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  1. i went over to my buddies house the day after christmas and saw the box sitting in the living room.... first words outta my mouth was "your a *ag". and i proceeded to lay a multitude of insults mocking him and how lame his choice in gaming was. later that night he talked me into playing with him and his girl. 12 addicting and awesome hours later i cant stop thinking about that game. its insane how much fun i had. my voice was hoarse for 2 days. i went and told everone about it. people dont brush this party game off. its increadibly fun. i never would have guess in a million years what an experiance this would be. +++ gaming experiance. no kidding. this is a fantastic party game.
  2. Xbox elite w/hdmi output. yes. i personally have mine set to 1080p the old xbox did 1080I w/progressive outputs. the new one has hdmi capable of 1080p. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/hardware/x/xbox3...tem/default.htm
  3. ill do that. at least a 300 dollar temp fix w/new card willl hold me over till these new 45nm cpu's plane out and hit thier prime. worst case scenario... i get the pimp card and find out i dont like the improvement... and build a new pc anyways...using the same card^^
  4. 4.5 would have like to give it perfect... but there were somethings i feel that they could have done better. without anychanges to game engine or overall mechanics of the game. i played it on the 3rd hardest difficulty. not top lvl... but harder than normal. Intense firefights. Some real nail biters. Supurb sound. Very Very difficult to simulate the accual sound a machinegun makes on a gaming system and have your ears hear it the same way you would Live. they came close. but its not there yet. Great soundtrack. really pumped you into the game. Found it very easy to navigate my way through the lvls and find my objectives ect. Eeverything flowed nicely. AI was pretty nice in the fact that it could sneakup and flank you. enemy placement was very strategic. and at some points it felt like they kept comming and comming and would never stop... it forced you to accually grow a pair and storm the building, not just pick stuff off safely, an addition i REALLY apreciated. Your NPC teamates were very skilled and moved/worked professional like real soldiers(for the most part). which i found thrilling to play with. they addapted well to you and what you wee doing as a teamleader. probably best of any fps ive ever played. however, the enemy AI overall didnt really impress me alot, i would like to have seen it given the same smarts as your own team. also it was something you could predict after the 20th time hitting a checkpoint. it was almost as if, instead of making it smart... they just let it have unlimited soldiers that kept comming and comming. aiming assist system was very very nice on the 360, dont know about pc mouse ect. but xbox controls were excelent. one of the best fps controls ive played since halo. well made levels.. although once you go through them you find that they are accually pretty small and short. overall i played about 8hours, and the last "100 YArds" to the end was insane!! and awesome!! i played with a buddy we traded the controler all night. and both of us had a blast, played on a 61inch DLP in 1080p on the 360. with couch a couple feet from TV. great theatre experiance. i deffinatly recomend this game. i rented it. but now im going to go out and buy a copy. nothing bad to say except the AI was nothing spectacular. and levels a little small. 8 hours on a hard difficulty just isnt enough. considering im shelling out 60bucks.
  5. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...&ci_sku=8293376 my buddy just picked this one up last month wholesale for 1500 bucks. all i can say is WOW im a super fan. this is the TV im getting. they got a 70in version comming soon and im gonna snag me up one. we played COD4 on the 360 last night for 8hours with the Couch 3 feet from the TV. i was blown away. got to Geek hardcore. superb viewing angle evin from that close a distance. i cant say anything negitive except that there was a small handfull of people complaining about the powersupply burning out w/in a few months, and it hasnt yet been adressed as far as i know. but my buddy has absolutly no problems with his TV and its 2 months old. runs damn near 10hours a day. this is the TV im getting no question. I LOVE IT!!! and at 70 inches... ME>ALL
  6. my current one has finally been punked!! i downloaded the crysis demo and it slaughtered my pc horribly. its bout time i build a new one. Been a VERY long time since i kept in touch with current tech I just started catching up all the stuff I've missed over the last 2 years. Super quick question: Should my focus on my next sweet gaming rig be AMD or INTEL From the bits I've currently started gathering Intel is rocking the socks off AMD latly via the core 2 duo and quad. So I'm fairly sure ill be focusing on an Intel based system this time around. Is there something a little ways down the pipeline in the next 3 months that I should keep an eye on? And are the new Intel Quad core the best out right now for gaming machines? Price not really that big of a deal to me. within reason. ill spend 3-4k on a new rig. not going for over the top machine that = a car. This helps me focus my study on the right area.... ram/mother boards ect will be based on weather I go Intel or AMD
  7. ya lifes been ok this last year and a half. its had its mild challenges but things have been pretty smooth more or less. i think the biggest thing in my life is, is i dont really much care for my job anymore. good money, but ive gone from 190 and fit to almost 320. sitting all day behind a wheel and eating road food is not good for someone who has to stay Really really active just to stay normal. as a symbol to my desire to get away from this lifestyle i shaved the beard(wich could touch my nipples....eeewww!) and my dreads wich were past my shoulder blades, and got aproved for a home loan, hopefully in the next 2 months ill be able to change my location from in my truck.....to washington state^^ just gotta find a house i like. i love the street,its members are great, moderators are awesome. this will always be my one stop tech zone and i hope its around for years to come! ps for those who dont know.....im doin 65 down the freeway with a keyboard on my lap....so for give crappy one finger typing and grammer
  8. ^^gir!! still playin my old guildwars account? i havent touched that in years!
