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Angry's vacation time = Eve Online (mmog)

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what is this tanking you speak of??

did you look at my bio in the game?


say for instance you get a kill mission, and you have to fight Angel Cartel faction ships


Angels do primarily Kinetic/Explosive damage


so you 'tank', meaning make it thick and hard like a tank's armor, against those damage types.


since I am minmitar, I would shield tank more than armor tank (especially in a Minmitar Battlecruiser since it gives a 7.5% per level bonus at shield boosting). So I would train up to use Tactical Shield Hardeners (ie: Tactical Shield Manipulation skill), and then use an explosive tac-shield, and an kinetic tac-shield...both of which raise my shield's explosive and kinetic resistances by 50% each.


On top of that I have specific "Shield Compensation" skills, like Explosive Shield Compensation skill, which adds another 3% per level to active tac-shield hardeners (so if I was lvl4 explosive shield compensations skill, then it would be +12% on top of the 50% the explosive tac shield hardener would give, on top of the 60% explosive resistance your shield does natively...which is in-all about 88% explosive resistance....which means if a 100 explosive damage missile hits me, I'm only going to take 12 damage instead of all 100 (or actually 40, since your shield is natively 60% resistant to explosive damages)


it gets pretty deep down the rabbit hole lol.


basically tanking is setting up your ship to have either mega armor (I can remember plain armor-tanking my battleship and it went from having 5,000 armor points to 16,600 armor points after adding in multiple 1600mm crystalline plates), mega shield, or mega resistances to damage types.


thats why I told you yesterday to look at my bio, and then copy it and paste it into your own bio so you can instantly find the resistances to 'tank' against when you get missions.


Some NPC enemies do all kinds of damage which makes it hard to tank against any specific types...but most will do standard 2-prong attacks (like Angels...they do mainly explosive first, kinetic second, and then barely any EM damage).


Factions that use only lasers like Amarr/Ammatar only do EM and Thermal damages since ALL laser guns ONLY do EM primary and thermal secondary


same with hybrid guns...Guiristas only do Thermal and Kinetic damages because all hybrid weapons ONLY do Thermal/Kinetic damage types ;)


missiles and projectile weapons however, do all 4 damage types (though most will only do 1 or 2 damage types per type of charge/missile, some like Depleted Uranium do a good combo of explosive + kinetic + thermal).



make any sense?


like I said...if you need help, you have to learn how to speak up in the chat channel as there's simply no way I can help you if I don't know what you need ;)

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ive only got half dozen skills to level 5. mainly training/learning/piloting related skills.the rest ar 3-4.i was getting all my 3's to lvl 4 then putting those 4's to lvl 5.

the main problem lately isnt a lack of communication. its the fact that im training these days. the truck literly moves 24/7. when im off duty i got mabee 4 hours freetime and then i need to sleep.for 6 so i can wakeup and do another 10 driving.. durring those 6 that i sleep im woken up halfdozen times cause they get lost. or just plain stupid. and my little freetime is rarely in an internet reception area for more than 10-15min. as a result i cant log on for much more than setting up new skills.then i get booted till i can find another signal. its lame but the money is worth it ;)

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are you guys still playing? i played and beat darkstar one, and ive been craving more DS1ish action. while eve is not as arcadey gameplay wise, its still pretty good.


my name is WoL-Shiver, and ill be starting my game tonight sometime.


hmm im wondering why the game has no inengine AA options.


also, should i be using the lod, and dithering options? theres a few more, like 8 bit alpha, and the DOF buffers. whats best?

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ya momma and I still have accounts...not much playing lately, mostly training skills


i never use LOD nor Dither ;)


i play in a window @ 1300x whatever so i can ban people for talking about downloading warez while I'm playing

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Additional content rocks, but I want to be paid everytime someone asks "What are rigs" in the newb corp chat I am in right now.


At least I finally found a new corp to join after my old one merged.


Oh, tried out the Drake (new tier 2 Caladari BC) last night. It is nice to have a REAL BC missle boat now. The Ferox was nice and all, but I have squat for hybrid skills, all my SP is in missles. Now just to finish training up to use T2 launchers and the T2 BCU I have sitting in a hangar and AWAAAAY they go.

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