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  1. Was going to post in the other leopard thread... but for some reason it got closed? Well I got leopard up and running and have been messing around with it most of the day. Man it is totally worth 129 bucks. The new "stacks" feature is by far the most used by me, every app I have installed is just two clicks away. The new dock is also sexy as hell ( I have it positioned on the left side so its got a "smoke" style dock rather than the shiny shelf lookin thing. Have yet to have a single program crash or freeze. (Though that rarely happened in tiger) The networking with windows pcs also seems to be slightly faster than tiger. (And at LEAST a million times faster than in windows.) I love how macs network better with windows pcs than windows pcs network with them selves. If you guys haven't noticed, under the pcs listed on your local network if you look REALLY closely (or switch to coverflow) The windows pcs all have the BSOD on their icon What do the rest of you think? Satisfied?
  2. None of the suggestions worked I also downloaded the k-lite mega codec pack that I normally install right after getting windows up and running, no luck with that either. God this is the weirdest problem I've run into. It's sorta like that movie sin city? Everything is black and white, but occasionally the color red is visible. <_<
  3. So I've only been on this windows install for about a month, and until now its only been for visual studio/a few games. Last night I tried to watch a dvd, and I noticed that every video file type plays in black and white! Any idea what would cause this? Looked around in settings and couldn't find much....VLC plays b&w, powerdvd, windows media etc.
  4. I had leopard way back in mega early beta (before the new UI) so I haven't exactly gotten to experience it yet... I'm thinkin about puttin my next paycheck towards it. That or a new graphics card. I can't really decide. I don't exactly "need" leopard since all I do on my mac is type school papers and listen to music/program for unix. Leopard isn't exactly a necessity, but it sure does look purdy.
  5. I know this is sort of a newb question... but I've been doing a bit of time programming lately, mainly just on my machine with debug releases. Well now has finally come the time where i want to send what i've done to a friend to look at. I used a library (allegro) to program some graphical stuff. How do I compile the release so that it includes the proper dll file so that other people don't have to install it?
  6. For just sippin something down, I like Paulaner Weiss Beir from Germany. Dang good stuff, tricky to find here in the states though.I also love miller, though I doubt you'd consider that a "real" beer. It'll getcha drunk!
  7. I'm lovin the new metal look for it. I'm a mac user and use safari on osx over FF. I used to be a FF fan, but safari loads faster initially. (though browsing speeds are the same, as expected) and I don't have it crash. Ever. Firefox for some reason likes to crash when streaming media through it for some reason. Anyways, I tried out safari on windows. Love it. Though, i did run into a few annoying bugs but no matter, ITS A BETA! Firefox has been strong on windows for what, 2 years? Maybe 3? Give safari that long and I think it'll be fine. Plus... private browsing mode is nice for when I need to... ya know. Yah.
  8. Dunno if this has been mentioned or not.... If you drive by a cop, flash your head lights 3 times at oncoming traffic to warn them. Other people doing this has saved me many a time.
  9. Heh, I might be gettin back into folding afterall. Just got a job at eb games, which means that after discounts I can get a used PS3 for pretty dang reasonable price!
  10. Jeez man, glad you're a-ok. I still drive a POS honda so I've got nothing to even bother trying to drive fast in. Been drivin for 3 years now and still have a clean record. Well, one time I failed to stop when it was icy and ended up with alittle crack in my light bulb cover... but that's it. Be glad you were driving a reasonably safe car and not something like a VW Bus. XD
  11. I plan on getting back into folding, but unfortunetly not for a couple months. Saving up to build a new rig. As of now, I only have my mac laptop. Which will do no good for folding as it runs hot as hell just idling. Can't imagine what would happen if I started folding on it. Hell, depending on whehter or not I can get a second job this summer I may pick up a PS3 for folding. Those things are god dang beasts when it comes ot that sort of thing.
  12. Nope, that was the ONLY mirror I could find. Yes, it is my sisters makeup. dang't! Next few DAYS for the winner to be announced!?!?! I'm leaving to mexico tomorrow! So... under the slim chance that I do win.... I wouldn't be able to claim it until next weekend
  13. Well.... I'm back, for those of you who remember me... and those of you who don't. Haven't posted in probably a year cause i've been off to college and been participating on more gaming oriented forums. I have been completely out of date for reading up on computer stuff. Been most paying attention to games and programing. Just picked up a couple maximum pc magazines and reading reviews. dang . has changed! And aweseomly, for a first post, I decided to post this in the wrong forum. Should have gone under OCC Newbs I guess. Gah... *mod move?* So... I read that OCC has changed owners!?!?!?!? LP and D3 are gone? Wah?
  14. Ok I know this is RIGHT at the deadline for entry, and I couldn't find my camera... and this was the ONLY mirror I could find.... so... heres a pic taken from the built in webcam, via the mirror.. I've got a mac. I'm saving to build a pc, so this ram would be nice
  15. Just finished my first year at Washington State University. I'll be returnin next year Awesome school.
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