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Wangsters Beware! Volcompimp's Here!


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Last friday night me and my girl went to our homecoming

game and dance and this guy who was hangin out w/ us

got clocked in the face out of no where. He walked

off and a few mins later I see these black dudes walkin

around and one was like "this n**** right here..." and they walked off....

at that point i figured they were probly goin around punchin ppl and

what not cause these guys were straight from the tard farm...

so a few mins later this guy right behind me gets clocked in the

back of the head and knocked out so they stopped the dance and

called and ambulence and what not... a bunch of cops came in and what

not and I talked to some black kid who said he saw who they were

and I asked if it was this one guy who looked like

one of the guys walkin around and he said it was the guy who hit him

but didnt wanna say anything cause he didnt wanna get beat up...

At this point I was pretty pissed off cause first off they screwed up our

dance for like 45 mins and 2nd off I figured I was a target since I shave my

head and was standin by both the guys who got hit when it happened...

so I told some of the cops who it was but they didnt care cause I didnt

know his name or what not, one of them I already hated cause he's hella stupid

and has harrassed me twice... once on halloween when I was in my friends car

when we were pulled over cause they got a call about us drivin w/ someone

on his car, which he was a real ***hole to us and another time when I was leavin

my ex-g/f's house on my goped and he stopped in the middle of the road w/ his

lights on and started harrasing me for no reason at all and then starts tellin

me to ride home on the sidewalk which is illegal... he told me 'most cops these

days are relaxed about these things....' which is a joke cause he was harrasing me

about it for no reason at all... wasn't breaking any laws what so ever at the time...

he's also my new g/f's friends uncle who is this real femanine guy who we all think

is gay and is real sheltered....

anyway the other cop is our campus cop and he didnt care either....

so after the dance I told our vice principle who actually cared and wanted

to know what I had to say so I went home over the weekend and looked

the guy up but he wasnt in our year book... so today I found out his name was

Anthony and told him at brunch and described him at which point he pointed the guy

out from a few hundred yards away and I said it was the guy cause I'd seen him a few times

around that day....bah...

so I wrote up a statement for him and ya.... hopefully this fool gets some charges against

him.... and I hope they find out who I am and try to start somethin.... him and his friends

are tarded out and always come to my work (movie theater) and make hella noise and

run through the theaters hittin ppl and what not so we kick them out each time...

I think we may have called the cops once..

that and ppl tell me about how they go around and jump ppl and tape it....

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nothing racist about saying its harder to see black people in the dark.. i guess it would be true...


that sucks... but won't htey find out its you volcom? we dont want to loose a member bec some group of phools decited to take him out... lol :ph34r: watch ur back :ph34r:

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Well unfortunately I have seen that situation more than once when I was in high school; its ridiculous how some people act and think that there actions are "cool" and end up ruining things for everyone. They should be put in the victims perspective heh

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I wish the world was free from pain but that is just a wish and nothing more. I dislike the gangster type ppl no matter what nationality they are but i find that rich white kids are the worst ppl to deal with.

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