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  1. Hey all, Very out of the loop as of the last year or more. The odd visit to the page now and again.(still folding though) I have come to realize that my computer is getting there in age and needs to be updated or replaced. I need some advice and guidance. Current System: AMD 64+ 3400+ 1 Gig of RAM 9800 Pro Msi K8T Should I upgrade or replace? Always been ATI/AMD, but open to new setups If I were to replace I would be looking $1000-1200 canadian. Thanks for the help.
  2. Ya Acer was first on my list, I just have to take some time and go through the models.
  3. thanks for the input guys. well first off, I did look at dell, not bad looking units. as for the apple, never gave them mcuh thought but maybe I will look at them. As for the size/traveling, I travel for a day out to the job, and once I'm there I just hang out in my hotel after work, so its not like I travel 5 times a week or anything. Price range that I'm looking at is about 2500-3000 canadian. give or take.
  4. So I'm thinking about buying a laptop to take with me when I am out of town working. I have kind of been out of the computer loop the last few months, so I'm not to sure whats out there. only real specs I want is 17"(dosent have to be, but would be nice) fairly fast, as I wouldnt mind playing the odd game here and there. DVD-RW is not nessecary, but if its there no big deal. Wireless is a must,but I think most laptops have it now. Any ideas as to what companys to look at?or specific units.
  5. Try some double sided tape (not sure the finish of your case) might work without damageing anything
  6. Hmm, not one thats doing anything but ill move it and see. thanks, never knew that.
  7. well im running 1280X1024 (other ppl who use it classy lady about everything being to small) @85Hz. I was thinking try another cable, i just gotta find my spare
  8. tried that too, its a Mitsubishi 22" Diamond Pro 2070 SB. it dosent happen all the time, just on and off.
  9. My screen has been acting up the last while, it gets jittery. not major lines but little fuzz mostly noticable where the colours change on the screen. Well i dont know whats up, ive mess around with my cable, re seated my vid card, but its still doing it. anyone have any ideas???
  10. I have to agree with LoArmistead, I got one when I was 18, thought "Oh ya ill be good with it" PHHHH That lasted about 3 weeks haha, and now 3 years later Im still screwed cause of it. I got laid off from my good paying job like 6 weeks after getting it and had racked up quite the bill. Now i cant even get a 3000 loan. If you get one at a younf age BE CAREFUL!! It can really mess things up for you in the long run.
  11. Ya thats what i figured aswell, but havent been able to find anything.Still looking though.
  12. So to explain it better, i want to set the position that my windows open in (IE: Firefox, My computer, ect.) Mainly because i run my Winamp at the top of my screen and I would like to beable to see it all the time, and with the "Always on top" feature on it hides the tops of all my windows. Is is possible to set all my windows to open just under it and stop before my task bar?
  13. poligoon

    Wont Boot

    Ya thats what im thinking now, but thought i would post and see if any has any ideas incase it happens again. Ill give it another go and see what happens. Thanks all, and if its still messed, Ill be back EDIT: Still no go, i get a dl.exe error and Dr.Watson error when i boot in to safe mode then my internet turns off.Arg this computer is gonna go out the window soon.
  14. poligoon

    Wont Boot

    Ill try to clear cmos, see what that does. and no, i dont have a boot disk
  15. poligoon

    Wont Boot

    oops sorry to add that. It posts but screen goes black and nadda. Ive rolled back with windows restore, tried uninstalling the vid drivers and removing some windows updates. the system freezes with a black screen EDIT: No system wasnt overclocked
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