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    breakin my computer and making it work again
  1. justinal

    Cod Prob

    anyone ever seen this? if so how do u fix it? thanx justin
  2. yeah i c what your talking about man good luck
  3. the best way to price it is go to pricewatch.com and get a price then mark it down 15 or so percent
  4. its been up for a few months wow i havent even noticed it
  5. correct me if im wrong but i didnt think the pc4000 ran very good with amds? besides the 64bit processor anyone else heard of this?
  6. justinal


    yeah hes right i agree
  7. yeah if you use it go for it but you woiuld save some money with a cdrw drive but if you burn dvds go for it
  8. justinal


    check out download.com and what exactly is it doing?
  9. i like that i might use that quote one day special k
  10. looks great man what are you running their what are the specs?
  11. well i was watching the screensavers the other day and i saw kevins download of the day how to put your dvds on you hd well when you do this using dvd decript http://www.techtv.com/screensavers/darktip...3605537,00.html well i downloaded it used it and you get .vob files well i have a few questions first would it be better to convert them then merge them. is their a free utility that will do this? ive used a few but when i convert them it just kills the quality i dont really care about the size of the file all i care about is the quality. 3 what is a good free utility to use to play the movie with? i dont know much about this so guides or detailed info would elp thanx justin also if this is the wrong place for this im sorry
  12. yeah my uncle has 2 folding rigs and neither one is in a case
  13. i heard never reinstall and os with an oc
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