  9. howdy yall. its been a while. was just going over my bookmarks and i found this link. and it brought back a flood of memories from yesteryears. i think i may have steped in like 2 or three times in the last couple years, and it was cool to see some familiar names still up and posting^^ im quiting my over the road job. been at it hard core and saved up a bit o cash. buying a house in the next couple months out in the country. and getting my self something local. tired of training students and want to accually settle down and re-enter human sociaty. glad to see the street is still up and running. hell... I'll be building a new pc sometime around christmas. my current one is still chugging along strong, thanks to all the advice and input from eveyrone. its time to upgrade to a whole new lvl. looks like ill be going intel this round...nice! anyways take care and hope everyone has a nice day! PS. Ace, if your still around....i left the spelling and grammer horrible as usual, just for you
  10. ninja gaiden. PS3 Appeared on the first xbox. This near identacle port over is polished up nicely with up to date graffix. The play control and style is second to none. In a word... its gangster!! I highly recommend it. Very challenging and worth every second of play, and replay. Not for children. Buxxum babes. Bloody decapitations. And overall violence. Meant for an older crowd. The fighting system lets you pull off moves that blow your mind and they flow seamlessly together to make it look and feel elite. I can put this in my top 10 list of all time recommended games.
  11. really sweet section....i was like HTPC? whts that? i think that section is long overdue. its aweseom. specially since half the people ehar already do that. its also one of the reasons i chose the parts for my rig. i already got 400gigs of animee on it. it was always my intention to one day have it set up as a home theatre ssystem. anywas peace
  12. i hate this card with a passion. sorry i dont know how to answer any other way
  13. haha. were all geeks nice changes. guess i missed a bunch. DFI is now DIY. hmmmm. Travis quit DFI or somethin? oh well. glad the site is still up. and the newly polished finish looks good. nice to see some familiar faces hear too. later.
  14. Been a bit of a break since ive been hear. Ive Always liked the street. Satisfied many hours of boredom over the road reading and learning about geeky stuff. hows everybody doing?
  15. Hi, Been busy lately making a website, but I'm in over my head. I bought a domain and own 200 gigs of storage and 2,0000gigs of bandwidth per month. I dont need anyting fancy like Microsofts 300 dollar webdesign software. But Ive also learned the hard way that going to the store and grabbing a $50 program is a bad idea too, cuase you dont know what your getting....especially if you dont know what your looking for. Sure the box look pretty and it sounded like you could do alot, but infact it was a cheap micky mouse programs with a horrible interface that seemed taunt me every step of the way, with simple tasks such as adding/editing text. To top it off your limeted to 1024x pages...no bigger, if your text is too much you get it cut off halfway down(no scrool bars) everything has to fit on one page or make another. Web Easy Professional, geeze its more like web poopy delux. Thumbs down after 2 weeks of frustration If any of you have made websites before please gimme a hand with some advice on what programs you like. Free would be nice...but I doubt you can get anything worth while free. Especially since it will most likely have banners and advertisements. Thanks, Grunt
  16. hmmm. stupidest thing ive ever heard... I was 2 months away from compleating 4 long years In Marine Corps Infantry. the recuiting sgt asked me if i wanted to re-enlist.
  17. woops. i had to log in to make sure. my bad its my clone insurance thats high. my acual Skllpoints is 2.8 mil. i feel silly. been looking at that infinity game....WOW. reminds me of starflight
  18. im way behind yall. all i ever did was train skills knowing id eventually get into the game. so as it stands i got like 20million in points earned....and i put around in a small cruiser.
  19. i think it pretty sweet that its donew for free. dont have to go buy it.
  20. i fired eve back up the other day after puting it down for a while. didnt realize i was still paying for it so i thought...what the heck. might as well.
  21. ii was a firm believer in that theory as well. till oblivion came out. it looked/ran much better on the 360(trust me i didnt want to admit it to my friend who spent $300 on his xbox. vs. me who spent WAY more). at that time my rig was well put. evin a year later this machine is still pretty desceant. now by this time next year...the gap will spread to the PC's favor. im sure. but as it stands now. multi platform games are too close.
  22. the one in my sig. it wont be the last. i suppose the next thing ill add to it is a pair of 8800 cards. but im not in a hurry since i havent found anything that taxes my machine in the gaming department other than oblivion. and that wore out my intrests l9ong ago.
  23. lost planet huh? i played the demo and wasnt too impressed. seemed like it could have been a good concept...but a timer? cmon we had those in arcades back in the day so we'd only get .25 worth of fun and the effects simply didnt dazzle me as much either. but to each his own. hope youenjoy lost planet. right now ive got my eye on assasins creed. and if you havent seen it yet WOW!! check out this gameplay video: http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=2581 and since it is a multi platform game i want to see wich will sport the best look. PC/PS3/360 and just cause you got a pc doesnt mean it wins over the consols. oblivion ran better on my 360 than my PC. tru this rig is a year old now. but when i got it it was pretty sweet, as was my 360.
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