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  1. To be clear im not baching the product. The ram was awesome, it ran perfect up until the day it popped. As well this ram was never overclocked. this is my main rig overclocking is not an option. I leave that for the older machines that need to keep up Ive been in contact with BBB and appearently most of the complaints are coming from the Canadian side of OCZ. And i will be posting in the forums, i will look for Ryder and PM him. Thanks for the help guys
  2. *************EDIT******************** Sean Sinhu from OCZ you are a god among men. Thanks so much for taking care of me when i doubted yall the most. Im sure a good portion of you all use OCZ memory, if not presently in thepast and so on. Well i have a pair of 512mb sticks that i bought like a year ago. Just recently my OS got currupted and i wondered why. Memtest was quick to point out that my memory had failed. So i figure oh dang now i have to wait a couple weeks for new stuff and send this away to (most likely California). So i flip the memory packaging around and call the OCZ support line. No answer, i guess somebody was on a cofffee break.... Well no, here it is 3months later and i still dont have my memory. Hell i still cant get an answer on their support line. Whats worse is that i did get in contact with a member of the support team name Jimmy Houn but since our conversation regarding how sorry he was that they didnt answer the phone. He told me that OCZ willship me a replacement set and that i was to package my old ram up in the same packaging and send it back. They were gunna pay all the shipping, i was greatly suprised as i had already bubble wrapped and enveloped my memory ready to be shipped (their site says customer pays the shipping, so i figured big deal $10) but ya i was happy. Then he never once responded to my emails again. I call their support number on my break at work and still no answer. I am never buying OCZ memory again and i urge anyone else out there not to as well. I just picked up some Crucial and its working better then ever before. Today im mailing a report to the BBB and hopefully it will at least get an email sent to head office about this... If anyone would like to try and contact Jimmy here is his addy [email protected] If you do contact him please mention me as im sure he will remember cause hes obviously activly deleting my emails. Description of the product (quantity, size and Part Number): 1 stick of a matched pair of 240pin PC-4200 GOLD DDR2 memory. P/N OCZ25331024ELDCGE-K Item Number 15370 140258 4
  3. I got a 9800pro aiw 128mb from future shop here in Canada for $199. The lowest price i have seen anywhere else is over $350cdn. JUmp on it, go to the website and order cause the sale is over soon. For your reference # on the invoice page enter v053, my brother told me about these and sadly he works at futureshop. He needs any references he can get.
  4. I got my girlfriend the Olympus Stylus 410 from futureshop... I know its futureshop and all but its a 4mp camera, amazing pictures, tons of features, and the cover slides over to protect the lens, i've dropped it so many times and its always worked perfect. Well built. Newegg for $250US, not bad Futureshop (canadian) for $199 Cnd, thats like $150 american, im sure it can be found for a reasonable price somewheres down there...
  5. I use Picasa2 to manage pictures, the browsing system is awesome. The effects are simple but you can export slideshows that will run on any computer, with or without picasa(works AWESOME, i use it to make cds of photos of the landscaping i do, and give it to customers to show off my work, i have yet to have a customer that wasnt impressed), make posters, backgrounds and stuff with it, and its free. As for photo editing, my photoshop CS takes care of that nicely. Now when picasa3 comes out, ill be downloading it right away...
  6. caffeine is addictive yes, but there is no way it could be as addictive as smoking. Im on my 12th day of not smoking, and it feels like its been months. I actually have dreams where i buy packs of smokes and smoke them all in one sitting. Thats disgusting.... Oh and if you want a alcoholic beverage that will also pick you up, try a jeigerbomb. one ounce of jeigermeister in a shot glass a third of a can of redbull in a glass place the shotglass in the glass, without mixing the two liquids slam it back as fast as you can tastes good and its a crazy drunk, your all loopy and hammered but you feel like you just popped some speed or something, it really "gives you wings" basically dont drink to much, if your drunk as crap and youve been following the one third to one ounce rule you shouldnt consume to much redbull, maybe 4 or 5 cans... Oh and good luck with the quitting, i wonder if there is a caffine patch?
  7. Well i got me a sony ericsson t610 phone, and one of its many fine features is that it has built in bluetooth. So i loadined up some software for it and i was flyin, downloading and uploading files to it, pictures sounds themes. Then one day i come home at it doesnt work, imy bluetooth receiver detects my phone, but it says the devive does not have a ftp server running. Now without this ftp running i cannot send or receive files. I cannot figure out what is wrong and why it stopped working. Im running Xp with sp2 Any ideas? I need a bluetooth guru here
  8. Well after forgetting about my Linux partition for about 6 months, i finally remembered it was there, its Fedora, and its beyond my reach. Is there any way to do a password recovery for linux login? Or some command line stuff that will list the login names with their passwords? I aint got my cds anymore with the isos so if i cant recover it then i guess its lost forever:(
  9. Ok i thought it was something to do with linux, since i have fedora on another drive. Now i have another question about linux. But ill save that for the Linux OS threads... Thanks for the quick help
  10. I tossed in my old 40gb seagate to see what i left on their and when i booted all i got was past the run up screen, showed a bootloader, then blank, black with the word GRUB in the top left of my screen. what the heck is GRUB. Im sure its common knowlage, but...
  11. Well technically speaking, the PCI-Ex is faster, but realisticaly it isn't. There are still bottlenecks in todays systems that need to be addressed before PCI-Ex will actually show a noticable difference over our much loved AGP 8x. Depending on how much cash you have, and what brands your buying (AMD or Intel, Nvidia or Ati) Personally im gunna still with AGP till PCI-Ex is a standard. my $0.02
  12. Hi everyone, iv'e been working alot and havent really been keeping up with the latest and greatest, heck im like 6 months behind... Anyways i need to decide what kind of cpu im going to be running in the laptop im gunna go looking for. I want to be able to do my normal gaming, mohaa, nfsu2, and half life 2, the games should run smooth with a 9700 in there, i just wanna know if im going to need a AMD64, or a Pentium, or a Centrino? I dont even know where to begin, i just know i want to have a battery that isnt a ###### i want it to last a while, but i wanna play these games and such to, can anyone suggest a processor that could work for me, im ok for all price ranges, providing im not spending 5000 on a laptop...
  13. Ok so my buddy has a 9800pro, he installed it and then closed his cover and started it up, what do ya know, his aluminum fan somehow clips one of the heatsinks on one of the memory chips and Zing!, the chip flys off the board. So the pcb aint broke, just the chip cracked in half and pulled the wire stems through the pcb. Now the tricky part, does anyone else have a ATI brand 9800pro 128mb card that doesnt have the memory chips covered? I need the serial numbers of the chips so that i can get a replacement from a local electronics store, im just gunna solder a new chip on and bam, if it works i get the card for $50. Not to shabby, a decent upgrade from my gf3 ti200
  14. well now half my games dont work, and my virus scanner. Freakin awesome
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