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Amd System Has To Go


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K, here is what has been my baby for some time now, of course i haven upgraded her quite a bit, but yah anyways heres the specs:


Athlon XP 2000+ /w Volcano 7+

768 DDR 2700

Gigabyte GA-7VTXH+ /lan/sb128 audio/kt266

Visiontek gf3 ti-200

ATI Tv wonder

MAxtor 40gb 7200rpm

Lite-On DVD /w receipt and Warrenty SIE

Asus Cd-rom 42x

Linksys 100/10 card

NEC Multisync 97F 19" monitor /w receipt and warrenty.

Modded with window, ducts, fans, blowhole. A pos no name case

4.1 Altec lansing Speakers

Logitech webcam


Microsoft keyboard

Crazy pepsi mouse with water in it!! :)

350watt psu

Wingman attack 2 joystick




K i think thats it, my whole setup. Everything.

YOu can buy it all together if you want, but im at least selling the monitor and comp together.


like $950 New for everything. Give me an offer. Also included is WinXP pro, tweaked to crap, games such as bf1942,mohaa,splinter cell. Hundreds of hours put into dling music and movies, ill just "forget" that i dled them hehe. I dunno. Any takers?


FYI. The monitor is mint, very clear, no dead pixels or nothing. Comp has been oced once but i put it back to norm since i am too lazy to worry about it.




I need to get outta debt. :withstupid:

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Sorry guys, i didnt post or PM cause i had no computer!! so ya i sold it to some little kid for $1300 canadian 9like 1000 or 950 american. Hehe soooooooo ripped off but now i got fat cash to spend on the lady so its alllllllll good. Thanks for the offers!

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Im thinking girls are more fun then computers, i know i shouldnt say that in a place like this, but now i got me a p3 866 @ 1.3ghz with 256 Pc133, it runs max payne 2, and my music and dvds work fine so im happy! :)

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