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  1. Unfortunately the media server is not an option. I'm burning some videos to a DVD for my parents to watch in their dvd player. On a side note to CaptainInsano, Generation Kill was crap. It painted soldiers and marines as nothing but mindless Killers. I lost all respect for HBO after they produced it.
  2. can I put more than one AVI on a DVD or with these programs or am I stuck burning one AVI per dvd?
  3. So I got another question for you guys. How can I put some AVI's onto a DVD, so that they will play in a DVD player?
  4. Hey guys need some help. My roommate just upgraded his computer and gave me his old 500GB Seagate Barracuda SATA. I was wondering how to go about making this hd a slave to my current 80GB PATA Seagate Barracuda. I plugged it in and neither Windows nor my BIOS recognized it or said anything was even there. What am I doing wrong?
  5. So you guys have to help me. No. 1, I'm an internet addict and I'm going through withdraws right now not having an internet connection at home. No. 2, and more importantly, I'm being shown up by a Mac user. I just moved into a friend of mine's house and we're trying to set up a wireless network. He has a netgear wireless router and his Mac Mini connected to it instantly after he turned the airport setting on. While my two computers upstairs can see the the wireless connection and say they're both associated with excellent signal strength, they won't connect. Whenever I open Firefox or IE it says that it can't find the page. Any ideas fellas? On another note, there is something weird with the setup of the router, or so it looks to me. The CAT5 cable going from the modem to the router is plugged into the second slot, not the first one. I can't see how the hell the he is connected if the cable isn't plugged into the WAN slot. But it works for him.
  6. See I'm not gonna lie about it, half the stuff you're talking about is going over my head, why would there need to be an intermediate step, and what is SUPER?
  7. awesome, noticed in your post you didn't say anything about iPods, so I just went with handbrake, I think I'll try both of them on a small file and see which one I like better.
  8. Thanks hardnrg, think I'm going to try DVD Decrytper in combination with Handbrake.
  9. While breaking encryption for things you own hasn't been deemed legal for all cases look over the case of Kaleidescape vs DVD-CCA, where the court ruled that they were not breaking the law when they broke the dvd encryption when using their media servers. IMO, if you are breaking the encryption of the DVD for your own backup copy or to store on a media server/iPod it is well within your bounds to do so. Show me one case where any one individula has been sued for breaking the encryption to back up their own dvd's and not to pirate them and distribute them over the internet/bootleg them for personal gain. I doubt you will find any.
  10. It is "Fair Use" to make a backup or convert to another format something you own or have license to play/watch. While illegal to CREATE software that defeats copy-Protection, it is legal to circumvent that same copy protection for fair use purposes. Section 1201 of the DCMA divides technological measures into two categories: measures that prevent unauthorized access to a copyrighted work and measures that prevent unauthorized copying of a copyrighted work. Making or selling devices or services that are used to circumvent either category of technological measure is prohibited in certain circumstances, described below. ****As to the act of circumvention in itself, the provision prohibits circumventing the first category of technological measures, but not the second. **** This distinction was employed to assure that the public will have the continued ability to make fair use of copyrighted works. Since copying of a work may be a fair use under appropriate circumstances, section 1201 does not prohibit the act of circumventing a technological measure that prevents copying. By contrast, since the fair use doctrine is not a defense to the act of gaining unauthorized access to a work, the act of circumventing a technological measure in order to gain access is prohibited. oh and thanks for the reccomendation on what to use.
  11. Two part question here. First what software do you guys use to rip dvd's? And before anyone says anything, I will only be ripping DVD's I own. Also, what software do you guys use to convert your videos (WMV, MPEG, AVI, DIVX, DVD) to MPEG-4's so you can put them on your ipod? I tried Xilisoft's DVD ripper and Ipod Video converter and they both blew, the audio and video were not in sync at all when using Xilisoft's software.
  12. OMG. I leave this site for 3 years, come back b/c I'm bored at work and feeling nostalgic, and people are still asking the same questions? hahahahaha. awesome. Oh and btw, Seagate. They are the only brand I will trust. I've had my two seagate barracudas for 5 years now with no problems to speak of. I've had my 320 gig for a little over a year now with the same results.
  13. lol, yes its old but its still funny.
  14. lol, what do MJ and walmart have in common?
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