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  1. We ALL don't know anything. YOU may believe that it would be relatively easy to abuse the patriot act, MANY people do not. Have you ever cared to read the patriot act, or do you just go on websites that knit pick pieces of the act? Again, you haven't heard about it being abused because IT HAS NEVER BEEN ABUSED!!!! Why do you ASSUME that it has been abused without providing ANY evidence of such abuses? Do you not care to look at the links I provided. Do you not believe the ACLU or Diane Feinstein for that matter??? I guess I will have to quote it again! http://realpolitik.us/archives/001448.php Is this keyboard working?? Diane Feinstein received 22,000 letters from the ACLU and they couldn't find ONE ABUSE! I did read it, I read it back when I read the patriot act in 2001. You seem to be missing the point. All those sections that the ACLU is pointing out are based off of one main ACT, an ACT against terrorism! Just read the opening title and first sections: The ACLU and PUNDITS need to stop MISCHARACTERIZING and MISREPRESENTING the Patriot Act. Huh? I'm not sure what your getting at? The patriot act has been used for its intended purpose, so I guess you are ok with it.
  2. Link please? I love when people on the Internet make up things without backing it up. How about these links: http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/0606/dailyUpdate.html LMAO!!!! My my how some people are so misguided.....I guess the next thing your going to tell me is that members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are also lying? http://realpolitik.us/archives/001448.php Honestly, I am not here to fix your weak argument. Go on the website YOURSELF, find me a link of abuse, and POST it on HERE for everyone to see. The problem is you won't find one. Happy Hunting!
  3. This link is so broad and general in relation to defining the patriot act. It contains no details as to what specific abuses and acts of abuse that our gov't or FBI have acted upon. Infact TO THIS DATE: Their has not been ONE complaint of the patriot act being abused by FBI or gov't officials. The fact remains that the patriot act is used for terrorism and terrorism only.
  4. Celebrities are above the law blah blah blah.... I take it none of you know the phrase "Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt"?
  5. First off, you should read the forum rules, digging up old threads is not permitted. Secondly, where did I say anywhere in my post that Iraq attacked us? Third, no one ever said terrorists weren't bad, obviously they have always been bad. Unfortunately most people in the U.S. never thought they would strike our soil.
  6. Allegations? Have you listened to the tapes? Believe me I am the FIRST person to defend Republicans, but Nixon was just so thick in the middle of it, the tapes speak for themselves. The list is endless, you can hear the tapes yourself http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/watergate.html Way to generalize and group ALL Republicans. It was very cunning on your behalf! Great argument with no evidence!
  7. Where is the logic in your reasoning? What did his parents do exactly? Granted the boy's mom is a con-artist; the boy's father explicitly said on national t.v. that she was feeding the boy answers to tell the police and would have never allowed his son at never never land ranch (or whatever its called). And if both parents were still put on trial (by your illogical reasoning) they still wouldn't have any evidence to convict Jackson upon. Everything was hear-say, and they never found ANY evidence of any type of "foul play". If you want my thoughts on the matter, I know Jackson is a wierd, twisted individual, but a molester, I think not. Let me ask you this: Why would a child molester (Jackson) speak of loving and sleeping with little boys during a "Television Interview"? Like I said, the guy is a total nutjob, but a child molester (IMO) would NEVER in their right mind blurt something out like that; on the contrary they would attempt to hide that fact.
  8. every server is full for me I tried d/l twice and it got cut off. I need a d/l manager so I can continue from where it leaves off rather than restarting the d/l of the file. :angry2:
  9. Amen to every word of that quote. Any type of world or joint government reduces and eliminates the sovereignty that each nation exercises.
  10. Nixon's Republican campaign officials went into the "Watergate Hotel" in an attempt to bug the room where Democrats were staying to steal campaign info. It was all to win an election. Nixon truly gave Republican's a bad name, and Republicans generally don't like talking about him. I guess you can say Nixon is the "Jimmy Carter" of Republicans. If you are really interested in the story look up the watergate scandal. And I am sure you have all read that Woodward has confirmed the identity.
  11. Why didn't you go to high school? According to your profile your 23 years old!?
  12. Generally you should do it manually. If you don't know what you are doing, use the auto feature, it works decently. If you however want the extreme overclock, run it manually and make sure your settings are locked in such as AGP/PCI freq. and the ram divider.
  13. Really, can I have a link to that please? Maybe you should read what the CBO has to say about SS:http://www.cbo.gov/showdoc.cfm?index=5530&sequence=1&from=0 Yea SS is looking real promising Asus. You can spin it any which way direction you would like. Bottom line is the RICH pay MAJORITY of ALL TAXES. The problem is these tax dollars in the public education system is OBVIOUSLY not providing an adequate education as we can see above. Asus I don't want to see anymore of the peoples money wasted either, that is why we give it back to tax payers.
  14. Where did you pull this rant off of, "The World Socialist Website"? That's funny last time I checked, the people getting tax refunds back are the one PAYING TAXES. Maybe you should brush up on how much the top 10% of tax payers contribute to the federal tax dollar pie chart.http://www.taxfoundation.org/prtopincome.html Now why would a "Fiscal Conservative" Republican be outraged at the fact that tax payers are getting their money back? Again brush up on your ideology as you aren't understanding the difference. WHAT!?!?! Oh my head hurts..... What is the funding of public education then... Privatization!?!? Hello does a social big gov't program ring a bell? Outsourcing is not necessarily a bad thing; it leads to cheaper products for the overall American consumer. Save me the sob story. You have bounced around 5 diff't angles on what to do with OUR tax dollars. Here is the biggest kicker: This is exactly what you are saying to support, another leftist agenda.....
  15. That is an excellent topic. Just make sure you know the history about the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also it is the peace process between Isreal and the Palestinian Authority (Currently their is no Palestine) I am a Poly Sci major and Israeli so if you have any questions about this topic let me know.
  16. The video was o.k. The Iraq stuff got a little repetitive. Nonetheless, Gov. Bush felt diff't during the time because it was a pre-9/11 mindset.
  17. I am assuming since it is an English Research project, the teacher will want a published source.
  18. I am sure your teacher will be impressed with this. Here is a bunch of democrats supporting the removal of Saddam before we went in there, including both Clinton's, Daschle, and Kerry. http://www.glennbeck.com/news/01302004.shtml
  19. I am not sure what you are referring to, but you do know that Saddam used gas on the kurds and the Iranians yes?
  20. Great response!!! I was thinking the same thing. He probably can't even support a car payment, let alone a house, wife, and eventually kids. And whoever told him to turn off the chick flicks.
  21. I think you meant "Illegal Immigrants". This whole country is based on "immigrants" As for the measure, I am all for it, but like syk said I am not sure how much of a deterent it will be.
  22. (Best time for me to come in to this thread) George W. Bush :thumbs-up:
  23. It was constructive criticism. It was not intended to be rude.
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