out...like I said earlier, thumbies are the easy no brainer way to just get it done and not bother with image size... A lot of people flip out when they get their entries deleted or are told to fix them for not following the rules, so hats off to ya for being a good sport
  8. I gave up trying to resize even before I posted my first entry :tooth: I just use thumbnails and make people go that extra click if they really wanna see my screenies
  9. Take a look at chumps last entry and make it nice and perty like his Remember, max image size is 800 x 600...
  10. Hate to burst you OCDB bubble but you need to have Orthos, 2 cpuz and 3DM01 all in the same screenshot...
  11. They make a quad SLI...dunno why they haven't made a dual based around the 88's :confused:
  12. Freezone and Eliminator mounted in modified Stacker 810 case... Instead of hijacking this thread I'll make another in the case mod section to show how it was done and what is needed... And yessiree!!! She cools the chipset most Fantasmagorically. Been fooling around at 4ghz (not orthos stable) having a good ol time
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